Making the most of ‘big school’

Amy MacDonald's picture

Kindergarten children across Australia wait with nervous anticipation for the first day of school. Early childhood lecturer Dr Amy MacDonald from the School of Education at CSU has some tips for parents.

Anti-depressant prescribing

Steve Hambleton's picture

Australian doctors are among the highest prescribers of anti-depressants worldwide. AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton thinks that while it’s a good thing that more people seek help for depression, the health system should better support doctors to spend more time with their patients.

Should we really ban backyard pools?

Jasmin Forsyth's picture

Recently there have been calls to ban backyard swimming pools to reduce drowning deaths. Jasmin Forsyth from Swim Australia says this is not only unrealistic, but also irresponsible.

Wellbeing begins with ‘We’

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Many of Australia’s challenges stem from poor relationships and unsupportive environments. Dr Sue Roffey argues that our wellbeing as individuals and a community is limited unless we are positively connected with others.

NSA Reforms: Obama leaves door open for further action

Patrick Walsh's picture

US President Obama has released a plan overhauling his government’s surveillance activities. Dr Patrick Walsh, Senior Lecturer of Intelligence and Security Studies at CSU, says that the presidential directive is a small step in the right direction.

Drought management in a more extreme climate

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With the current severe dry spell, Australia’s drought assistance policies focus entirely on crisis mitigation. Wool, beef and lamb producer Anthony Waugh suggests we should assist our farmers in good times and help them adjust their management to prepare for more difficult times.