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    The price of technology – manners anyone?

    alison gordon     |      October 4, 2007

     Aside from convenience and accessibility, new technologies have brought us the lack of us private space and a need for technology etiquette …

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    When transition pirates become ‘great achievers’

    tamaraplakalo     |      October 1, 2007

    Should the transition nouveau riche , who acquired their wealth almost overnight in the murky waters of marketisation, be unconditionally admitted to the ranks of great achievers?  

    Only five people on Forbes's list of the world's richest individuals beat Oleg Deripaska, the 39 year old Russian oligarch, who recently raided his US$30 billion kitty to acquire a 5 per cent stake in General Motors. That despite the fact that he can't enter the United States due to the suspicious origin of his wealth.

    For the record and just in case you wondered, Roman Abramovich, best known to Western audiences as the owner of the English Premier League football club Chelsea, is no longer the richest Eastern European. His ‘paltry' US$22 billion, the lack of love from the Putin regime, and a US$300 million divorce, have cost him the not-so-coveted position at the top of the Wprost list of the 100 richest Eastern Europeans (50 of whom are billionaires). Most of them have been accused of getting rich by privatising the national resources of their respective countries of origin. All of them are on the Forbes global billionaires list.

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    Furnishing innovation

    proberts     |      September 25, 2007

    Australian furniture design, more Moonee Ponds than Milan, could benefit from a little innovation …

    Like most men I rarely find much to look at in shopping brochures. But glancing through a Harvey Norman catalogue on the weekend brought me face to face with something new. Australian furniture designers appear to be discovering the power of design.

    Gerry Harvey does us all a great service by choosing to showcase Australian made furniture in his stores – he knows bulky fashion items like sofas can be made competitively here and there are no months-long supply chains to worry about.

    But until recently while competently designed, the Aussie product was more derivative than innovative or inspiring. This is a product of history – furniture makers in the past would visit Italy for furniture shows and then intepret what they saw.