The ABC of effective stress release

Michael Atma's picture

Feeling stressed? Michael Atma has a simple and effective technique to help you feel calm and clear your mind.

Australia’s role in the globalised technocratic 21st century economy

David Coleman's picture

More than half of the jobs students are currently studying for will be automated in 10 years. David Coleman says we need to give young people a chance to develop skills which are relevant to their future.

Your best talent isn’t always on your payroll

Bernadette Eichner's picture

Today we are forced to think more laterally and creatively around how to get work done in our organisations. Bernadette Eichner explains why using freelancers and part-timers is a good idea.

A share in public authority for indigenous peoples

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

If we are prepared to accept the ethnic discrepancies in our health system, what does this say about our conceptions of justice and the values we hold? Dominic O’Sullivan says we need political arrangements that allow indigenous peoples to be included, not merely consulted, in policy development.

The contingent workforce of the future… what does it mean for the worker?

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The workplace as we know it is changing with new technologies and flexible employment models. Andrea Warr says governments, organisations, communities and individuals need to find ways to adapt.

Establishing a consensus of what’s fair and reasonable for all

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Probably no politician would explicitly advocate unfairness – but what exactly is fair, just and equitable? Dr Neil Byron says we need a broad-based discussion of what we want our society, economy and environment to look like in the next 50 years.