Random acts of kindness

Fi Bendall's picture

Many companies and individuals would like to help their community, but don’t know how to go about it. Fi Bendall has set up Genrossity as a marketplace for peer to peer giving and receiving random acts of kindness.

New society to challenge public policy decision-making norms

Andrew Thornton's picture

The Society for Progress and Wellbeing is a movement where progress and wellbeing considerations will be just as important as financial considerations in decision making. Its Director Andrew Thornton says the Society wants to inspire like-minded people to champion this concepts.

Financial technology and the consumer revolution can help find better financial advice

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The pressure has been rising for more consumer-friendly ways to navigate financial advice. Christopher Zinn has launched Adviser Ratings to help consumers find the planner they need.

Managing for change - how to make your future brighter, today

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The world around us is constantly changing. Peter Fritz and Brad Howarth have written a book that aims to teach you how to constantly assess the future and develop skills in predicting and managing the forces of change.

Party for a cure with your pet

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This month, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is raising funds again. The Foundation’s CEO, Carole Renouf, says her dog Nala is playing a central role in the fundraising efforts.

Learn to earn with Red Cross

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The workplace is constantly changing and ageing workers often find themselves with skills that are no longer required. Bruce Wardley explains how the Red Cross training courses can help mature aged job seekers.