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Wear jeans for a good cause

Jeans for Genes logoYou can support life saving work simply by wearing your favourite jeans. Friday 7 August 2015 is Jeans for Genes Day, and schools, workplaces and communities are invited to raise funds for research into childhood disease.

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The importance of self care

GAP Taskforce Self Care ReportThe Minister for Health, the Hon. Sussan Ley, has launched a report of the GAP Taskforce on the role of health literacy and responsible self care in improving public health outcomes and reducing government expenditure.

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Have a night in

White Ribbon

Friday 31 July 2015 is White Ribbon Night. The event raises funds to help stop violence against women. Communities across Australia are asked to have a night in to get the word out.

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Blog of the Day

Edwina Griffins picture

Helping Australians to choose health

posted by Edwina Griffin, Jul 31, 2015

What needs to happen to make Australians healthier? Edwina Griffin wants to see more collaboration between government organisations and fitness professionals to enable a big shift in health.

One of the biggest obstacles to a healthier Australia is time, or lack of it. As a health professional, that is the excuse given time and time again for people’s inability to fit exercise into their daily routine. And as I look at what the average person tries to fit into a day, in most cases it’s a valid excuse.

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Featured Forum

Australia's health

For the next two months we will discuss Australia’s health in this forum.

Life expectancy in Australia is still among the highest worldwide. We have a functioning health system with competent and dedicated health professionals. But we need to do better with a multitude of challenges the sector is facing.

Healthcare costs are rising fast at a time when government is financially squeezed on multiple fronts. This year’s federal budget revealed significant cuts from the health system. At the same time the government has committed to a new e-health system, bringing the information management of our health data into the 21st century. Can myHealth lead to savings of billions of dollars as forecast by some?

We have a serious health gap problem, where poorer people, those living in remote areas and indigenous Australians are still not getting the full benefit of our health system.

And how healthy are we? The good news are that we live longer, smoke and drink less. But obesity rates are climbing and we don’t exercise enough. Chronic diseases and dementia numbers are rising.

How can we address the challenges in Australia’s health system? How can we improve patient outcomes? Are there any other pressing issues around this topic you think should be discussed? Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au and share your ideas and concerns with the Open Forum community.

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Australia's health

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The social economy – working together towards the common good

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There is a noticeable shift from purely profit-driven capitalism towards an integrated social citizen. The founder of Pro Bono Australia, Karen Mahlab, sees it happening in Australia and around the world.

Terrorism, surveillance and intelligence: The next 5 years

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Surveillance has become a dirty word since the Snowden leaks. Intelligence and security expert Dr Patrick Walsh says it’s simplistic to merely talk about a balance between privacy and security and argues that democratic states now need surveillance and intelligence more than ever.

What should be taught by teachers, and what by parents?

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Parents are usually a child's first teacher, but with children spending six hours each day at school, teachers in the classroom play an important role in the children's education. Pauline Lysaght explains how both are influential in different ways.

Procrastination and the art of learning to empty your basket

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Procrastination is difficult to unlearn once it’s an established habit. Leicester Warburton has a surprisingly simple solution.

Our City Leaders’ 7 biggest challenges when cutting traffic congestion

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If we really want to ease traffic congestion in our cities, we need to make sure we all have all the information we need to make a change. Rachel Smith has asked our City Leaders about the biggest challenges ahead.

Who would the Reef vote for, if the Reef could vote?

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Protecting the Great Barrier Reef is an important issue in the upcoming Queensland elections. Kate Galloway suggests elevating the Reef’s status to that of a legal rights holder to ensure its ecological sustainability as government and public authorities are failing to do so.