Educating for consumer engagement in health care

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Professor Peter Brooks AM is Professorial Fellow of the Centre for Health Policy School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. At the recent Global Access Partners Summit on Education he addressed some of the major challenges for our health system.

How to remember a friend

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has launched a book with collected works of the late journalist Christopher Pearson. Peter Fritz is part of a group of friends who have gathered some of the best columns and essays in his honour.

Better educational outcomes: Start early

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In recent years there has been a welcome national debate about how we can improve educational outcomes for Australian children. At the recent Global Access Partners Summit on Education Professor Frank Oberklaid said that learning is as a continuum from birth, and policy and services should reflect this.

How do we future proof access to quality education for everyone?

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The Gonski review in 2011 negotiated funding agreements for six years in five states, which the current Government reduced to four years. High School Principal Lila Mularczyk says that students, communities and the nation need the clarity and certainty of the full Gonski reform.

Gene patents not so bad

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There has been strong opposition to a Federal Court decision that human genes can be controlled by private companies. Medical ethicist Dr Alberto Giubilini says the patenting of genes by private companies is not necessarily a bad thing provided it’s well regulated.

Factors in school success: policy and practice

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Suzette Young, Principal Emeritus at Willoughby Girls High School, spoke at the Global Access Partners Annual Growth Summit on Education on 19 September 2014. She shares elements for school improvement and ponders how this could be applied on the policy front.