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  • Focusing on Risk

    patrickcallioni     |      May 11, 2009

    Regulation in fields such as health and policing has evolved thanks to risk management standardisation, so too should financial regulation.

  • Broadband Reform: Getting it right

    madepercy     |      May 11, 2009

    Australia could learn from Canada what a meaningful public consultation on broadband reform looks like.

    The Commonwealth’s decision to build the National Broadband Network (NBN) provides an opportunity to fix the policy failures of the last two decades. Despite liberalising the telecommunications industry in the early 1990s, Australia fell well behind similar nations such as Canada in the deployment and take-up of broadband services by the early 2000s. Many believed that Telstra was responsible for the slow deployment and adoption of broadband, but recent statistics suggest otherwise. On many counts, Australia and Canada are on par for average prices and speeds, but at June last year, Australian households were still 12% behind their Canadian counterparts.

  • Jobs Not Synonymous with Careers

    Raz Chorev     |      May 11, 2009

    I can't promise that you won't have to start from scratch to define your job, but I can promise you it will be worth the effort.

  • Forward with fairness for asylum seeker policy

    Kerry Murphy     |      May 8, 2009

    A shift in the language reflects a more reasoned approach to the issue of asylum seekers.

  • Anti-Discrimination

    Hani Montan     |      May 6, 2009

    Education, and understanding history is essential to combatting racial discrimination  

  • Why the Financial System Matters

    patrickcallioni     |      May 5, 2009

    The economy is like a game of musical chairs, and when the music stops, we don't want crooks and cheats to be the only ones who can find a seat.  

  • Jobless families need work

    Jessica.Brown     |      May 5, 2009

    An economic downturn should be no excuse to lose the ground we have already won in reducing the number of jobless Australian families.

    Despite Australia coming off the back of a remarkable economic boom and enjoying historically low unemployment rates, in late 2008 almost one in eight Australian children lived in a family where no parent worked. Unbelievably, this figure is actually a marked improvement: family joblessness reached its peak in the mid 1990s when more than one in six children lived in jobless households.

  • The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library

    David.Westgate     |      May 4, 2009

    This is one library where you won't be told to ssshhhhh!

    Sometimes you hear about ideas, which whilst so simple are yet so smart that you think to yourself why hasn't someone done this before? The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library is one such idea.

  • Broadband Reform: Be Heard

    sally.rose     |      May 4, 2009

    A major hindrance to the effectiveness of government-run public consultations is that most of us often have no idea just how much we actually care until it's too late.

  • When I grow up I want to be…

    Raz Chorev     |      May 4, 2009

    If you want to always have a job there's only one thing you'll need to learn, and that's how to keep learning.  

  • Dignity of Risk: The right to self-governance for people with mental illness

    Craig.Parsons     |      May 2, 2009

    Dignity of risk is a term used to describe the right of individuals to choose to take some risk in engaging in life experiences. Craig Parsons says it is important that people with mental illnesses are not overprotected.

    The dignity of risk, or the right to failure, is a value first championed by advocates for people with physical disabilities.

    The dignity of risk, or the right to failure, is a value first championed by advocates for people with physical disabilities. It's an important concept for people living with a mental illness and one that mental health service providers should be mindful of.

  • Regulator Should Butt Out on Fibre-Optic Broadband

    Chris Berg     |      May 1, 2009

    It is unfortunate for consumers and businesses that Telstra’s potential $3 billion-plus investment in a large-scale fibre-optic network and the coming T3 sale have coincided.

    The debate over the two have rarely been separated, but at stake are two very separate issues, with very separate stakeholders. Treasury officials are concerned with maximising the price of Telstra’s sale, but consumers and businesses should be concerned about the circumstances in which we allow infrastructure investment in this country.

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