• Pacific

    Mobile money creates opportunities in PNG

    Mark Moran |  November 13, 2018

    PNG is a place of great complexity, with a development landscape littered with failed efforts. The potential for mobile money is often expressed in terms of financial inclusion, but there is also potential to improve development and governance.

  • Society

    Why do people become homeless?

    Julie Moschion |  November 13, 2018

    While the majority of the general public thinks drug addiction is the main reason for homelessness, the reality can be quite different. Drug use can follow homelessness, which in turn is often a product of parental separation.

  • Science and Technology

    Where to next on the final frontier?

    Malcolm Davis |  November 13, 2018

    A critical mass of participants, initiatives and developments are riding a wave of government enthusiasm and private-sector support for Australia’s space industry. It’s a good time to be involved in the sector, but what should its priorities be from here?

Latest Story

  • Being in nature is good for learning, here’s how to get kids off screens and outside

    Tonia Gray     |      November 5, 2018

    Contact with nature can enhance creativity, bolster mood, lower stress, improve mental acuity, well-being and productivity, cultivate social connectedness, and promote physical activity. It also has myriad educational benefits for teaching and learning.

  • Penny Wong on courage and political change

    Shaun Carney     |      November 4, 2018

    The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership aims to recognise political leaders who’ve driven positive change and Labor senator Penny Wong hopes it will help politics reconnect with a disgruntled electorate.

  • Disgusting or delicious? The case for rethinking our food

    Open Forum     |      November 4, 2018

    Somewhere between the rotten shark and the raw bull penis, psychologist Samuel West wants you to think about your food choices – or, more precisely, what you won’t eat and why.

  • Bike helmets should be here to stay

    Open Forum     |      November 4, 2018

    Recent calls by lobbyists for changes to the bicycle helmet law are misguided and threaten the safety of riders according to Professor Narelle Haworth, director of QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety.

  • Money doesn’t talk, it swears

    Max Haiven     |      November 3, 2018

    At a time when spoiled billionaires seem to get anything they want, Banksy’s act of vengeance can appear deeply satisfying, but there is more going on here than a simple loathing of the rich and powerful.

  • Giving driverless vehicles the human touch

    Stephan Winter     |      November 3, 2018

    Can driverless vehicle technology replicate the human rules of engagement between pedestrians and drivers?

  • Older Australians aren’t getting the exercise they need to stay healthy

    Open Forum     |      November 3, 2018

    A national survey by Australia’s national science agency has today revealed how the health of older Australians could suffer if they don’t flex their muscles at least twice a week.

  • A GFC 2.0 would remake the world in dangerous ways

    Mark Triffitt     |      November 2, 2018

    It may be comforting to listen to talk of temporary market corrections as stock prices fall, but the bigger question being asked by many market analysts and commentators isn’t if we are at risk of another Global Financial Crisis, but actually when the next crisis will happen.

  • Facing up to the bear in the Asia-Pacific

    Alexey Muraviev     |      November 2, 2018

    Russia continues to menace its former possessions in Europe and is increasingly looking to increase its influence in the Pacific, in alliance with China and in its own right, a growing threat which Australia must take seriously.

  • Saving the last of the Earth’s wilderness

    Open Forum     |      November 2, 2018

    The world’s last wilderness areas are rapidly disappearing, and explicit international conservation targets critically needed to protect them.

  • Australia should become a leader in strategic space diplomacy

    Annie Handmer     |      November 1, 2018

    Now that we have a dedicated space agency, we have an opportunity to influence international behaviour through strategic space diplomacy by overtly espousing a non-militaristic approach. The key question is whether the Australian Space Agency’s strategic focus should be on science or on commerce.

  • Australia’s changing relationship with alcohol

    Open Forum     |      November 1, 2018

    New research from La Trobe University has revealed that 30 per cent of Australians recently reduced the quantity of their alcohol consumption and a further 29 per cent reduced the frequency of their drinking, while six per cent kicked the habit for good.