Let them in now!

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A positive image of Germany dominates the media as desperate Syrian asylum seekers are streaming into the country. Antje Missbach says while  Germany is congratulating itself on its newly adopted kind-heartedness, the next weeks and months will show whether the friendly receptions on the train stations will persist.

Why patient centricity is a myth

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Most health care for people with chronic conditions happens in the community, not with any clinician. Michael Gill, founder of Dragon Claw, says we need to encourage care-coordination and self-care.

5 tips to running a more secure computer

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What does computer security have to do with being thrown out of a hotel after a party? James Hunter makes it easy to understand why keeping your computer safe is important.

The new skills you’ll need to land a not-for-profit job in the future

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The not-for-profit sector is the fastest growing part of the Australian economy. Michael Cebon, founder and CEO of EthicalJobs.com.au, explains where the jobs will come from in the future and what skills you’ll need to do them.

Liberal versus Labor in the wars of corruption

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The former judge Dyson Heydon insists on his decision not to stand aside from the royal commission into trade unions after he agreed to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser. Jason Cavallaro questions the Labor Party’s motives in continuing to seek his removal.

Hanging on in quiet desperation

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In Britain, over 100 MPs are already practicing mindfulness, and the concept is currently being rolled out to the 2,000 staff in parliament. Leah Sparkes is hopeful that Canberra is listening.