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  • Have we really given up on progress?

    Mark Beeson     |      July 13, 2018

    Although it joins a growing list of jeremiads about the possible end of Western civilisation as we know it, Edward Luce’s ‘The Retreat of Western Liberalism’ usefully puts the debate in context and argues that Trump is a symptom, not cause, of many of America’s and the world’s problems.

  • Why Tony Abbott is wrong about the Paris climate accord

    Lucy-Jane Watt     |      July 12, 2018

    We have to stand up and commit ourselves to the realities of climate change, and accept the daunting but achievable task of climate mitigation. We have the skills, knowledge, technology and capability. We just need better leadership.

  • It’s time for hidden sugars to be unmasked

    Open Forum     |      July 12, 2018

    Improved added sugar labelling across all packaged foods would help guide Australians to healthier food choices, according to The George Institute for Global Health.

  • How pets help people with personality disorders

    Open Forum     |      July 12, 2018

    People living with borderline personality disorder may enjoy a better quality of life by owning a pet according to new research led by Curtin University.

  • Sexism, women and Australian politics

    Avery Poole     |      July 11, 2018

    The sexist remark thrown at Senator Sarah Hanson-Young underscores the urgent need for more women in Australian parliament.

  • Could mental health apps lead to over-diagnosis?

    Open Forum     |      July 11, 2018

    There are tens of thousands of commercially available mental health apps on the market, many hugely popular. But how do these apps portray mental health and how does this suggest mental health problems should be managed?

  • The widening gap between ethics and international relations

    Mike Scrafton     |      July 11, 2018

    In 1918 prominent American philosopher James H. Tufts asked, ‘Is there, can there be, any ethics of international relations?’ In the turbulent century since, that question has inspired many attempts at an answer and contemporary events press the issue again.

  • Strengthening Pacific partnerships

    Tina Briggs     |      July 10, 2018

    The Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop delivered a comprehensive summary of Australia’s step up in engagement in the Pacific to a large audience in Brisbane on 9 July.

  • We should speak for ourselves in the Asia-Pacific

    Graeme Dobell     |      July 10, 2018

    The Australian government’s rethink on Asia–Pacific journalism must be matched by a revived and renewed ABC focus on international broadcasting in its widest sense.

  • Time for a tax on sugary drinks

    Open Forum     |      July 10, 2018

    It’s time for a tax on sugary drinks, according to Australian experts. Two-thirds of adults and one-quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese, and it’s time the price of sugary drinks more closely reflected the price Australians pay with their health.

  • How species jumping genes have driven evolution

    Open Forum     |      July 10, 2018

    Far from just being the product of our parents, University of Adelaide scientists have shown that widespread transfer of genes between species has radically changed the genomes of today’s mammals, and been an important driver of evolution.

  • Australian cities need to green up their buildings

    Sara Wilkinson     |      July 9, 2018

    Research shows that encouraging greenery on Australia’s city buildings will reduce temperatures as well as create new habitats for wildlife – and human socialising.