Our City Leaders’ 7 biggest challenges when cutting traffic congestion

Rachel Smith's picture

If we really want to ease traffic congestion in our cities, we need to make sure we all have all the information we need to make a change. Rachel Smith has asked our City Leaders about the biggest challenges ahead.

Environmental issues affecting Australia and the world in 2015

Greg Mueller's picture

Exciting technological breakthroughs are successfully tackling current pressing environmental problems. Gregory Mueller wonders why we hear so little about this.

Integrating social impact management and stakeholder relations

Richard Parsons's picture

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is well developed in most established large organisations. Richard Parsons says the challenge now is to find a holistic approach that integrates both impact and relational dimensions of CSR.

Who would the Reef vote for, if the Reef could vote?

Kate Galloway's picture

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef is an important issue in the upcoming Queensland elections. Kate Galloway suggests elevating the Reef’s status to that of a legal rights holder to ensure its ecological sustainability as government and public authorities are failing to do so.

Social Media is changing the world – lessons in discernment

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Our professional and private lives have changed significantly with the ubiquity of social media. Sue Ellson says we have gained far more than we have lost, but we still need to be discerning in how we use it.

The political year that was

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Last year saw a range of worrying political and military activities worldwide. Binoy Kampmark predicts that this year is bound to follow the rhythm of violence and tumult that came in 2014.