Is Australia still the ‘fair go’ country?

| June 3, 2016

We like to think that everyone gets a ‘fair go’ in Australia. Sue Ellson wonders if that’s still true.

Do you believe that Australia is still the ‘Fair Go’ Country? I started thinking about this recently as I have seen a huge shift in our society’s attitudes over the last 10 years.

I classify a ‘fair go’ as a right and a responsibility of being an Australian. I believe that every resident of our wonderful country is entitled to a ’fair share’ of our ‘boundless plains.’

A ‘fair go’ comes with a sense that we can all have an equal chance to secure a good career or business opportunity. That our country can participate in ‘fair trade’ with other countries. That our sports can be administered by good umpires so that we can have a ‘fair result’.

That our producers can be given a ‘fair price’ for the goods they create and that as consumers, we can provide a ‘fair exchange’ by happily paying a reasonable amount for those goods.

A ‘fair go’ also comes with the concept of ‘fair pay.’ A good day’s work deserves a good day’s pay.

We may not be allowed to say a ‘fair lady’ anymore but we can certainly use our manners like a ‘fair lady’ would.

Unfortunately what I have noticed more recently is an ‘unfair go.’ A fair share is not spread fairly – the top 10% of Australians take home over 30% of the income. A fair go has not been given to every person seeking a career or business opportunity. Unfair trade has seen some industries vanish overnight. Fair results in sport have been challenged by match fixing. Fair prices have not been paid to producers and many have just walked away from their life’s work. Fair exchange has been abandoned as consumers rapidly chase the cheapest price at any cost.

Fair pay has been sacrificed for profits. Good manners are extremely rare.

Fortunately, I believe that there are many good hearted Australians who are doing their fair share and giving people a fair go. They give me hope that our nation can overcome this narcissistic bump in the road.

In the meantime, please remember that as a person living in Australia, our nation was built on the principle of a ‘fair go’ – and I for one, would like to remind you and your friends and family to constantly remember the principles of a:

  • fair go
  • fair share
  • fair trade
  • fair result
  • fair price
  • fair exchange
  • fair pay
  • fair lady