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What is your vision for Australia?

Vision for Australia

Today we are reaching out to every Australian as we embark on a major initiative to create a narrative and execute a vision for Australia. For this we want your input - your voice will be heard. At Global Access Partners (GAP) we have been running advisory bodies and policy consultations for 14 years. We have a strong online community. And now we are bringing it all together to create a synthesis of your views on the future of Australia.

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Globalisation of Education

Global Mindset

Global Mindset is presenting its 13th conference on Globalisation of Education/Skills Training on 25 March 2015 in Sydney. It will present more than 30 leaders from Australia, USA, Canada, Latin America Singapore, Malaysia and India on a number of themes.

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Join the debate on security and privacy

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The proposition is ‘Only the wicked need fear government spying’ on 31 March in Sydney at the first IQ2 debate of 2015.

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Blog of the Day

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The Future of Coal Seam Gas after the NSW Election

posted by James Horne, Mar 27, 2015

The New South Wales state election will be held on Saturday 28 March. James Horne discusses the future of coal seam gas, one of the major issues in this campaign.

Coal seam gas (CSG) is one of the most controversial issues bubbling through the New South Wales election campaign.

It’s a particularly hot topic in regional NSW, where communities and farmers have often felt their concerns have not taken seriously enough by the CSG industry and successive Labor and Coalition governments.

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Featured Forum

Security & Risk

Technology and globalisation have made the world increasingly connected but also, some argue, less safe. Organised crime and terrorist organisations are using the internet to establish virtual marketplaces for illegal goods and social networking between criminals. The Australian Crime Commission estimates that cyber and technology-enabled crime costs Australia about $2 billion every year. More than 70% of Australians fall victim to cybercrime and internet fraud. Banks face the ongoing challenge of creating the delicate balance between strong security and convenient access for their customers.

Then there’s the changed security environment since 9/11. Last year Australia's terror threat level was raised from medium to high, meaning a terror attack is officially considered "likely" in this country. And just recently the threat level for police also moved to high in recognition of the danger they face as first responders. This follows recent terrorism events here and abroad.

How are we going to manage these threats? In our featured forum on Security and Risk we will discuss the ethical appropriateness of surveillance and the right governance and accountability processes of national security. Last year the Government announced plans to give security agencies more resources and legal powers to respond to technological change and security threats. Now there are concerns about this scheme coming from Australia's intelligence agency watchdog and the nation's biggest telecommunications company itself. Can we strike a healthy balance between privacy and security?

We invite you to join the debate. Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au to share your story, opinion or blog idea.

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Security & Risk featured forum

Recommended Articles

Rounding up the bikies: The implications for standing in Kuczborksi v Queensland

Binoy Kampmark's picture

The court case challenging the Queensland bikie laws has been rejected. Binoy Kampmark provides some legal background to this landmark case.

A ‘no-consequences’ education produces unemployable graduates

Rachael Sharman's picture

Our modern education system seems to have become complicit in the business of manufacturing aspirations, no matter how delusional. Rachael Sharman says we need a shift in attitude from educational organisations, students and parents.

Creating a good society, a better society or a more civil society?

Eva Cox's picture

Do we have a healthy balance between the state, the market and the community? Sociologist and activist Eva Cox says we need to work on how to restore government and community power to avoid dire consequences for our society.

Government shall weary them

Laurence Strano's picture

It has been recently suggested that the family home should be taken into account in determining age pension entitlements. Laurence Strano says this is the last thing we need as we are already over-governed and over-regulated.

Government gets B for effort on reforms, but will have to lift its game

Cassandra Wilkinson's picture

The Abbott government recently held its Spring Repeal Day where legislation and regulation deemed unnecessary and costly is being cut. Cassandra Wilkinson says despite these efforts large deregulation opportunities remain.

Direct Action Policy and the Renewable Energy Target

Kevin Parton's picture

The Direct Action climate plan has passed the senate with help from Palmer United Party. Professor Kevin Parton urges the federal government to retain Australia's current Renewable Energy Target (RET) in the light of this latest development.