• ‘Forward defence in depth’ for Australia (II)

    Malcolm Davis     |      December 1, 2018

    Australia must develop its military ability to ensure the security and stability of maritime Southeast Asia and the South Pacific and offer nations in the region an alternative to greater debt and dependency on Beijing.

  • Forward ‘defence in depth’ for Australia

    Malcolm Davis     |      November 27, 2018

    China is determined to challenge the US across the Indo-Pacific and replace the established rules-based order with a Chinese-led system. Extending Australia’s defence capability would help counter this threat.

  • Once bitten, twice shy – Getting real about Australia’s security

    Jim Molan     |      November 20, 2018

    Australia’s reliance on an over-stretched, under-resourced Royal Navy was exposed by Japan in the Second World War and we must not make the same mistake by over-relying on the USA as China steps up its regional ambitions and power.

  • Supercharging Australia’s digital trade through cyber security

    Michelle Price     |      November 9, 2018

    Michelle Price, the CEO of AustCyber, underlined the importance and potential of cyber security during her keynote address at GAP’s Summit on Digital Trade at NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

  • Facing up to the bear in the Asia-Pacific

    Alexey Muraviev     |      November 2, 2018

    Russia continues to menace its former possessions in Europe and is increasingly looking to increase its influence in the Pacific, in alliance with China and in its own right, a growing threat which Australia must take seriously.

  • How research in the West boosts China’s military

    Alex Joske     |      November 1, 2018

    Helping the Chinese military bring its scientific talent and knowledge up to world-class standards is not in Australia’s interests and the problem demands a response from the government and universities.

  • The limits of Australia’s defence diplomacy

    Daniel Baldino     |      October 28, 2018

    Defence diplomacy has many important benefits, not least in helping other countries facing large-scale disasters. These endeavours enhance security and indirectly generate confidence, resilience and goodwill but expectations of their impacts need to remain modest and fixed on short- to medium-term security goals.

  • It’s time to step back from privacy paranoia

    Alan Stevenson     |      October 27, 2018

    Alan Stevenson argues that individuals’ concern about privacy protection is hampering the benefits which more digital services, such as the new MyHealth record, can bring to the whole of society.

  • Hard times in Australian strategic thinking

    Rod Lyon     |      October 20, 2018

    A stronger defence force is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for achieving the sort of world that Australia want. Partnerships have also been central to our strategic success, and will remain so, but they must be partnerships we have chosen of our own free will.

  • Australia needs a clear national security strategy

    Jim Molan     |      October 14, 2018

    Australia needs to move towards a holistic security strategy directed much more specifically by government. And this must start with an acknowledgement of the principal threats to Australia in a changing strategic environment.

  • Australia should double its defence budget

    Richard Menhinick     |      October 13, 2018

    Despite the Coalition’s modernising programs and extra money currently allocated to building new ships, we need a navy and a defence budget commensurate with a worsening strategic situation.

  • Why we need a radically new defence policy

    Paul Dibb     |      October 10, 2018

    Australia’s international security outlook is starting to look very unpredictable and potentially threatening. Australian defence planners must now deal with a world which is very different from any they have known before.