• The Art of Success

    Martin Hosking     |      October 18, 2017

    Australian mid-sized firms have the opportunity to grow into world beaters, but they need some help getting there. In a speech at the Global Access Partners 2017 Summit Redbubble co-founder and CEO Martin Hosking encourages Australian businesses to think of tomorrow and invest for success.

  • Imagining a Smarter Australia

    Martin Hosking     |      August 30, 2017

    Culturally we need to move towards genuinely celebrating those companies that are part of a smarter future for Australia based on our people and skills. Redbubble co-founder, Martin Hosking, discusses the need for government and cultural shift to encourage more innovation and related economic growth.

  • Beauty and the Web

    Martin Hosking     |      November 24, 2009

    Ironically in our image obsessed world beauty for its own sake is undervalued.

    Almost three years ago we were sitting around a table talking about what should be important to our then idea of a website: RedBubble. One of our first engineers, said he felt we should be seeking after beauty.

    I recall being perplexed by this at the time. I have sat through a lot of corporate meetings striving to define “values”. And even within the freedom of vaporous rhetoric the word “beauty” is a step to far.

    And so it is in our culture. The scientists will pull apart the universe to the last proton without getting a micron closer to beauty. The accountants will count to the last bean and beauty will not have been found. The economists will measure forecast to the third decimal place, and still the real value will not be uncovered.