Digital Trade

| July 26, 2018

E-commerce has disrupted a series of traditional markets and has become an increasingly important way for Australia to trade with the rest of the world.  Digital trade overcomes the ‘tyranny of distance’ which previously inhibited Australian exports to the rest of the world and opens up exciting opportunities for Australian businesses and consumers.

Around half of Australian businesses are already engaged in the digital economy in some way, and this number will only increase in the future.  However, while Australian businesses are taking advantage of the digital economy, their rate of adoption still falls short of many other developed nations.

Global Access Partners’ Annual Economic Summit discussed the prospects for Australian firms in e-commerce and the impact of this new digital era on society at NSW Parliament House in September.

To support the event and the activities which will flow from it, Open Form is showcasing a series of articles examining the issues at hand and the prospects for Australia in this new era of digital trade.

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