Drought management in a more extreme climate

Anthony Waugh's picture

With the current severe dry spell, Australia’s drought assistance policies focus entirely on crisis mitigation. Wool, beef and lamb producer Anthony Waugh suggests we should assist our farmers in good times and help them adjust their management to prepare for more difficult times.

How parents can prepare their child to be a school leader

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Helping children become a school leader gives them important skills for life. Ronan McGinniss works with students across Australia and has discovered a similar group of characteristics in those selected for leadership roles.

Wellbeing and Ageing

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As we age it helps to take time out once in a while, look back over our life and map out the key events. Gerry O’Sullivan invites us to review our life in order to achieve balance and wellbeing.

World religions – Is there a meaning for you?

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Knowing more about the beliefs people hold has benefits for all of us. Ronald Forbes has written his book about world religions from a sincere appreciation of what each faith offers.

The need for climate change adaptation

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The current heatwave is just one sign of increasing climate change with weather becoming more extreme. Professor Kevin Parton argues that instead of concentrating on overcoming disasters when they occur, we need to learn to respond more effectively in future. 

How is the employment market changing in Australia?

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There has been a multitude of changes in the Australian job market over the last 20 years. Sue Ellson shares her professional experience to remaining either employed or employable in the future.