• Queensland road trip to test AI on real Aussie roads

    Open Forum     |      February 17, 2019

    QUT researchers will take an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system on a road trip of south-east Queensland to ensure the autonomous cars of the future will be smart enough to handle tough Australian road conditions.

  • America’s opioid epidemic is starting to hit Australia’s shores

    Open Forum     |      February 15, 2019

    The stereotype of a typical drug addict is out of date. Rather than a destitute urban heroin addict, today’s drug users tend to be mainstream, suburban and regional and are dependent on pharmaceutical opioids such as OxyContin.

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Wrong

    Open Forum     |      February 15, 2019

    It’s no yolk, there’s nothing special about breakfast. Indeed, a new study shows that, contrary to popular belief, eating or skipping breakfast has little influence on people’s weight.

  • Having a hobby can help you at work

    Open Forum     |      February 13, 2019

    Employees who enjoy sporting, learning and volunteering activities outside work are more likely to get a better night’s sleep and be more proactive in their job, according to Curtin University researchers.

  • Helmet laws have halved cycling deaths

    Open Forum     |      February 12, 2019

    A UNSW Sydney study has shown a clear link between mandatory helmet laws and a drastic reduction in cycling fatalities, and argues that helmet laws have not cut participation as is often suggested.

  • The grass is only greener when the rain falls in spring

    Open Forum     |      February 12, 2019

    It has long been assumed there would be at least one significant benefit to rising carbon dioxide levels – extra growth in the world’s grasslands – but other factors have to align for this to happen.

  • UNSW Sydney engineers want to mine water on the moon

    Open Forum     |      February 11, 2019

    A team of engineers from the University of New South Wales wants to capitalise on unique Australian expertise to help potential investors understand the true costs and risks of mining resources beyond the bounds of planet Earth.

  • Fears of nuclear rearmament as the INF Treaty crumbles

    Open Forum     |      February 11, 2019

    The demise of the INF Treaty is a blow both to the Cold War arms control architecture and prospects for global disarmament. Relations between Russia and the US will perhaps suffer another rupture, but the Pacific remains the most likely site of superpower confrontation.

  • Australia needs stronger pharmaceutical transparency rules

    Open Forum     |      February 9, 2019

    Researchers warn Australian pharmaceutical companies are no longer required to publicly disclose many payments to the health sector, and advocate for US-style legislation to ensure full and long-lasting transparency.

  • Our booming café culture is fuelled by urban growth

    Open Forum     |      February 7, 2019

    Café culture is now a firm fixture in urban life around the world, providing new social spaces for a diverse range of people. While craft beer is also increasingly popular, more of us are bonding over coffee.

  • How to make a finch extinct

    Open Forum     |      February 7, 2019

    An endangered Queensland bird is at risk of extinction because environmental legislation is failing to protect its habitat, according to a University of Queensland-led study.

  • What price food security?

    Open Forum     |      February 5, 2019

    Events such as extreme weather, over-fishing, and geopolitical crises are already causing sudden losses in global food production, and these ‘shocks’ are likely to become more common, posing significant threats to global food security.