• Can the National Resilience Taskforce help protect Australia?

    Paul Barnes     |      May 19, 2018

    Australia faces a range of natural and man-made threats to its vital infrastructure. How should the government’s resilience taskforce tackle the challenges which lie ahead?

  • Defend your democracy

    Brendan Nicholson     |      May 12, 2018

    John Berry, the former American Ambassador to Canberra, urges Australia, the United States and other democracies to stand up to autocratic and increasingly aggressive nations such as Russia and China and protect their institutions against all attempts to undermine them.

  • How vulnerable is Australia’s identity data?

    Melissa Liberatore     |      May 7, 2018

    The government must ensure that national identity assets are protected from manipulation, falsification or destruction to safeguard our democracy, governance and security.

  • The US Alliance – Our dependence grows as our options narrow

    Kim Beazley     |      May 3, 2018

    Australia’s dependence on the United States in the post–Cold War era has grown as the strategic options in our region have narrowed. Our national strategy of ‘defence self-reliance within our alliances’ is now being tilted by major shifts in power relativities and US engagement

  • Facing up to reality in Sino-Australian relations

    Alex Joske     |      April 26, 2018

    Chinese Communist Party interference in Australian affairs is real, not mere rhetoric, and it’s the central reason for bilateral tensions. Mistakes in how the China–Australia relationship has been managed shouldn’t lead us to lose sight of that crucial fact.

  • A ‘clever’ Australia needs a larger, more potent navy

    Richard Menhinick     |      April 25, 2018

    Australia is surrounded by the three largest oceans on earth, yet governments over more than three decades have failed to focus on forward defence via powerful, sustainable and deployed maritime forces.

  • Will Australia defend the ‘rules-based order’ in Asia?

    Nick Bisley     |      April 23, 2018

    The heated and polarised debate about the consequences of China’s increasing military assertiveness has raised doubts about the future of the ‘rules-based order’ in the region, as invoked by the Turnbull government in numerous speeches and policy statements.

  • Naming and shaming the unshameable

    Fergus Hanson     |      April 20, 2018

    In the light of escalating cyber attacks from Russia, China and other hostile actors, the West is taking a more proactive approach to naming the perpetrators and taking active counter-measures.

  • ‘Rules based order’ should be based on UN principles, not national convenience

    Richard Menhinick     |      April 14, 2018

    It’s time for Australia’s leaders to wean themselves off the overused and increasingly meaningless expression, ‘rules-based global order’. We should instead uphold the principles outlined in the UN Charter, as uncomfortable as that may be.

  • New Australian manual looks to regulate ‘Star Wars’

    Andrew Spence     |      April 12, 2018

    A definitive document to regulate military and security law in space is being drafted by experts from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Unmasking Australia’s offensive cyber capability

    Tom Uren     |      April 11, 2018

    A new policy brief builds on official government statements about Australia’s ability to fight back against cyber attacks. It offers more detail on the strengths and weaknesses of our offensive cyber power, explains the risks involved in its use and details some of its checks and balances.

  • All Leninist autocracies are equal, but some are more equal than others

    Michael Shoebridge     |      April 9, 2018

    Common threads among the Chinese, Russian, North Korean and Iranian regimes add up to a disturbing strategic challenge to Western states’ power and stability, but these states use different tactics to further their goals.