• Sport in Australia

    editor     |      June 2, 2014

    Sport plays a fundamental role in Australian culture. It is an integral part of our social fabric. Australians love sport, both as spectators and as participants. Does professional sport mirror our society?

  • Urban Planning

    editor     |      April 1, 2014

    As our population grows and demographic changes, we need a sound strategy to ensure the sustainable future of our urban landscape.

  • Art & Culture

    editor     |      February 3, 2014

    Our featured forum on Art and Culture asks a big question: ‘What is the purpose of art?’ We all know ‘l’art pour l’art’, or ‘art for art’s sake’. Should art serve a purpose, have a moral or didactic function?

  • Health & Wellbeing

    editor     |      December 2, 2013

    How are we as a society? It’s an important question, as the health of the individual affects the wellbeing of the whole community.

  • Multicultural Australia

    editor     |      October 3, 2013

    There are 260 languages spoken in Australia, and over a quarter of the population was born overseas. Looking at the government’s stance we aim to open the debate to both supporters and opponents of the new policy.

  • Food Sustainability

    editor     |      July 31, 2013

    Australia is a major global supplier of food, exporting wheat, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables. But how are we going to feed 50 million people, the estimated population of Australia in 2050?

  • Parenting

    editor     |      June 4, 2013

    What is good parenting? For some, it is making sure their children are fed, clothed and resilient. For others, it means sending them to private schools and enrolling them in as many extra-curricular activities as possible.

  • Productive Ageing

    editor     |      April 2, 2013

    The profound change in life expectancy generated by medical advances and higher living standards over the past six decades have created a new period of life of some 20-30 years between the traditional retirement age of many people and their dotage.

  • Future of Education

    editor     |      January 31, 2013

    Education is evolving. As the world grows smaller and technology enables a level of interaction previously only dreamt of, the debate around education and the needs of the country has intensified.

  • Travel & Tourism

    editor     |      December 4, 2012

    Travel is on the rise with more than one billion tourists expected by the end of 2012, according to The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). So how is travel an excellent source of knowledge and understanding?

  • Rural Australia 2012

    editor     |      October 2, 2012

    Australian rural businesses have evolved to be some of the most innovative in the world, working to more efficiently feed the world’s growing population.

  • Productivity: GAP National Economic Review 2012

    editor     |      September 26, 2012

    The sources of economic growth have changed over time and Australia’s productivity surge in the 1990s has been steadily slowing. What are the factors that influence productivity and what policy options exist for leaders?