What is education for?

Karen Szydlik's picture

Can we in Australia do more for our youngest? Karen Szydlik introduces an educational project that considers young children as citizens with rights in the present and schools as places for democratic life.

The rise of Trump has lessons for Australia

Craig Wallace's picture

Australia must act to address inequality, recommit to inclusion and hear citizen voice if it is to avoid a populist revolt on the scale of Brexit or the rise of Trump, argues Craig Wallace.

Little Scientists: Igniting curious minds

Heike Schneider's picture

Information overload, virtual reality and other rapid global changes influence our children’s learning and development. Heike Schneider from Little Scientists explains why inquiry-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in the Early Childhood Education Sector is so important.

Inequality in the spotlight

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Could wealth and income inequality be the reason for current volatile political situations in many countries, the ascendancy of maverick political figures and the fracturing of Australia’s political system? Dr. Veronica Sheen makes a compelling case based on French economist Piketty’s ideas.

Learn the golden rules of recycling

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While 91% of us agree recycling is a good thing to do, Ryan Collins from Planet Ark explains that kerbside confusion is still holding us back from being expert recyclers. For National Recycling Week he shares the golden rules of recycling.

An integrated approach to early childhood education

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Early childhood expert Dr Sandie Wong explains why we need a more cohesive and consistent system to support children and families in the early years.