Why Australia needs a cyclists party

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The Australian Cyclists Party has recently been approved to be a registered Federal party. Its President and Founder Omar Khalifa says we need to rethink our priorities if we want to improve traffic congestion, our health and the environment.

Teaching is rocket science

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The Federal Government supports a program called Teach for Australia that aims to fast-track graduates into teaching. Maurie Mulheron, the President of the NSW Teachers Federation, says outfits like these are a fundamental attack on teaching qualifications.

Are we adequately building the resilience of young Australians as they transition from school to work?

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Young Australians experience disadvantage in the labour market for a number of reasons. Alexandra Loftus says we need to connect young people to the working world as early as possible to expose them to the realities of the job market.

Class size and academic results

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Politicians and media too often discuss data about class sizes and impact on student learning without an evidence base. David Zyngier says any policy debate must start with the basic inequality of schooling.

Needles in haystacks: intelligence gathering, subjects and citizens

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Two American whistleblowers are currently in Australia to give talks on reclaiming one’s citizenry once it's lost. Binoy Kampmark says there is an obsession with controlling every facet of information as a means of protecting a state’s security.

Effective childcare programs for children with ASD - yes we can!

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Standard community services often don’t have the resources to support intensive home programs for pre-schoolers with autism. Dr Giacomo Vivanti shares research on how an effective intervention model can be delivered successfully in a childcare setting.