• The Rain in Spain

    Max Thomas     |      October 5, 2017

    The push for Catalonian independence has its roots in conflict dating back 300 years. Max Thomas considers the vital natural resources that have shaped civilisation and human development for thousands of years and suggests that independence movements elsewhere in Europe should closely watch developments in Spain.

  • A Letter to Marriage Equality

    Sarah McKenzie     |      October 4, 2017

    The ABS released official participation figures in the marriage postal survey yesterday prompting Sarah McKenzie, in a letter to Marriage Equality, to question who the change of law will really effect.

  • Do we have to let a crisis develop before we do anything?

    Ian McAuley     |      September 21, 2017

    Governments are adept at responding to crises, but in the absence of a crisis policymakers are equally adept at ignoring trends that call for a policy response. Ian McAuley considers how the classification of a problem as a Left / Right issue is stymying progress.

  • 5 great ways you can get involved in charity work

    Jason Juretic     |      September 19, 2017

    There has been a significant rise recently in corporates involvement with charity and community causes. Rather than just donating, there are more hands-on and meaningful ways to take part. Jason Juretic, CEO of Stepping Stone House, recommends five ways to get involved.

  • SMEs – the label that’s killing our growth

    Mike Rich     |      September 18, 2017

    The midsize business sector is not an officially recognised sector and by lumping medium enterprises under the SME label they are totally forgotten. Midsize business owner Mike Rich says it is now time to change this integration.