Population and the environment – a perspective

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Many claim that overpopulation is the greatest contributor to environmental damage. Reducing the population seems like a simple solution, but is it?

Indigenous imprisonment in Australia: a crisis of mass incarceration

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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander imprisonment rates have been steadily rising and are worse than any time in recent memory. Don Perlgut says this is a national problem that demands a national solution.

Beyond Federation

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A group of citizens has been exploring several models without state government under the label “beyond federation”. Klaas Woldring explains who they are and where they want to go.

Environmentalism and science

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Science needs to be able to speak the language of its intended audience. Max Thomas says the challenge is to get the science of communication and the communication of science right.

Information accountability at a scale that matches the scale of Big Data

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We need a different approach to how organisations are held to account for their management of information if we are to have effective privacy protection in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things. Malcolm Crompton says we should have accountable systems that are as scalable as the growth of personal information about us.

International Women's Day: a time to recognise, celebrate and join forces for positive change

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This year’s International Women’s Day marked the 40th anniversary since the United Nation’s first celebrated this event. Tom Baxter, CEO of Ostara Australia, says we should recognise the barriers that can make it even harder for women to achieve their dreams and celebrate the people and organisations that help women to overcome those barriers.