Why young people are going to save the world

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What are the hopes and dreams of young Australians today? What makes them happy? What are they worried about? And why are they going to save the world? Louisa Keck from the Reach Foundation has some answers.

People with disabilities and politics

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Voting is a democratic right that should be accessible to anyone. Cheryl McDonnell says people with disabilities need more support to participate fully in political events like the upcoming federal elections.

Dairy farmers are hurting and so are those who buy milk

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The current dairy industry crisis has exposed a longstanding dilemma: Australians on low incomes often have too little money to buy the higher cost food items the fair food advocates would prefer them to buy. Russ Grayson says instead of academic discourse we need to tackle food security and affordable access to good food for all.

The future of farming

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A recent article discussed the ‘real cost of milk’ in terms of environmental impact and animal welfare. Max Thomas however suggests that there is a need for informed thought and not simple dogma.

Thread Together: from donor-dependent to self-sustainable

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“Not-for-profit does not mean not-for-revenue. Transitioning from a donor-dependent charity to financial self-sustainability. Understanding that there is more than one test for appropriate use of funds.” Thread Together’s General Manager, Greg Fisher, in thought…

National Sorry Day: the healing journey of a lifetime

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On National Sorry Day we raise awareness of the Stolen Generations and the ongoing support they need. Florence Onus, Chair of the Healing Foundation’s Stolen Generations Reference Committee, says although the healing journey is different for everyone and could take a lifetime, there’s things we all can do.