Facing Up to Reality

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I came across a news article about the Girl Guides organisation in London and the results of a survey they conducted regarding what life skills the members are keen on learning. Apparently this sort of research helps the Girl Guides stay "current" and relevant to the young female adults of society.

It was interesting (and probably quite sad for some) that the priorities of the older Girl Guide recruits (14-26 age group) are no longer how to bake a yummy batch of cookies - but to be taught how to manage their finances and be fully aware of safe sex practices.

I think it's fabulous - having spent a very short time being a "Brownie" (younger version of a Girl Guide) the organisation always seemed to promote a very wholesome image. This must be a challenging concept for them, to change their approach to young women from potential housewives and good deed doers to savvy, independent individuals.

It will be interesting to see if Australia follows suit.


"Guide us into safe sex"http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22131303-5006007,00.html


It's a commonplace that boys

It's a commonplace that boys get together to do stuff, whereas girls do stuff so they can be together. The point of the Guides is to be a forum for friendship as much as anything else and the more it emphasises that, the more successful it will be. In fact there is a danger that in chasing fleeting social 'relevance' such social organisations can lose their long established reason for being. Necessary as safe sex advice may be there's a ton of sex talk in every teen magazine and the Guides shouldn't lose sight of its unique and traditional selling points. That said, if they're going to study bondage too, being able to tie a good knot will come in very handy.