• Impact, performance, purpose – 3 key drivers to attract and retain talent

    Nicky Carp     |      September 1, 2017

    The ability to successfully recruit and retain the talented individuals needed to drive success is an enduring challenge for medium sized enterprises. Nicky Carp Co-Founder and Executive Director of Unified Healthcare Group (UHG) explains.

  • Priorities and practical recommendations for the midsize business sector

    Elisabetta Magnani     |      August 31, 2017

    Economic integration and success in a world of compressed development poses new challenges to all companies, but particularly to midsize businesses. Macquarie University’s Professor Elisabetta Magnani identifies how midsize companies in Australia can nurture harmony, encourage employees and drive success.

  • Imagining a Smarter Australia

    Martin Hosking     |      August 30, 2017

    Culturally we need to move towards genuinely celebrating those companies that are part of a smarter future for Australia based on our people and skills. Redbubble co-founder, Martin Hosking, discusses the need for government and cultural shift to encourage more innovation and related economic growth.