• Order in or grow your own? Finding food beyond the supermarket

    Shayen de Silva     |      July 26, 2018

    Modern pressures and food trends have not only changed what we’re eating, but also how we’re choosing to get our food.

  • How commuting is transforming our cities

    David Bissell     |      July 21, 2018

    Twice a day, every weekday – millions of us spend time in cars, buses, trains and trams commuting. Although many of us hate it, the experiences of our daily journeys are transforming life in our cities.

  • Why the wealthy should pay a charity levy

    Open Forum     |      July 14, 2018

    Monash sustainability experts believe the country’s high-income earners should pay a charity levy based on a small percentage of their earnings.

  • Career transition assistance for older workers begins

    Open Forum     |      July 4, 2018

    Mature-age people will soon benefit from increased employment opportunities through the launch of a trial for the Turnbull Government’s Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program.

  • Duty and honour at the heart of Indigenous recognition

    Kirsty Gover     |      June 23, 2018

    We need to put ourselves in Indigenous shoes and realise their request to influence decisions which affect them is entirely reasonable.

  • Tackling Melbourne’s homeless crisis

    Catriona May     |      June 21, 2018

    As Melbourne faces a growing housing crisis, pockets of innovation are offering some people who’ve become homeless a leg up out of social housing and into home ownership.

  • We don’t have to be related to be a family

    Sofa Gradin     |      June 6, 2018

    We can’t choose our biological relations but we can choose our friends. Moving beyond traditional family structures to embrace a wider definition of what ‘family’ means can be both personally and politically liberating.

  • Many millennials are priced out of the suburbs they grew up in

    Julia Cook     |      June 4, 2018

    Remaining close to family and friends matters to millennials, but few can afford to buy their own home in the neighbourhoods that mean the most to them.

  • What’s it like to be young and from overseas in Australia?

    Rimi Khan     |      June 1, 2018

    The first Multicultural Youth Australia Census shows the majority of refugee and migrant young Australians feel strongly that they belong here, despite almost half experiencing some form of discrimination or unfair treatment in the past twelve months.

  • Making disability support work across real lives

    Catriona May     |      May 28, 2018

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a game changer, but the challenge is to make it work across people’s life course, from education and housing, to social participation and employment.

  • A constitution shaped by distance

    Adrienne Stone     |      May 27, 2018

    While many constitutions are informed by the influences of history, politics and culture; it’s the influence of geography, and in particular, of distance, that has helped to shape the Australian Constitution.

  • Half baked anti-Cook sentiment won’t encourage reconciliation

    Max Thomas     |      May 22, 2018

    While some have criticised the Cook landing anniversary project as outdated colonial baggage, it may well serve to raise awareness among all Australians about the need for reconciliation as an essential and integral part of our growth as a nation.