Rise of mastermind groups

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The support from your network can provide important insights and can help achieve business growth. Suzi Dafnis, CEO of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, explains why smaller, intimate gatherings like mastermind groups work best.

Meat Free Week is going global

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When it comes to meat, people in Australia and the UK eat well above the world average. With a devastating impact on the planet and the suffering of billions of animals, Elise Burgess encourages us to support the Meat Free Week initiative.

Australia’s highly successful Meat Free Week initiative is making its message of compassion global, launching for the first time in the UK in 2015.

Between 23-29 March, compassionate people from Australia and the UK will pledge to go veg to raise awareness of the amount of meat we consume and the impact it has on the welfare of animals, human health and the environment.

This message has never been so relevant.

Climate change: a global responsibility, but apparently not Australia’s

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The government recently released its intergenerational report providing a snapshot of what the nation might look like in 40 years. Madeleine Ivett says the fact that climate change only gets a passing mention shows the lack of responsibility for our future.

Do not be afraid on Harmony Day

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The stories we see in the media can make us fearful, but how we live our lives creates the community we live in. For Harmony Day Sue Ellson encourages us to not be afraid of what we don’t know and to share our wisdom and ideas to inspire the good.

Neighbours, social media and privacy: an unholy trinity?

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The growing trend of neighbours connecting online is a welcome development, but it does raise privacy and safety challenges. Darren Moffatt has tips on what to consider when joining a neighbourhood social network.

Facing a performance review at work successfully

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Performance reviews can be daunting for both employees and managers. Saurabh Tyagi has some tips on how to get through the process unscathed.