Early Childhood Education – report released

| November 1, 2016
Building blocks

A recently released report from the GAP Taskforce on Early Childhood Education calls for systemic changes, a stronger evidence base, pilot trials of holistic schemes, alternative procurement strategies, improved governance, better connection between services and the pursuit of stronger parental engagement.

Children with poor early childhood experiences begin school behind their peers and may never catch up, remaining disadvantaged throughout life. In the context of broader conversations around Australia’s economic productivity, GAP believes that this issue lies at the core of national prosperity.

To address this, the GAP Taskforce was formed with the support of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, NSW Department of Education and NSW Family and Community Services earlier this year. The brief was to review existing policies and best practices, notably those which link family, health, community and education services and benefit the whole family. Rather than call for more resources, the Taskforce explored how the current pool of Commonwealth, State and local government funding could be used more effectively to improve social and economic outcomes for vulnerable children and the broader community.

For more information, please read the full GAP report here.


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