Information accountability at a scale that matches the scale of Big Data

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We need a different approach to how organisations are held to account for their management of information if we are to have effective privacy protection in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things. Malcolm Crompton says we should have accountable systems that are as scalable as the growth of personal information about us.

International Women's Day: a time to recognise, celebrate and join forces for positive change

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This year’s International Women’s Day marked the 40th anniversary since the United Nation’s first celebrated this event. Tom Baxter, CEO of Ostara Australia, says we should recognise the barriers that can make it even harder for women to achieve their dreams and celebrate the people and organisations that help women to overcome those barriers.

Upgrading our debate on disability, welfare and jobs

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The government has released its final report of the review into the Australian Welfare system. Craig Wallace, President of People with Disability Australia, says too many Australians with disability are still locked out of the labour market.

Make it happen: Put a Full Stop to sexual assault and domestic violence

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This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is "Make it happen". Karen Willis says it’s a timely occasion for launching the Full Stop Foundation, an initiative of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia.

Do only the wicked need fear government spying?

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The Federal Government wants the controversial Metadata Retention bill passed as soon as possible. Leading up to an IQ2 debate on the subject, Simon Longstaff discusses what amount of liberty (if any) we should sacrifice in order to be safe.

What are the effects of coal seam gas on the health of Queenslanders?

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A leading health organisation is backing calls for a royal commission into the impact of coal seam gas mining on the people of Queensland. Dr David Shearman from Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) urges the new Government to protect the current and future health of Queenslanders.