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Make every step count

Steptember logoTake 10,000 steps a day for Steptember. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you along the way to help people with cerebral palsy. You can join teams from around the world and get fit for a great cause.

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Join the fight

Blue September logoGet blue this month and raise funds for research into cancer affecting men. Blue September supports Australian Prostate Cancer Research (APCR) and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

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Op till you drop!

National Op Shop Week 2015 logoIt is National Op Shop Week from 23 to 30 August, where you can donate to your local charity and help those in need. The money raised from op shops goes back into the community.

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Blog of the Day

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Mentoring the mentors

posted by Heidi Holmes, Sep 03, 2015

If you want to stay relevant and employable, you need to do more than just keep up. Heidi Holmes says a mentor program can improve workplace cohesiveness and knowledge sharing.

The world is moving faster than it ever has before and the need to keep up is becoming more and more important. Despite what some people might think, no one is bigger than change and if you want to stay relevant and employable… well, you need to do more than just keep up!

Mentoring is an ancient personal development tool that is still widely embraced across many societies and cultures today. While some mentoring relationships develop in an informal and natural way, other relationships are formed in a very structured and managed approach. And this is one of the beautiful things about mentoring – there is no set formula for success.

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Featured Forum

The Future of Jobs

Current trends and disruptions will shape the future of our jobs. Which sectors of the Australian economy will offer growth and employment in the future? What challenges and opportunities do we face as individuals, employers, education providers and policy makers?

In our featured forum on The Future of Jobs we aim to explore a broad range of issues, including the Australian job market in the context of the global economy, disruptive technologies and the changing nature of work, youth unemployment and new career paths for young people, entrepreneurship and self-employment, the rise of freelance jobs and the ‘on-demand economy’, as well as mature-age and female workforce participation.

The featured forum will be leading up to the Global Access Partners Annual Growth Summit in Sydney on the 17th and 18th of September 2015 at NSW Parliament House with speakers and participants featured in this area.

If you would like to contribute a blog to join the debate, please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au.


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The Future of Jobs featured forum

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Bali nine executions: politically and ethically complex

John Kleinig's picture

The Bali nine prisoners Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been transferred from Kerobokan prison to get to the island where they are to be executed by firing squad. Professor John Kleinig discusses the ethical difficulties of this case.

Wellbeing at work

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Health and wellbeing are not the same. Health is determined objectively, by scientific measurements, while wellbeing is purely subjective. Joanne Abbey explores what this means at the workplace.

Do something amazing to help beat blood cancer

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Blood cancer can develop in anyone, at any time. Alys Holz from the Leukaemia Foundation explains how you can change someone's life by giving up your hair for a little while at the World’s Greatest Shave.

The brighter side of the finance industry

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Some would describe the Australian finance industry as an intimidating mixture of products, pitches and broken promises. Aldrich Obach from The Hunger Project however has encountered it as a community welcoming philanthropy and embracing positive social impact.

Mental toughness – What is it? Do you need it? Have you got it?

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In an often challenging and stressful study and work environment, it’s useful to have a level of mental toughness. Clive Leach explains how we can be helped to better manage ourselves and perform at our best.

After the leadership spill a difficult task lies ahead for Tony Abbott

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Prime Minister Tony Abbott narrowly avoided a leadership spill on Monday. Associate professor in political science Dominic O’Sullivan analyses the main political problems the Prime Minister is facing now.