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  • International Students: Cash Cows or Lonely Hearts?

    Sue Ellson     |      October 26, 2009

    Australia is fortunate to have an excellent education system that can prepare Aussie students for an international career anywhere in the world without having to go to boarding school during secondary school or a non-English speaking university or tertiary college. 

    I have been working with newcomers from all backgrounds since 1999.

  • Sydney Peace Foundation to Honour John Pilger

    Uli Kammerer     |      October 26, 2009

    Sydney Peace Prize laureate 2009 John Pilger is internationally known for his uncompromising reporting on human rights abuses and his criticism of dubious governments’ policies. As a journalist he made speaking up against the peddling of Western influence and the oppression of minorities his business. It is most fitting that he be honoured by receiving this distinction.

    Amongst other things, Pilger’s work has dealt with Western engagement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, East Timor, Cambodia and the humiliation of Aboriginal people in Australia.

    "No other filmmaker has consistently exposed the reality of Western governments’ policies”, comments Historian Mark Curtis.

    Pilger acts as a mouthpiece for the powerless to be heard and has helped raise the political consciousness of many.

  • Frank Brennan’s explosive recommendations

    Edward Santow     |      October 23, 2009

    This article was originally published by Inside Story on 15 October 2009

    You might have heard some small explosions coming from Melbourne last week. Mostly, it was the sound of champagne corks popping, as supporters of an Australian Human Rights Act greeted the release of the much-awaited report of the National Human Rights Consultation.

    But not all the noise was in celebration; some of it might well have been the sound of blood vessels bursting among a group of disappointed Human Rights Act opponents.

  • How I Became a Chocolate Merchant

    Peter Fritz     |      October 23, 2009

    I like chocolate. 

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    eHealth News

    editor     |      October 22, 2009

    Should every Australian have their own, portable eHealth record?. That’s the latest question the Department of Health and Ageing are asking on their blog. Visit to be part of their consultation.

  • An Asia Pacific Community: an idea whose time is coming

    Richard Woolcott     |      October 21, 2009

    What is Rudd’s actual proposal, given that although the broad objective is clear, he is still developing his ideas on the detail of the arrangements he would want to pursue?

    What was my role as his Special Envoy, and what were the outcomes of my consultations?

    What are the next steps to advance the idea of an Asia Pacific community?

    This essay addresses these four questions.

  • Australian Libertarians Revealed

    John.Humphreys     |      October 20, 2009

    It seems left-wing economic journalist Ross Gittins has just discovered the word ‘libertarian,’ and the revelation seems to have him spooked. 

  • Australia losing perspective on Asia

    Warren Reed     |      October 19, 2009

    Statements like the following from a former Treasury official hardly inspire confidence in Australia’s capacity to stay on top of the Asia game:

  • A Quiet Love Affair with City Rail

    alison gordon     |      October 17, 2009

    A few weeks ago, after exiting through the turnstiles at Central station, I was stopped by a friendly man handing out new train timetables to customers, foreshadowing another overhaul on October 11.

    Clipboard in hand, he asked me whether I had a few minutes to talk to him about my experience with City Rail. What was my main frustration? What would I like improved or changed? What do I think about ticket prices?

    I stood there for a moment a little lost for words.

  • Australia Finally Heading in the Right Direction on e-Health

    Robin McKenzie     |      October 16, 2009

    I read with great interest the words of National e-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) chief executive Peter Flemming quoted in Australian IT on 13 October which indicated that the original vision of a single e-health record system had been abandoned in favour of "person-controlled" records that could be adopted more quickly.

    The article quotes Flemming, "Five years ago, there was a strong view that there would be an e-health record for all Australians held on a massive database somewhere," he told the Medical Software Industry Association conference in Sydney last week. "That’s no longer the view".

  • Beyond laptops: the real education revolution

    Sheryle Moon     |      October 15, 2009

    It is a time of great upheaval in the economy and consequently, the role our education system plays in preparing young Australians for the changing world of work is under renewed scrutiny. 

  • Tea Laced with Poison

    Susan Merrell     |      October 15, 2009

    Barack Obama’s recent Nobel Peace Prize is testament to his popularity and respect internationally. Yet at home he’s facing strong opposition. Elected to office on a platform of ‘change’, Obama has encountered a considerable backlash implementing those changes.

    The USA is a profoundly Christian and traditionally conservative country. Puritan Christians founded it and it retains many of their values. It was also a pioneering nation where carrying a gun was a necessary part of survival. Add to this that the prosperity of the nation was built on the back of black slavery and we start to better understand the legacy of the past to the value system of the United States of America, with all its paradoxes.

    Taking this into consideration, it’s hardly surprising that there should be a substantial backlash to Obama and his government’s domestic initiatives.