Ending age of entitlement – resources under threat yet again

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While he was in opposition in 2012, the then-shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey had promised to end ‘the age of entitlement’ in Australia. Laurence Strano says this raises the question of where to start.

Importance of adapting to change

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Resisting or ignoring change can stunt organisational growth or stop it all together. Sarah Colley explains how to help foster an adaptable working environment.

The hijab: Be careful what you WISH for…

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WISH is an online campaign and stands for Women in Solidarity with Hijabis. Polly Chester likes the solid intentions of the WISH campaign but doesn’t believe it’s so easy to rebuild societal perceptions with “slack-tivism”.

Empathy – superhero power or essential for engagement and performance in today's workplace?

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At its essence empathy is our ability to connect with and understand others. Executive coach Leah Sparkes argues that putting yourself into other people’s shoes is good for business and for employees.

How automation will transform the economy

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The trend in the computerisation of jobs is not new. James Guthrie, Head of Academic Relations at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, says new technologies will change the job market of tomorrow.

Educating for consumer engagement in health care

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Professor Peter Brooks AM is Professorial Fellow of the Centre for Health Policy School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. At the recent Global Access Partners Summit on Education he addressed some of the major challenges for our health system.