• Architecture solutions for positive patient recovery

    Kate Lawrence     |      June 28, 2017

    How can the built environment improve an individual’s recovery from mental illness and prevent future relapse? Architect Kate Lawrence explores how to promote positive psychology through urban design.

  • Health funding – how do we pay for health care?

    Ian McAuley     |      June 26, 2017

    Government policies on health care are strongly focussed on short-term fiscal costs, achieved by incremental tweaks to existing programs. It’s fifty years, however, since there has been a wide inquiry into how we fund health care. We need to be considering some basic questions about how we pay for health care, writes Ian McAuley.

  • A Young Doctor’s Message to PM Turnbull

    Nicole Sleeman     |      June 16, 2017

    Climate change is the existential crises of our time: General Practitioner Nicole Sleeman discusses health and the environment, and the challenges she faces, as a health professional, tackling ‘environmental disease’.