Where were you when the Racial Discrimination Act (1975) turned 40?

Polly Chester's picture

Did you know that the Racial Discrimination Act has just celebrated its 40th birthday? Polly Chester explains why the Act is so important and why it needs a new publicity campaign.

Buy back privatised utilities and infrastructure? What for? Why?

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Should state governments buy back privatised utilities and infrastructure? Max Thomas suggests to rather campaign for investing in state-owned renewable energy and other key infrastructure.

The health effects of climate change

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Climate change is affecting people’s health in regions all over the world. Alice McGushin recently ran a workshop in Istanbul with the aim to inspire medical students to take action on climate change on a global level.

Driven to budget distraction

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The Australian government has pulled back on planned funding cuts to the automotive industry. Simon Cowan says this is just another capitulation to vested interests two months before a crucial budget.

Population and the environment – a perspective

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Many claim that overpopulation is the greatest contributor to environmental damage. Reducing the population seems like a simple solution, but is it?

Indigenous imprisonment in Australia: a crisis of mass incarceration

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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander imprisonment rates have been steadily rising and are worse than any time in recent memory. Don Perlgut says this is a national problem that demands a national solution.