Privacy – It’s as good for business as it is for people

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The precarious balance between sharing information versus protecting our privacy is a pressing global issue which will be explored at the upcoming Privacy@Play Summit in Sydney. Emma Hossack attempts to clear up some of the misconceptions about privacy.

Creating a good society, a better society or a more civil society?

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Do we have a healthy balance between the state, the market and the community? Sociologist and activist Eva Cox says we need to work on how to restore government and community power to avoid dire consequences for our society.

Government gets B for effort on reforms, but will have to lift its game

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The Abbott government recently held its Spring Repeal Day where legislation and regulation deemed unnecessary and costly is being cut. Cassandra Wilkinson says despite these efforts large deregulation opportunities remain.

Democracy. What democracy?

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The word ‘democracy’ has its origins in the Greek language and combines ‘demos’ meaning citizen living within a state and ‘kratos’ meaning power or rule. Leicester Warburton deplores that our government is going about its business quietly without sufficiently consulting the public.

Direct Action Policy and the Renewable Energy Target

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The Direct Action climate plan has passed the senate with help from Palmer United Party. Professor Kevin Parton urges the federal government to retain Australia's current Renewable Energy Target (RET) in the light of this latest development.

Government shall weary them

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It has been recently suggested that the family home should be taken into account in determining age pension entitlements. Laurence Strano says this is the last thing we need as we are already over-governed and over-regulated.