Disruption economy

| January 31, 2016

Disruption is happening to everyone – to you, your organisation, every person on the planet. But what is it? The Latin word “disrumpere” means “breaking from”. Today disruption mainly describes the impacts that new digital technologies are having across almost all industries and parts of our lives. And the rapid pace and scale of disruption is mindboggling.

But is disruption a victim of its own success? The term is being overused as entrepreneurs and leaders like to qualify what they do as “disruptive,” or to introduce a new product as a true “disruption” to stress how important and unique it is.

In this forum, we discuss the many aspects of disruption, what this means for the culture and organisational structure of companies, and how we can adapt and learn to harness the power of disruptive trends. How do we disrupt before we are disrupted?

We invite you to join the debate. Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au to share your story, opinion or blog idea.




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