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  • Congratulations: Australian International Design Awards 2010

    Brandon Gien     |      June 8, 2010

    The driving force behind the Australian International Design Awards is to cast a spotlight on the role of professional design. Our mandate is to make sure that business, government and consumers understand how important good design is in ensuring the quality of all products Australians rely upon every day.

    It’s often lamented that the manufacturing sector in Australia is in a slow and steady decline; with roughly 90 per cent of products on the Australian market now manufactured in China.

    The good news, however, is that typically those Aussie manufacturers who are surviving are producing smaller volumes of higher quality products. Even more encouraging is that increasingly what matters most is not where a product is manufactured, but where it was designed.

    In this context the Australian International Design Awards is more important than ever.

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    Senator Stephen Conroy Launches SME Cyber Security Blog Hub on Open Forum

    editor     |      June 8, 2010

    This SME Cyber Security Blog Hub is just one of many events and activities taking place right around the country which are part of Cyber Security Awareness Week and I encourage everyone to get involved.

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    Child-sex tourism legislation neglected and abused

    editor     |      June 8, 2010

    Susan Merrell is a Sydney based journalist who has been reporting on the Julian Moti trial. She interviewed Bernadette McMenamin AO, CEO of Childwise and produced this report for Open Forum.

  • Safeguarding Small Businesses from Malware

    Prof Vijay Varadharajan     |      June 6, 2010

    SMEs should be encouraged to update patches regularly and use common sense online, but Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may have a greater role to play too.

    It is clear that malware, malicious software, is attracting world wide attention and any of us who use any form of computing will have been affected by it some time or another. 

    There has been an explosion in the volume of malware as well as new ones. There has been evolution on terms of sophistication of malware, data mining exploitation techniques and new methods of self-protection that are changing the threat landscape. There is an increased availability of sophisticated attacking tools available which require very less technical skills.

    This means that there is an ever greater need to be aware of these threats and to take precautions to protect individual as well as business interests.

  • Cloud Computing: What does it mean for SMEs?

    Matthew Sorell     |      June 6, 2010

    Cloud computing opens up a range of commercial advantages to SMEs, both as consumers and as providers; but it pays to be informed about your rights and obligations under Australian law.

    Cloud computing is the notion that you can put or process your data “in the cloud somewhere”. Where it is and how it got there is not your problem. How reliably it’s stored, whether it can be hacked into, and a whole host of other issues shouldn’t be your problem either; in the ideal cloud environment.

    But back in the real world, reliability, access, security and recoverability are your problem, and that means that you do care where your data is and how it got there. How do you respond?

  • IT security as important as locking up your office

    Sassoon Grigorian     |      June 6, 2010

    Protect yourself from cyber criminals and get the most out of the opportunities online services and cloud computing offer your business.

    It is clear to most that the Internet provides significant benefits for individuals, business and governments. In particular, the Internet has enabled massive improvements in SME productivity from simple time saving tasks resulting from online banking through to the freedom of the smart phone.

  • Practical Privacy: What goes around …

    Malcolm Crompton     |      June 5, 2010

    Two of the last projects I initiated as Privacy Commissioner were:

    •    The first Privacy Impact Assessment Guide; and
    •    Privacy & Boards: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

    The first PIA Guide was finalised and launched in August 2006 by my successor, Karen Curtis.  The launch and its subsequent promulgation and uptake within Government has been a real success story.

  • Does it have to be so complicated?

    James Kelaher     |      June 5, 2010

    National Cyber Security Awareness Week reminds us to update our security software regularly, but when it’s a ridiculously complicated obstacle course it’s not surprising that most of us don’t complete it.

    Safe online behaviour is not just about telling (and re-telling) people about the do’s and don’ts of online behaviour.

    For starters, people don’t always listen and secondly, even when they do, they may not understand how to respond. The internet is only about a decade old and many people have only become users in the last couple of years, a lot of stuff that happens online is still quite foreign and seems unpredictable.

  • Welcome to the SME Cyber Security Blog Hub

    Stephen Conroy     |      June 5, 2010

    There are some simple steps people can take to improve their online security at home and at work.

    Ensuring Australians are aware of the importance of cyber security is a key focus of the Rudd Government, and it’s why we have established National Cyber Security Awareness Week.

  • Health Information Exchange becoming a reality in Canada. When in Australia?

    Malcolm Crompton     |      June 4, 2010

    Done right, an approach based on Health Information Exchange would be vastly CHEAPER AND BETTER if government established a well regulated,  competitive market place for the supply of services instead of building a monopoly that will inevitably fall behind the 8-ball.

    Canada is getting on with the job that matters with eHealth information:  Health Information Exchange (I call it HIX…).  In Australia, are we running the risk of building last century’s equivalent: a large, monolithic Health Information Record (eHR) system?

    Hopefully not.

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    Congratulations: Australian International Design Awards 2010

    editor     |      June 1, 2010

    Executive Director of the Australian International Design Awards reflects on more than a decade of supporting good design and the growing importance of the program. Read his blog..

  • Child-sex tourism legislation neglected and abused

    Susan Merrell     |      May 31, 2010

    The application of Australia’s child-sex tourism legislation seems to be suffering from being either under-policed or exploited.