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Get involved with Science Week

National Science Week 2016It is National Science Week from 13 to 21 August 2016, an annual celebration of science and technology in Australia. School children, university students and science enthusiasts of all ages are invited to take part in events happening around the country.

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A new way of thinking about work injuries – report released

Recovery at work strategic roundtableThe health benefits of work, early intervention and how to improve the recovery rates for injured employees were the focus of a recent strategic stakeholder roundtable at NSW Parliament House. The final GAP report has now been released.

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Have a night in, get the word out

White Ribbon Australia logoFriday 29 July 2016 is White Ribbon Night. The event raises funds to help stop violence against women. Communities across Australia are asked to have a night in to get the word out.

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Blog of the Day

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Youth and feminist activism: questions and challenges

posted by Akane Kanai, Jul 28, 2016

Feminism is back, re-embraced in particular by young women, and is increasingly moving into mainstream popular culture. Akane Kanai says this opens some difficult but fascinating questions that contemporary feminist activists must address.

In a recent address to the Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association, Professor Clare Hemmings of the London School of Economics and Political Science noted that only twenty years ago, feminism was held to be anachronistic; irrelevant; extreme; a movement on the margins. Yet now it seems that feminism is back on the public agenda. Sometimes touted as ‘fourth wave’, feminism is being re-embraced and publicly driven by young people, particularly girls and young women.

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Featured Forum

Australian Youth

For the next two months, we will talk with youth workers, researchers, young industry professionals and various youth organisations. Why do we want to talk about youth? Because the topics that concern them affect all of us, young and old.

According to a recent survey, young people identified alcohol and drugs, equity and discrimination, and the economy and financial matters as some of the most important issues in Australia today.

This year, nearly 350,000 young people are not enrolled to vote in Australia. What can we do to get everyone involved in the political process?

Many young people report that they face barriers when it comes to their post-school study/work goals. What factors are affecting the job market and youth employment rates, and what can we do to address the number and quality of job opportunities?

Lots of youngsters also question their confidence when it comes to achieving their ambitions after school. How are current educational programs preparing students for their careers? What changes can we expect to see in education, and how will they affect youth now and in the future?

Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au and share your ideas, your hopes and concerns with our online community.

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Australian Youth Discussion Forum

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Implications of the Internet of Things for the health sector

Michael Gill's picture

It’s predicted that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Michael Gill explains what this means for our health system and health care delivery.

Overcoming disease complacency to improve immunisation rates

Linda Shields's picture

The latest report on child immunisation in Australia has found that in a number of regions rates remain too low to prevent the spread of diseases. Professor of Nursing Linda Shields is calling for greater awareness raising among young parents about the diseases that immunisation prevent.

Grubs, tattoos and slay the dragon

Susan Hughes's picture

How can we change public perception of non-visible disabilities and empower sufferers to self-care? Susan Hughes is Director of not-for-profit organisation Dragon Claw, which provides information, support and self-care navigation for over 450,000 Australians.

Closing the gap: Success in higher education but still more work to be done

Andrew Vann's picture

The yearly Closing the Gap report tracks how the Australian Government addresses Indigenous disadvantage. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of CSU, explains how his university aims to incorporate Indigenous culture and knowledge in its learning.

Babies and children to go back to Nauru

Angela Beresford's picture

Hundreds continue to rally outside a Brisbane hospital against the deportation of an asylum seeker infant known as Asha. She is one of 267 refugees currently in Australia due to be sent back to detention on Naru. Angela Beresford says the Government’s tough stance makes her blood boil.

Australia about to make medical cannabis legal

Sean Hall's picture

The federal government has just introduced legislation to parliament to allow the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis. Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab, which conducts therapeutic cannabis research, says this is a huge step forward for Australia.