Australia' s Mineral Resources

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Are our policy makers and strategic thinkers paying sufficient attention to the role of Australia's mineral resources in international affairs?

Mineral resources play a role in international affairs that far outweighs the attention paid to the sector by policy makers and strategic thinkers Dr Michael Wesley Executive Director Lowy Institute told participants in a Food for Thought presentation at Victoria University earlier this month.

Modern societies are becoming ever more dependent on mineral resources but increasingly less self-sufficient in their production, making access to stable and reasonably priced resources central to their functioning. And yet there is little awareness of the general dynamics, trends and forces governing the global production and trade in strategic resources.

Developing such an awareness is particularly important for Australians, given our continent’s rich endowment in many of the resources that the global economy needs.

To view Dr Wesley’s presentation click: http://lowyinstitute.com


Les Pickett is Partner for Australasia and South East Asia for international human capital management organisation McBassi & Company and Chief Executive of Pacific Rim Consulting Group. His professional career has taken him to over twenty countries. Former roles include General Manager Management Services with Coles Myer and Deputy Director United Nations System Staff College. He is an Ambassador to Tomorrow's Global Company, a UK based business led think tank and a past international president of the Institute of Business Administration.