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Bringing health to life

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Medical Research Week takes place from 28 May to 5 June 2015. It celebrates Australia's contribution to health and medical research. This year's ASMR medallist is Dr Ashok Saluja.

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It’s time to change it up

National Reconciliation Week 2015

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is celebrated between 27 May and 3 June. It commemorates the anniversaries of the 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. The theme for NRW 2015 is: It’s time to change it up.

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Light, music and ideas

Vivid Sydney 2015

This year’s Vivid festival will run from 22 May until 8 June 2015 in Sydney. For 18 days the city will be transformed with light, music and ideas.

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Blog of the Day

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The law, ethics and the development of artificial intelligence

posted by David Coleman, May 28, 2015

Serious concerns about artificial intelligence have been voiced lately. David Coleman says there are problems which need to be overcome before AI machines can be ethical and legal actors in society.

In January, an open letter was published asking the scientific community for “expanded research aimed at ensuring that increasingly capable AI systems are robust and beneficial … our AI systems must do what we want them to do.” 

Artificial intelligence researchers at Google, Facebook, Microsoft as well as Bill Gates and Elon Musk all signed the letter. The first person to sign was Stuart Jonathan Russell, a professor at Stanford University well known for his contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.

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Featured Forum

Vision for Australia featured forum

Today we are reaching out to every Australian as we embark on a major initiative to create a narrative and execute a vision for Australia. In 2015, we are developing a robust 'big-picture' vision and a roadmap for Australia's increasingly diverse society over the next decade and longer term.

At Global Access Partners (GAP) we have been running Taskforces and Consultative Committees for 14 years. The GAP alumni comprises of about 5,000 members. 500 of them are active in ongoing projects. We have a strong online community. And now we are bringing it all together to create a synthesis of your views on the future of Australia. For this we want your input – your voice will be heard.

We will collect your ideas and produce a report that will be presented at the GAP Annual Growth Summit in September. Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au with your blog idea and help us actively shape the future of Australia.

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The power of oldness - maintaining employability after the age of 50

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The nature of work in Australia is changing. The type of work available has also changed. But that doesn’t mean you are unemployable once you are over 50. Sue Ellson has 10 tips that could help you secure your future.

Looking back on 2014

Svetlana Stankovic's picture

I would like to thank you, the Open Forum community, for your support and engagement throughout the year. You are instrumental in shaping this website with your blogs, ideas and comments.

Giving new life to old tech at Christmas

Brad Gray's picture

Christmas is around the corner, a time to get together and eat and drink and exchange… stuff. Brad Gray from Planet Ark has some practical tips on how to lessen the environmental impact.

Terrorists do not belong to any religion

Recep Dogan's picture

Muslim scholar Dr Recep Dogan condemns the siege in Martin Place, Sydney, that ended in tragedy. He hopes that Australians of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds will be able to come together and engage in a dialogue of love and mutual understanding.

Why all education matters to us

James Guthrie's picture

Federal ministers, policy makers, CEOs and academics recently gathered to discuss the current state and future of Australian education. James Guthrie summarises what happened at this year’s GAP summit.

How giving actually works

Ian Lowe's picture

In the economics of human interaction, spending doesn’t deplete, but multiplies. Ian Lowe from Go-Givers Australia illustrates with a case study that in life or business, the more you give, the more you have.