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  • Australia–China relations: who’s in the dark?

    Ron Huisken     |      September 13, 2018

    Australia is wrestling with its relationship with the Chinese regime, looking to reap economic rewards while remaining wary of China’s expansionist ambitions and opposed to its ruthless oppression of its population.

  • Tackling the strategic neglect of our Pacific island neighbours

    Eva Willmann de Donlea     |      September 13, 2018

    Building better partnerships with our Pacific neighbours will require all parties to move beyond rhetoric and initiate a process of ‘deep listening’ to the leaders, the communities, and the Indigenous elders of the region.

  • CSIRO releases ‘Future of Health’ report

    Open Forum     |      September 12, 2018

    A new report on the future of health care in Australia looks to shift the health system’s focus from the treatment of illness towards better health and wellbeing management.

  • The terror in a label

    Mike Scrafton     |      September 12, 2018

    While the west continues to tackle terrorism abroad and within its own borders, authoritarian and dictatorial regimes are also terming their opponents ‘terrorists’ to justify their own acts of persecution, ethnic cleansing and state-sponsored violence.

  • The roundabout risk for elderly drivers

    Open Forum     |      September 12, 2018

    Newly published research shows why so many older drivers crash at roundabouts and what can be done to improve safety.

  • ACU leads the fight against sugary drinks

    Open Forum     |      September 12, 2018

    The Australian Catholic University has become the first Australian university to remove sugary drinks from all its vending machines and hopes the move will encourage other universities, schools and workplaces to follow suit.

  • Deepening Australia-Pacific connections

    Benjamin Blackshaw     |      September 11, 2018

    Over a stunning view of Sydney Harbour, the International Centre for Democratic Partnerships held a reception at EY on 27th August to celebrate its first anniversary and participants’ achievements in implementing the Australian Government’s Pacific Connect program.

  • Choosing the right school for your child

    Nicky Dulfer     |      September 11, 2018

    Choosing the right school for your children can be a daunting prospect for any family, but keeping a few simple tips in mind can help make the right decision for everyone.

  • Are we being played in the Pacific?

    Fergus Hanson     |      September 11, 2018

    If you were trying to design a low-cost strategy to constrict the operational horizon of an important US ally in the region, China’s ploys in the Pacific wouldn’t be a bad model to examine.

  • The love songs of the endangered Grasswren

    Open Forum     |      September 11, 2018

    A new study into the Thick-billed Grasswren, a songbird found in parts of outback South Australia and NSW, reveals differences in song made by males from different populations determine their success with attracting females, and are linked with their ability to defend or gain a territory.

  • Assessing the value of public spending through social return accounting

    Open Forum     |      September 10, 2018

    What is the value of a hospital? A longer school day? A faster internet? Social Return Accounting – a cutting-edge new method for calculating the costs and, crucially, the shared benefits of government spending – can put a dollar figure on it.

  • The National Emergency Access Target keeps hospitals moving

    Open Forum     |      September 10, 2018

    A UNSW-led study has confirmed for the first time that the implementation of the four-hour National Emergency Access Target has helped reduce chronic overcrowding in hospital emergency departments.