Therapeutic tools from canola waste product

Saira Hussain's picture

Canola is primarily grown for its oil. Saira Hussain shares exciting research results on how the by-product of canola oil might be used for treating a wide range of conditions like diabetes, cancer, hypertension and fat development.

A view from the USA

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Could it be that the human default position is ruthless self-interest? Denis Tracey spent five weeks travelling in the USA, and it hasn’t left him optimistic about social responsibility.

We don’t need better politicians, we need a better system

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How many of you have an interest in politics and have become disillusioned by the current political narrative? Manuela Epstein is part of the newDemocracy Foundation and says transparency is the key to a successful reform process.

Having fun in a messy world

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In a world that’s constantly connected the focus has shifted from the outcome alone towards helping create the outcome. Peter Fritz has learned that a fun journey is as important as the destination.

Is inequality good or bad for growth?

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Some level of inequality might be necessary in a modern economy, but new research indicates that income inequality has curbed growth significantly. Sergio Arzeni from the OECD in Paris says it’s vital to understand how this impacts our societies and economies.

The social economy – working together towards the common good

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There is a noticeable shift from purely profit-driven capitalism towards an integrated social citizen. The founder of Pro Bono Australia, Karen Mahlab, sees it happening in Australia and around the world.