Op till you drop!

| August 26, 2015
National Op Shop Week 2015 logo

It is National Op Shop Week from 23 to 30 August, where you can donate to your local charity and help those in need. The money raised from op shops goes back into the community.

Do Something Near You! and the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) invite you to spring clean your wardrobe and donate clothing you no longer need, but which is in good condition, to your local charity op shop.

Charity op shops annually divert some two billion items (over 300,000 tonnes) of clothing from landfill each year through their clothing donation bins and in-store donations. Some 75 per cent is recirculated through charity op shops, donated to those in need, reprocessed into functional textiles or sent to third world countries to provide clothing to many of the poorest people in the world.


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