Helping to ‘Change the Conversation’ about people seeking asylum to our shores

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What can we do to make Australia a more welcoming place for people coming to our shores? Following Refugee Week Ciantal Bigornia explains how the Sydney Alliance Table Talk campaign helps shifting attitudes about asylum seekers.

Horrific live export footage demands immediate action: Voiceless

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Recent footage of the horrific abuse of exported Australian animals have again shown that the live export industry isn’t working. The animal protection institute Voiceless is calling on the Prime Minister to act now.

Part 2 of 3. Why Tesla and 200,000 Australian auto workers need each other

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Tesla has pulled off the greatest sales and marketing campaign in the history of the auto industry, without one car on the show room floor. In his second of three blogs Stewart Nattrass looks at the current state of the global market and where we could be in five years.

Part 1 of 3. Why Tesla and 200,000 Australian auto workers need each other

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Australia’s long history of building automobiles is coming to an end. Meanwhile Tesla’s electric cars are going from strength to strength. In this first of three blogs Stewart Nattrass argues that with vacant assembly lines and teams of experienced skilled workers we could enter a mutually beneficial relationship with Tesla.

Australia - a new federation, a new republic, a new hope

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Is it time to abolish the States? The political and constitutional barriers are large. David Thorp offers an alternative vision for Australia that he thinks could inspire the majority of voters.

Kids Giving Back – creating the next generation of generosity

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Kids Giving Back provides volunteering opportunities for young people to give back, grow community and develop a strong sense of self. Co-founder Ruth Tofler-Riesel urges us all to help nurture tomorrow’s change-makers and empower them to make a difference.