Being careful with certainty

Dr Melis Senova's picture

The greatest risks to open mindedness and growth is certainty. Dr Melis Senova, founder and director of Huddle, encourages us to be willing to remain open and to learn, learn, learn.

What’s wrong with profit margins of Australia’s private VET providers?

Don Perlgut's picture

The private vocational education sector appears to sustain extraordinary profit margins of around 30 percent. CEO of Community Colleges Australia Dr Don Perlgut says it’s time to consider another way forward.

The creative asset you're probably ignoring right now

Michael McQueen's picture

What if innovation would not be the privilege of those with experience? Speaker, trends expert and author Michael McQueen invites us to consider the creative power of fresh eyes.

Globalisation and the curse of guilt by association

Ian McAuley's picture

There’s a growing public rejection of globalisation and economic openness, and we ignore it at our peril, says Ian McAuley.

Dirt, poetry and a system’s response to shape our nation in our image

Kate Sinclair's picture

The footage obtained by investigative current affairs television program Four Corners showing the abuse of children inside Northern Territory youth detention centres left the nation reeling a few weeks ago. Kate Sinclair wonders if by acts of omission we as ordinary citizens may have contributed to what was revealed.

Australia’s innovation future and how to harness it

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How can we harness innovation at every level and carve out a competitive position globally? Charles Nightingale from the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce explains how we can learn from Israel’s example and build a strong innovative culture here in Australia.