• Science and Technology

    Artificial Intelligence – a matter of trust

    Alan Finkel |  May 21, 2018

    What would it take for you to put the same level of trust in ‘artificial intelligence’ as you would extend to a human? The Chief Scientist calls for a ‘Turing Certificate’ to reassure the public in an era of transformative technological change.

  • Culture

    Wanted: a trustworthy keeper of the truth

    Shaun Carney |  May 21, 2018

    In this era of ‘fake news’, social media memes and declining budgets for traditional news sources, is there anyone left to act as a guardian of the truth in the reporting of contentious issues or current events?

  • Health

    Why you should go on a clinical trial

    Grant McArthur |  May 21, 2018

    From 18th Century attempts to cure scurvy to modern-day efforts to beat cancer, clinical trials have long been a critical part of evidence based medical research. New data processes should further increase their scope to improve health provision for us all.

Latest Story

  • Yes, we can…rewrite the Australian constitution

    Klaas Woldring     |      May 13, 2018

    The recent furore over dual citizenship in Parliament raises deeper questions about the relevance of Australia’s archaic constitution to the nation today. Rather than another round of pointless by-elections, a new electoral system is required to refresh and reinvigorate Australia’s toxic politics.

  • Why do people risk their lives for the perfect selfie?

    Michael Weigold     |      May 12, 2018

    Self portraits have always been a powerful form of artistic expression but why do some people feel so compelled to snap the perfect selfie that they’d risk their life, or the lives of others?

  • Defend your democracy

    Brendan Nicholson     |      May 12, 2018

    John Berry, the former American Ambassador to Canberra, urges Australia, the United States and other democracies to stand up to autocratic and increasingly aggressive nations such as Russia and China and protect their institutions against all attempts to undermine them.

  • It’s a small world for migratory birds

    Andrew Peters     |      May 12, 2018

    Saturday, May 12 is World Migratory Bird Day and Dr Andrew Peters offers a unique perspective of their ecological importance based on his years of research in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

  • Rebuilding trust in the future of multilateralism

    David Lipton     |      May 11, 2018

    There has been a serious erosion of public trust in political parties and national governments as well as international trade and investment partners. Economies will achieve better results if people’s confidence in policies, institutions and systems can be restored to better health.

  • Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health care: the case of ‘Universal Medicine’

    John Dwyer     |      May 11, 2018

    Improving health literacy would protect many people from being duped by charlatans but regulatory agencies must also protect the vulnerable and gullible by getting tough with frauds and miscreants.

  • What does the 2018 budget mean for society?

    Kristy Muir     |      May 11, 2018

    While its tax cuts appeal to middle class Australians ahead of a federal election, the new budget has not delivered results for the nation’s most disadvantaged people.

  • It’s time to listen to Australia’s youth

    James Toomey     |      May 10, 2018

    The Mission Australia Youth Survey is Australia’s largest online canvas of young people’s opinions. CEO James Toomey urges young people across Australia to speak up and get involved in the charity’s 17th annual consultation.

  • Developing maritime awareness for the ‘Blue Pacific’

    Christian Bueger     |      May 10, 2018

    Australia and the Pacific island states need a better understanding of activity in the waters that surround them and to work more closely to deal with threats, incursions and crises.

  • The big budget takeaways

    Andrew Trounson     |      May 10, 2018

    Some economists worry that a flatter tax system will heighten inequality in the wake of the 2018 Federal Budget and the challenge of affording an older Australia still remains to be addressed.

  • The high climate cost of our growing wanderlust

    Open Forum     |      May 9, 2018

    As countries grow in prosperity, ever more people are taking the opportunity to travel the world. However, our journeys to the world’s most beautiful places today may threaten their future tomorrow.

  • Good in parts – Science and the Federal Budget

    Open Forum     |      May 9, 2018

    Australian academics and scientists analyse the budget’s impact on research, health, infrastructure, education and the environment.