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  • Insurance companies, advanced technology and you

    David Tuffley     |      January 11, 2019

    Companies of all kinds are embracing technology to reduce costs and increase profits, and the insurance industry is no exception. China’s surveillance state gives a glimpse of one dystopian future using AI and exploiting the technology to maximise private profit is another. 

  • 4 ways to wreck your own job interview

    Janina Steinmetz     |      January 11, 2019

    Sidestepping some common traps when trying to make a good impression can help interviewers see you as a more competent, motivated, and likeable potential employee.

  • Have you seen a sawfish?

    Niall Byrne     |      January 11, 2019

    People around Australia are being urged to recount their encounters with sawfish to chart the decline of the magnificent but threatened species around Australia.

  • Let’s map our DNA and save billions in health costs

    Open Forum     |      January 10, 2019

    A UniSA scientist has called for Australia to embrace pharmacogenetic testing to deliver medication more effectively and slash the $2.4 billion wasted each year through unsafe and ineffective drug prescriptions.

  • The perpetual denial of Canberra’s policy trials

    John Hewson     |      January 10, 2019

    The most concerning aspect of Australia’s economic debate at present, with a Federal election promised for May 2019, is the rapidly widening gap between political narratives and the lived experience of voters.

  • What’s really eating Apple

    Arturo Bris     |      January 10, 2019

    Apple’s dizzying rise to become the world’s most valuable company has stalled recently, with disappointing results in China and lower take up of its new iPhones. Tim Cook’s leadership is being questioned as a result, but Steve Jobs wouldn’t be doing any better.

  • An open letter to the Prime Minister

    Jamie-Lee Dwyer     |      January 9, 2019

    The greatest obstacle faced by disabled people every day is not their physical limitations but other people’s ignorance. Organisations such as Youngcare help people live their lives to their full and need greater public support.

  • Will China’s moon landing start a new space race?

    Wendy Whitman Cobb     |      January 9, 2019

    China’s rise is posing a challenge in space as well as planet Earth for the USA and its allies. However just as competition with the USSR advanced technology in the 1960s, a new space race should generate opportunities as well as threats.

  • Rethinking the death penalty

    Steve Johns     |      January 9, 2019

    Fifty years after the last execution in Australia, is it time to revisit the arguments about capital punishment and consider its reintroduction for the most extreme offences?

  • Mid-life crisis – Fact or fiction?

    Nick Haslam     |      January 7, 2019

    Studies show the great majority of people believe in the reality of the so-called “midlife crisis” and almost half of adults over 50 claim to have had one. But is it actually real?

  • 5 life lessons from our immune systems

    Joanna Groom     |      January 7, 2019

    Our immune systems protect us from innumerable threats from the outside world, and adopting some of its traits could also help us in our lives and workplaces.

  • The new frontier of climate action

    Paul Rogers     |      January 7, 2019

    Compared to the sheer scale of the problem of climate disruption, the prospects of systemic change look remote but integrating individual activity can offer hope for real change.