What are voters’ attitudes to constitutional change?

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Australians have been asked what they think of a constitutional reform. Bede Harris says the survey indicates that voters are far more willing to consider reform than has previously been supposed.

What happened to our retirement?

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Australians born after 1965 will have to work until they are 70 years old. Nicole Orr says we need a greater understanding of the secondary effects this will have on the individual, the economy and the communities of Australia.

A new approach to educational disadvantage

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June McLoughlin, Director of Family and Children's Services at Doveton College, delivered a speech at the Global Access Partners Annual Growth Summit on Education on Friday 19 September 2014. She says that to better engage families, schools needs to fundamentally change the way they interact with young people, parents and the broader community.

Speciesism: why do we love one animal but condemn the other?

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Speciesism is a term that describes our discrimination of animals on the basis of them belonging to a certain species. Emmanuel Giuffre from the animal protection institute Voiceless says it is time to rethink our inconsistent relationship with animals.

On being a teacher

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Teaching requires dedicated professionals who promote the significance of investing in equity and excellence in education. Paul Grover, who has won the national teacher educator of the year award, describes the responsibility and privilege of being in this profession.

Australian education: an OECD perspective

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Australia fares well in terms of youth and adult skills compared to other OECD countries. Dr Sergio Arzeni says the tasks ahead are tackling disparities and ensuring that education leads on to good employment opportunities for all.