• New UNSW-ACOSS study highlights inequality in our society – and how to fix it

    Open Forum     |      August 2, 2018

    Beyond the personal effects on individuals, vast disparities in income can erode social cohesion and undermine economic growth, researchers say.

  • What can be done about illegal drugs?

    John Coyne     |      July 13, 2018

    Although they regularly hit the headlines, major drug finds and the arrest of significant dealers does little to stem the flow of illegal drugs into Australia. Alternative measures must complement law enforcement to deal with the problem today.

  • Online transactions blur the boundaries between gaming and gambling

    Open Forum     |      June 30, 2018

    In-game purchasing systems, such as ‘loot boxes’, in popular online games resemble gambling and may pose financial risks for vulnerable players, according to gambling psychology researchers at the University of Adelaide.

  • It’s time for a new approach to travel

    Randy Malamud     |      June 26, 2018

    Globalism has made it easier than ever to visit faraway places – and easier to never really leave home while you’re there. A trip is the greatest chance you’ll ever have to learn about things you don’t experience at home, to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise encounter, so immerse yourself in the experience if you can.

  • A universe of opportunity

    Megan Clark     |      June 14, 2018

    Some may argue that Australia might be late to the party, but we are entering a time when the space sector is moving from the realm of government to the commercial world and Australia’s new agency will be one of the most industry-focused space bodies in the world.

  • Spending time alone in nature is good for your mental and emotional health

    Andrew Bobilya     |      June 10, 2018

    Spending time alone in nature gives people the space they need to step back and reset their priorities. This in turn helps them re-engage with their relationships and work schedules when they return to their communities.

  • Walk faster – live longer

    Open Forum     |      June 4, 2018

    Research led by the University of Sydney suggests that speeding up your walking pace could not only make you fitter, but actually extend your life.

  • Defend your democracy

    Brendan Nicholson     |      May 12, 2018

    John Berry, the former American Ambassador to Canberra, urges Australia, the United States and other democracies to stand up to autocratic and increasingly aggressive nations such as Russia and China and protect their institutions against all attempts to undermine them.

  • Time for a shake up in musculoskeletal pain care

    Helen Slater     |      April 26, 2018

    System wide reform is required to improve the management of chronic pain in Australia and ease the suffering it brings to thousands of Australians.

  • The limits of modelling – Knowing what we don’t know

    Emma White     |      April 22, 2018

    Modelling the impact of mine developments on groundwater is critical for protecting ecosystems and agriculture, but it can go astray if we don’t recognise that all models lack certainty.

  • The threatened species in our urban jungle

    Kylie Soanes     |      April 20, 2018

    Far from being a biodiversity wasteland, our sprawling conurbations are home to some of Australia’s most threatened species. While some have already been lost, others can still be nurtured to maintain a toe-hold for nature in an increasingly man-made environment.

  • The future of work

    Rhonda Brighton-Hall     |      August 12, 2015

    Our understanding of work is still hanging on to some old concepts. Rhonda Brighton-Hall, FlexCareers chairperson, explains what’s changing and why we should be excited.

    I often think about the future of work – mainly because I’m so eager to get to a better place than we are today. Work, as we know it, is just not very friendly for real people with real lives. Fundamentally, ‘work’ is long overdue for an overhaul, and all the current disruptions present such an abundance of inter-related possibilities, that I’m daring to be excited!

    Of course, the bar we’re starting off is pretty low. Our current understanding of work is hanging on to some really old ideas. For example: