Why students’ full learning potential isn’t maximised in higher education (and what we’re doing about it)

Adam Brimo's picture

Students learn best when they actively construct their own knowledge and understanding. Adam Brimo explains how the learning platform OpenLearning aims to change the current model of higher education and align it with how students really learn.

The post-digital age

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The way we store and share information has changed fundamentally over the centuries. Phillip Long, Executive Director of Innovation and Analytics at the University of Queensland, explains how we came to reach the post-digital age.

The world is my classroom and my playground

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We are learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Theresa Lim from Play2Lead explains how gamification can make learning more engaging and rewarding.

Test your strategies with the ASX Sharemarket Game

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In the ASX Sharemarket Game participants are given a virtual amount of money to invest with the challenge to make it grow. Tony Hunter, Head of Education at ASX, says the game is popular amongst teachers as a way of bringing real world events into the classroom.

Is technology finally making a difference to learning?

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Technology has the potential to provide high quality education to millions of learners. Vivek Agarwal from elearning company Liqvid explores what it takes to fulfill this potential.

Adaptive learning – departure from the lockstep model of education

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Adaptive learning caters to the individual and aims to meet them exactly where they are at any point in time. Mohamad Jebara from Mathspace explains how technology can help to take adaptive learning to the next level.