• Closing the gap: Success in higher education but still more work to be done

    Andrew Vann     |      February 12, 2016

    The yearly Closing the Gap report tracks how the Australian Government addresses Indigenous disadvantage. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of CSU, explains how his university aims to incorporate Indigenous culture and knowledge in its learning.

  • Government needs to ensure Childcare Package boosts attendance of all children

    Samantha Page     |      February 4, 2016

    Two reports released this week provide valuable information to assess the Government’s proposed Jobs for Families Childcare Package. Samantha Page, CEO of Early Childhood Australia, calls on the Federal Government to amend the Package Bill to ensure that all three and four year olds in Australia will be able to access early childhood education.

  • To flip or not to flip: An innovation in education or an educational fad?

    Michael Jacobson     |      January 28, 2016

    A flipped classroom means inverting the traditional teaching procedure – for example teacher’s lectures outside the classroom or homework done in class. But do students actually learn better that way? Michael Jacobson has some answers.

  • Nurse education, the forgotten discipline

    Vivienne Decleva     |      January 6, 2016

    Nurse education does not have the same level of recognition as other disciplines. Dr Vivienne Decleva wishes the nursing profession would recognise this specialised field more formally.

  • GAP Summit and initiatives in 2016

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      December 17, 2015

    GAP has now released the report from its recent 6th Annual Growth Summit on the future of jobs in NSW Parliament House. Catherine Fritz-Kalish, Co-founder and Managing Director of GAP, invites you to learn more about Summit outcomes, new GAP taskforces and the work on developing a Vision for Australia.

  • Kids will power Australia’s “Idea Boom”

    Greg Miller     |      December 11, 2015

    The Government's recent innovation statement has acknowledged the need for tighter incorporation of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) into early learning. Greg Miller says we need to engage kids with technology early, often and meaningfully to give them the confidence and competence they need for our digital future.

  • New Chancellor for UTS

    editor     |      December 9, 2015

    Catherine Livingstone AO, President of the Business Council of Australia, will be the next UTS Chancellor from 1 December 2016. Current Chancellor Professor Vicki Sara AO will retire next February. In the interim Deputy Chancellor Brian Wilson will act as Chancellor.

  • A great time to be involved in science

    Ken Silburn     |      November 30, 2015

    Dr Ken Silburn recently won the Prime Minister’s science prize for excellence in teaching. To kick off our Innovation forum, he explains why we need to promote a STEM curriculum at our schools.

  • Average Joe versus an entrepreneur

    Frank Wyatt     |      October 14, 2015

    Kids with ideas aren’t losers and neither are we for supporting them. Frank Wyatt says we should tell them it's okay to be different as these future employers and problem solvers are tomorrow’s household names.

  • Sustainable funding for higher education

    Andrew Vann     |      October 9, 2015

    The Turnbull government has decided to shelve the controversial university deregulation plans for this term. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of Charles Sturt University, says we need to invest in higher education to allow our nation to flourish and prosper.

  • A Vision for Australia – Part 2

    Peter Fritz     |      October 1, 2015

    Global Access Partners (GAP) is developing a ‘big picture’ vision and roadmap for Australia. In this second of three blogs, the Chairman of GAP, Peter Fritz, discusses how to modernise health and education, productivity and public funds.

  • 20 bars, 20 talks, 1 night

    editor     |      September 23, 2015

    On 20 October, Sydney is Raising the Bar. Have a drink and listen to academics discussing a broad range of topics, as 20 pubs around the city will be transformed into classrooms for one night.