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    Facing Up to Reality

    alison gordon     |      July 26, 2007

    The Girl Guides changing approach to young women from potential housewives and good deed doers to savvy, independent individuals.

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    The Demise of Accountability

    alison gordon     |      July 18, 2007

    Is the problem that nobody has made athletes painfully aware that like every other individual in society they are (or should be) completely accountable for their actions?

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    When does a key become an identifier?

    StephenWilson     |      July 10, 2007

    Should we re-visit the intuition that identities can be federated?  Do we really know what it means to "add up" a bank card and a Medicare card?  Do we have the mathematics to do such a thing with rigor, asks Stephen Wilson.

    I wonder …

    Is a passport an "identifier"?
    Is a drivers licence an identifier?
    Is a credit card an identifier?
    Is a professional membership card an identifier?
    Is a building access card an identifier?
    Is a house key an identifier?
    Is a car key an identifier?

    Or putting the questions another way …