• Pacific

    Mobile money creates opportunities in PNG

    Mark Moran |  November 13, 2018

    PNG is a place of great complexity, with a development landscape littered with failed efforts. The potential for mobile money is often expressed in terms of financial inclusion, but there is also potential to improve development and governance.

  • Society

    Why do people become homeless?

    Julie Moschion |  November 13, 2018

    While the majority of the general public thinks drug addiction is the main reason for homelessness, the reality can be quite different. Drug use can follow homelessness, which in turn is often a product of parental separation.

  • Science and Technology

    Where to next on the final frontier?

    Malcolm Davis |  November 13, 2018

    A critical mass of participants, initiatives and developments are riding a wave of government enthusiasm and private-sector support for Australia’s space industry. It’s a good time to be involved in the sector, but what should its priorities be from here?

Latest Story

  • How research in the West boosts China’s military

    Alex Joske     |      November 1, 2018

    Helping the Chinese military bring its scientific talent and knowledge up to world-class standards is not in Australia’s interests and the problem demands a response from the government and universities.

  • Why has Halloween caught on with young adults?

    Linus Owens     |      October 31, 2018

    Young adults’ embrace of Halloween could have something to do with the fact that adulthood itself has changed. Traditional markers of adulthood have become less clear and less attainable and young people are defining their identities in new ways.

  • We can do better than win at all costs

    Jack Anderson     |      October 31, 2018

    The ‘withering’ findings in the review of Cricket Australia’s culture and governance in the wake of the Test team’s ball tampering scandal have implications for all Australian sports.

  • Shorten proposes investment bank to help Pacific nations’ development

    Michelle Grattan     |      October 31, 2018

    Bill Shorten has hinted that Labor would set up a government-backed infrastructure investment bank to promote concessional financing for nation-building projects in the Pacific.

  • Global trade digitisation – An opportunity for Australia

    Open Forum     |      October 30, 2018

    Michael Lim, Head of Trade and Supply Chain at ANZ, outlined the opportunities for digitising regional trade documents at GAP’s Economic Summit in Sydney.

  • Australians’ diet choices are affecting their health

    Open Forum     |      October 30, 2018

    As we age, our food and nutrient requirements change. However, according to a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, one thing remains consistent across all ages: the quality of our diet is poor.

  • Flexible barriers can save lives on our country roads

    David Logan     |      October 30, 2018

    Roadside safety barriers are the best solution currently available if we want to continue to move around regional areas at the speeds we have been used to.

  • Tainted herbal medicines can reap a heavy toll

    Crispin Savage     |      October 29, 2018

    Far from being ‘natural’ or ‘pure’, herbal medicines can contain a host of hidden and untested substances which can cause harm and even death, particularly to unsuspecting ‘medical tourists’ visiting Asia.

  • Mapping out policy priorities for states and territories 

    Open Forum     |      October 29, 2018

    State and territory governments can always do more to improve the lives of Australians but a new Grattan Institute State Scorecard shows how outcomes vary between states across a broad range of areas.

  • Australian experts call for more climate action

    Open Forum     |      October 29, 2018

    Twenty two eminent Australian scholars and health experts have signed a letter demanding the Federal Government phase out coal by 2050 following its rejection of a United Nations (UN) report warning that world has 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe.

  • Attracting and retaining Australia’s rural health workforce

    Catherine Cosgrave     |      October 28, 2018

    The retention of health professionals in country areas needs to become a policy focus and rural health services need to be supported to work with local communities on strategies that support health workers to stay in rural areas at different ages and life stages.

  • The limits of Australia’s defence diplomacy

    Daniel Baldino     |      October 28, 2018

    Defence diplomacy has many important benefits, not least in helping other countries facing large-scale disasters. These endeavours enhance security and indirectly generate confidence, resilience and goodwill but expectations of their impacts need to remain modest and fixed on short- to medium-term security goals.