Seeing the forest for the trees

Brad Gray's picture

Not many people realise that one of most effective weapons against climate change is all around them. Brad Gray from Planet Ark explains how the use of responsibly sourced and certified wood as a building material can have a significant positive environmental influence.

New horizons: PRAXIS Australia launches ethics training for medical research

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Ethical human research needs to ensure the welfare of its participants and the quality and effectiveness of research.  Malcolm Crompton is Chair of PRAXIS Australia, a new initiative aimed at anybody involved in medical research.

Minister Birmingham, please deliver a fair childcare package

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The Federal Government has proposed changes to the funding of childcare. Samatha Page, CEO of Early Childhood Australia (ECA), responds to comments made by the Education Minister Birmingham and says that if the Package and Activity Test remains as proposed many thousands of families will opt out of the system and the children who stand to benefit the most will miss out.

Pacific Island Project wins United Nations Award

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The United Nations has recognised the ‘Mapping Exposure to Sea Level Rise in the Pacific Islands’ Project as a leading initiative dealing with climate change. Jessica Purbrick-Herbst from CRC for Spatial Information explains.

Climate change conference: teamwork or tug-of-war?

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We live in a globalised world, and therefore climate change is also a social justice issue. Australian social worker Megan Bonetti, volunteering in India, reports from a developing country having to figure out how to go green on the cheap.

What did the Bonn climate negotiations indicate about Paris?

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Just over a month before the COP21, climate negotiations in Bonn were heated. So what does this mean about the level of success we could expect from the conference in Paris, where the successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol is to be produced? Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute, explains.