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  • Big tobacco’s big campaign against plain packaging

    Tania Voon     |      September 6, 2018

    Australia was the first country in the world to mandate plain tobacco packaging and, despite ongoing litigation, the tobacco industry’s fears that saving lives will cost them money are being realised as other nations follow suit.

  • Diverging regional priorities at the Pacific Islands Forum

    Jenny Hayward-Jones     |      September 5, 2018

    Pacific Island leaders are likely to assert their interests at the expense of Australia’s at this week’s Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru.

  • 3 new ‘superbugs’ invade Australian hospitals

    Open Forum     |      September 5, 2018

    Three new strains of superbug resistant to most antibiotics have been found in Australian hospitals, and are spreading quickly. Modern hospital practices, including the use of antibiotic impregnated medical devices such as catheters, may have driven the evolution of this once benign bacteria towards potentially incurable infections.

  • Introducing land rent, the ACT’s excellent idea for making houses cheaper

    Cameron Murray     |      September 5, 2018

    What if there was a way, right now, to offer a form of secure long-term home ownership to renters while saving them about half their housing costs?

  • Cooling Darwin to save lives

    Diane Nazaroff     |      September 4, 2018

    Urban overheating threatens the lives of people in Darwin, but researchers from UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment have calculated how many lives could be saved by changing the city.

  • Political leadership cannot be disentangled from collective psychology

    Andrew Frain     |      September 4, 2018

    Much has been made of individual motives for revenge in recent political turmoil, but collective psychology underlines that people behave as members of a collective as well as individuals.

  • A helping hand for freshwater fish

    Open Forum     |      September 4, 2018

    A research team from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub has made a discovery that could help boost the dwindling numbers of  many Australian freshwater fish species.

  • The ‘Braveheart effect’ – and how companies manipulate our desire for freedom

    Simon McCarthy-Jones     |      September 3, 2018

    Being mindful of the Braveheart effect can help us to be active decision makers guided by reason, rather than passive victims of evolution or corporations, no matter how they try to ‘nudge’ us towards buying their wares.

  • The strength of soft power

    Graeme Dobell     |      September 3, 2018

    Soft power is a slow-growing asset, as much the product of a society as the possession of a government. But, as a twittering US president shows, destroying trust and burning a nation’s soft power can be done with awful speed.

  • The robot reef protector

    Open Forum     |      September 3, 2018

    An underwater drone that can keep watch on reef health and accurately identify and even attack the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish is ready to be put to the test on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Can Usain Bolt really make it as a footballer?

    Edward Hope     |      September 2, 2018

    What do retired Olympic sprinters do: coach, commentate, agency work, celebrity TV appearances, or just rest on their laurels? Bolt had different ideas, openly expressing his desire to play professional soccer. An Australian club offered him an opportunity – but can he take it?

  • The implications of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative can’t be ignored

    James Bowen     |      September 2, 2018

    Now five years into its existence, China’s Belt and Road Initiative appears to be attracting both new supporters and opponents on a daily basis.