Histography - write the story of your life

Michael McQueen's picture

When Michael McQueen’s father died unexpectedly, finding a journal with stories and experiences from his life was a great comfort. Here Michael shares how he embarked on a mission inspiring others to ensure that their wisdom is passed on to the next generation.

An apology to women – a warning to men

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Inappropriate behaviour towards women happens everywhere and seems to show no sign of slowing. Leicester Warburton says blaming it on hormones is simply not good enough.

Beyond Federation: An educational and informative multi-question plebiscite?

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Why should the public only be questioned on the one topic of same sex marriage, if we could cover a whole range of issues at the same time? Klaas Woldring can’t think of a more direct form of democracy.

Feedback is broken – and training is not enough to make change and shift cultures

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Changing habits in an organisation does not happen overnight. Training programs are a good start, but how do we implement and sustain what we’ve learnt? Georgia Murch shares six steps to drive and maintain change.

What's the right use of desalinated water?

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Stephen Gray, Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation at Victoria University, recently wrote that Melbourne's desalination plant would play a vital role in providing water in a drying climate. Max Thomas says we should be careful to not promote a wasteful consumption of desalinated water and instead encourage a sustainable water use culture.

A review of Robert Gordon's 'Rise and Fall of American Growth'

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The economist Robert Gordon has recently written The Rise and Fall of American Growth, and its findings apply with some adjustments to Australia too. Ian McAuley says anyone who believes that changes in “productivity” and “efficiency” can be captured in a few simple metrics would do well to read at least a few chapters of Gordon’s work.