We should advertise for women’s rights and social change

Daniel Deleña's picture

In a world still ruled by misogyny the pursuit for equality and representation continues. Daniel Deleña argues that advertising can empower women and solicit social change given its reach and ubiquity.​

Better solutions needed for older workers

Russ Grayson's picture

The question of pension affordability comes up every so often in the political debate. Russ Grayson addresses some of the issues around raising the retirement age and offers solutions.


Your spare time is valuable – help charities make a difference

Wayne Krow's picture

Despite rather hostile policies, Australian charities are continuing their valuable work for the community. Wayne Krow encourages us to consider heading online for some pro-bono or even paid charity work.

Head space for creativity and innovation

Dr Melis Senova's picture

How can we move beyond the what to the why of innovation? At the recent GAP Summit Dr Melis Senova called for nothing less than a collective mindset revolution.

Innovation in outer space and opportunities for Australia

Andrea Boyd's picture

Australia’s space industry needs to catch up with the rest of the world. Andrea Boyd, Flight Operations Engineer from the International Space Station in Germany, explained why at the recent GAP Summit.


Defence industry capability - creating a new boom in Australia

The Honourable Christopher Pyne MP's picture

At the recent GAP Summit the Honourable Christopher Pyne MP spoke about his new role as Minister for Defence Industries and how it is impacted by the innovation agenda.