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    The role of the workplace in achieving work/life balance

    alison gordon     |      June 14, 2007

    The term “work/life balance”, and the struggle for most to attain it, is rapidly gaining awareness in the workplace.

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    Changing the Concept of Productivity

    alison gordon     |      June 13, 2007

    Which sounds like a more successful business to you – one that understands that offering flexible working practices is vital to attracting and retaining employees, or one that views the number of hours an employee sits at their desk (regardless of what they are actually doing) as a key performance indicator?

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    Why should we value intangible assets?

    tamaraplakalo     |      June 12, 2007

    At its most obvious, when unmeasured, intangible assets amount to unmanaged risk.

    The debate on the perceived need to measure

    the value of organisational intangible assets

    has been around for over 30 years. But the complexity of the issue has consistently obscured the benefit of numerous attempts to bring accounting and valuation practices up to date with the realities of the post-industrial economy. In the balance-sheet approach to the world, intangible assets – be they human resources, processes, brands, intellectual capital, customer goodwill or the value of IT-underpinned productivity, are somehow considered to be divorced from the cash-flow. They are therefore deemed irrelevant in determining a company’s current or future value.