Australian Expatriates could Advance Australia Fair on Australia Day

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Are you an Australian living abroad? If you want to enjoy some Aussie traditions this Australia Day, Sue Ellson has a list of events for you. She also explains how Australia could benefit from an improved exchange of knowledge, skills and networks with expatriates.

Why Australia should aim to become a "centre of excellence" for entrepreneurship by 2020

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We all agree that Australia must transform to deliver growth, jobs and prosperity, and innovation is central to that transformation. Let’s talk about entrepreneurship, the process that catalyses innovation, says Tony Surtees.

Innovation needs collaborative creativity

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In his last blog for our Innovation forum, Graham Thorburn offers ten brief thoughts about collaborative creativity he's gleaned in 35 years as an artist and teacher of artists.


Forever Young – A Vision for Australia

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Everyone will have a different vision for Australia. This is one.

The Turnbull Government, the ALP and the political year ahead

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A sense of calm and policy focus came to distinguish the Turnbull Government’s first few months in office. Dominic O’Sullivan says the ALP would do well to enter the election campaign under the leadership of one who acts with the same clarity of purpose, confidence and certainty.

Why the future of Australia is dependent on start-ups

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Start-ups and micro businesses will increasingly drive employment in Australia, but how can we reduce failure rates? Frank Wyatt explains how the Getting Down to Business initiative in Victoria helps young people with a business idea.