• Preparing for our new extremes

    Greg Foliente     |      November 18, 2018

    Australia has a well-earned reputation for being a land of extremes – from cyclones to bushfires and floods to drought. This high variability can make it difficult to prepare for all eventualities. But scientists are gaining a better understanding of the likelihood and consequences of extreme events.

  • The ‘domino’ threat of global extinction

    Open Forum     |      November 16, 2018

    New research reveals the extinction of plant or animal species from extreme environmental change increases the risk of an ‘extinction domino effect’ that could affect and even end all life on Earth.

  • Fighting the drought with natural sequence farming

    Ian Rutherfurd     |      November 15, 2018

    Slowing flows in rural creeks with “leaky weirs” may help reduce erosion and rehydrate the floodplain and more research on their effectiveness could help the nation’s farmers battle drought.

  • Crowdfunding aims to save the Tasmanian Devil

    Open Forum     |      November 14, 2018

    A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by the University of Adelaide to help save the Tasmanian devil, one of Australia’s most iconic but endangered animals.

  • Human activity threatens 25% of mammal species

    Open Forum     |      November 13, 2018

    Human impacts such as deforestation and hunting are the biggest risk factors in the possible extinction of a quarter of all land-based mammals, according to a University of Queensland study.

  • A ‘great and merciless thinning:’ the vanishing world of insects

    Michael Malay     |      November 12, 2018

    Insect populations are plummeting around the world, due to pesticides, climate change and habitat loss, threatening the ecosystems which depend on them. Imagining the disappearance of species through literature can help motivate a real life fight for their survival.

  • Drugs in our waterways, the bugs and beyond

    Open Forum     |      November 8, 2018

    Medicines designed for humans are finding their way into our rivers and streams and are accumulating in insects and their predators with potentially damaging effects on the food chain.

  • Saving the last of the Earth’s wilderness

    Open Forum     |      November 2, 2018

    The world’s last wilderness areas are rapidly disappearing, and explicit international conservation targets critically needed to protect them.

  • Australian experts call for more climate action

    Open Forum     |      October 29, 2018

    Twenty two eminent Australian scholars and health experts have signed a letter demanding the Federal Government phase out coal by 2050 following its rejection of a United Nations (UN) report warning that world has 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe.

  • We have so many ways to pursue a healthy climate – it’s insane to wait any longer

    Peter Doherty     |      October 26, 2018

    Humanity faces a wide spectrum of “wicked” environmental challenges, from sustaining food production to providing clean water and maintaining wildlife diversity and the green environments that ensure the survival of complex life on Earth but there are many practical measures we can and should take now to start making things better.

  • Did climate change wipe out the Australian lion?

    Open Forum     |      October 20, 2018

    Scientists now believe Thylacoleo carnifex was probably a victim of the drying out of Australia, which began about 350,000 years ago, rather than from the impact of humans.

  • The climate threat to cities past and present

    Open Forum     |      October 19, 2018

    The fall of Angkor has long puzzled historians, archaeologists and scientists, but now a University of Sydney research team is one step closer to discovering what led to the city’s demise — and it comes with a warning for modern urban communities.