What if bioinformatics could measure health for an early diagnosis of disease?

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Bioinformatics joins biology and computing together to analyse data from biological samples. Professor Shoba Ranganathan recently hosted a conference that addressed how we can mine biological data to quantify health and develop preventive healthcare strategies.

What’s wrong with school chaplains?

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The federal government is endorsing chaplains to provide advice and care to school children. Dr David Zyngier from the Faculty of Education at Monash University says the essential fault of the program is that it is compulsory to put a religious person in this position.

Australia’s national security legislation: Where are we going?

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The government has announced a review of the national anti-terrorism legislation, including changes to mandatory data retention. Intelligence and security expert Dr Patrick Walsh explains the proposed changes and puts them into a global context.

Celebrating Children’s Book Week 2014

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Children’s Book Week is all about connecting to reading this year. Children’s writer Susan Stephenson has practical tips how to help our kids experience the joy that reading brings.

Why students’ full learning potential isn’t maximised in higher education (and what we’re doing about it)

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Students learn best when they actively construct their own knowledge and understanding. Adam Brimo explains how the learning platform OpenLearning aims to change the current model of higher education and align it with how students really learn.

The post-digital age

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The way we store and share information has changed fundamentally over the centuries. Phillip Long, Executive Director of Innovation and Analytics at the University of Queensland, explains how we came to reach the post-digital age.