Investing in Australia’s future

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Today we are launching our new featured forum on Early Childhood Education with the release of the latest Taskforce report by Global Access Partners. Catherine Fritz-Kalish, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GAP, tells the story behind it.

It takes a village to raise a child – mentoring young people

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Having someone who listens can help change the direction of a young person’s life for the better. Fiona Pereira shares her experience as a mentor for the Raise Foundation.

The AICC and SKY NEWS BUSINESS Innovation Index

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The innovation agenda is alive and well in Australia, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Michelle Blum, CEO of AICC NSW, encourages businesses to contribute to the next release of a bi-monthly Innovation Index to get a clearer picture of the innovation ecosystem in Australia.


Powerless without glory

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It has been reported over the weekend that the closure of the Victoria’s Hazelwood plant in the Latrobe Valley may be imminent. Max Thomas is concerned about the future of a region that has been left with gaping holes – not only in the ground, but also in its socio-economic fabric.​

Personal Innovation: Design yourself for innovation

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So much has been written about innovation and fostering an innovative culture in organisations, but we rarely address personal innovation as a key component of organisational improvement. Abby Robinson says it’s worth rising to the greatest challenge of all, innovating ourselves to become the best we can be today.



We should advertise for women’s rights and social change

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In a world still ruled by misogyny the pursuit for equality and representation continues. Daniel Deleña argues that advertising can empower women and solicit social change given its reach and ubiquity.​