• Why has Halloween caught on with young adults?

    Linus Owens     |      October 31, 2018

    Young adults’ embrace of Halloween could have something to do with the fact that adulthood itself has changed. Traditional markers of adulthood have become less clear and less attainable and young people are defining their identities in new ways.

  • We can do better than win at all costs

    Jack Anderson     |      October 31, 2018

    The ‘withering’ findings in the review of Cricket Australia’s culture and governance in the wake of the Test team’s ball tampering scandal have implications for all Australian sports.

  • Clean house clean mind – Unlocking the mental benefits of an organised home

    Will Tottle     |      October 26, 2018

    How does an untidy house affect us though? Is the age-old phrase “tidy home, tidy mind” one to live by? The thing is, a clean and organised home can actually lead to improved mental health and a better mindset.

  • I love you, man

    Open Forum     |      October 22, 2018

    Traditional masculinity is evolving – and young working-class men are leading the change both at home and in the workplace.

  • Divide and conquer: Understanding the role of sacred values

    Open Forum     |      October 21, 2018

    Our attachment to the values we hold sacred can divide us but developing a better understanding of their role may help break deadlocks in long-running disputes.

  • A dance to the music of time

    Ivy Shih     |      October 15, 2018

    In an auditory tour through history and the animal kingdom, Associate Professor Darren Curnoe explored the relationship between human evolution and music at Sydney’s City Recital Hall last week.

  • Man, woman and other?

    Open Forum     |      October 7, 2018

    A growing number of people in Australia no longer see themselves as fitting into the traditional boxes of ‘man’ or ‘woman’, with more than 30 gender options available to choose from on some social media platforms and within government institutions.

  • With Justin Milne gone, how does the ABC go about restoring its crucial independence?

    Andrew Dodd     |      October 1, 2018

    The high profile departures of senior ABC figures won’t have been in vain if more awareness emerges about the fragility and importance of the national broadcaster’s editorial independence.

  • ‘I’m not angry, I’m just Arab’: Michael Mohammed Ahmad talks race and masculinity

    Kay Harrison     |      September 15, 2018

    There’s no hiding from confrontational truths in Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s new novel “The Lebs”.

  • The ‘Braveheart effect’ – and how companies manipulate our desire for freedom

    Simon McCarthy-Jones     |      September 3, 2018

    Being mindful of the Braveheart effect can help us to be active decision makers guided by reason, rather than passive victims of evolution or corporations, no matter how they try to ‘nudge’ us towards buying their wares.

  • Can Usain Bolt really make it as a footballer?

    Edward Hope     |      September 2, 2018

    What do retired Olympic sprinters do: coach, commentate, agency work, celebrity TV appearances, or just rest on their laurels? Bolt had different ideas, openly expressing his desire to play professional soccer. An Australian club offered him an opportunity – but can he take it?

  • Why do women take sexy selfies?

    Open Forum     |      August 28, 2018

    New Australian research suggests that women around the world take sexy selfies to compete with their peers and climb the social ladder in economically unequal environments.