Australia about to make medical cannabis legal

Sean Hall's picture

The federal government has just introduced legislation to parliament to allow the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis. Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab, which conducts therapeutic cannabis research, says this is a huge step forward for Australia.

People need people

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Two entrepreneurs with big hearts explain why they’ve decided to sell all their belongings and travel through Australia in a truck this year.

The 6 key trends for the sharing economy in Australia for 2016

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Surprised by the take-up and acceptance of sharing economy services in Australia? Michael Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Spacer, says this is only the beginning.

Disrupt the way you become business ready

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Disruption seems to be flavour of the year in business and technology. Shelly Duncan says we need to take an enhanced approach to how we learn and use technology that drives business outcomes.

Harnessing the opportunities of digital disruption: the ABC story

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Ahead of Digital Disruption X 2016, David Hua, Head of Digital Operations at ABC International, shares five key strategies his organisation is using to rethink value creation and a narrative that supports and leverages the opportunities of disruption.

Disruption in space – an update

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The space industry is growing rapidly, with startups and established companies taking advantage of the disrupted sector. Jason Held from Saber Astronautics wants to know if Australia is ready for the democratization of space.