The importance of growing in Asia

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The signing of a deal between the ABC and the SMG (Shanghai Media Group) to broadcast content in China has been postponed. Laurence Strano from the Australia Vietnam Business Council stresses the important role of the Australia Network in strengthening our contact with Asia.

Sydney’s urban development signals something great

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Sydney is already famous for innovative architecture. Lord Mayor Clover Moore describes an area that is going through an exciting urban development transformation.

Cities feeding themselves

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Community gardening is becoming part of a new social movement that is developing around our food supply. Russ Grayson from the Australian City Farm & Community Gardens Network says there is still a long way to go for planners to see the value of community gardens to urban food security and community development.

Raising the pension age will hit most vulnerable

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The federal government is considering to raise the retirement age incrementally. Robin Harvey, Charles Sturt University lecturer in Gerontology, believes any move to increase the pension age would hit the most vulnerable older Australians hardest.

Art is good for the soul

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One of the venues for the 19th Biennale of Sydney is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Svetlana Stankovic, who is the editor of Open Forum, reflects on art and happiness after visiting the exhibition.

Boost adoption rate through national target

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Tony Abbott has ordered a committee to report on adoption in Australia in May. Jeremy Sammut urges the government to take action and boost the number of local adoptions from care.