• Untangling the politics of children and food

    Jane Martin     |      January 21, 2019

    Parents face an uphill battle against the food industry’s tactics to sell unhealthy food to their children, but if we’re going to build a healthier world for the next generation, we need to do this through education, not guilt.

  • How to feed a growing population healthy food without ruining the planet

    Mario Herrero     |      January 18, 2019

    If we’re serious about feeding the world’s growing population healthy food, and not ruining the planet, we need to get used to a new style of eating.

  • Organic, free-range, fairtrade or vegan: sifting fact from fiction

    Michal Carrington     |      December 26, 2018

    Making it easier for consumers to assess the ethical credentials of products – through in-store information, accredited labeling systems or apps – would help people make more informed choices about the food they buy.

  • Are genes, joules or gut bugs to blame for weight gain?

    Andrew Brown     |      September 24, 2018

    Some people look to blame their genes or their guts for putting on weight, rather than eating too much, so what does science say about which one of these influences holds the master key to body weight?

  • Healthy eating can spare your wallet as well as your waistline

    Charlie Middleton     |      September 17, 2018

    While people often use the supposed cost of healthy eating as an excuse to maintain their bad diet, ditching junk food can actually save you money as well as benefit your health and waistline.

  • Don’t ditch the bread: Moderate carbohydrate intake is good for health

    Open Forum     |      August 18, 2018

    Eating carbohydrates in moderation seems to be optimal for health and longevity, according to new research published in The Lancet Public Health. The observational study of more than 15,400 people from the USA found that moderate consumers of carbohydrates had the lowest risk of mortality.

  • Obesity needs smarter solutions than ‘sin taxes’

    Brendan Markey-Towler     |      August 14, 2018

    Obesity is a consequence of our actions, rather than a rational choice, but there is scope for governments to get involved and improve our options through a range of ‘smart’ solutions beyond higher taxes on junk food.

  • Order in or grow your own? Finding food beyond the supermarket

    Shayen de Silva     |      July 26, 2018

    Modern pressures and food trends have not only changed what we’re eating, but also how we’re choosing to get our food.

  • Five things parents can do to improve their children’s eating patterns

    Clare Collins     |      June 9, 2018

    Early eating patterns continue into adolescence and then through to adulthood. Setting a strong and positive parental example can help your children maintain a healthy diet throughout their life.

  • New vitamin supplement study finds they may do more harm than good

    Clare Collins     |      May 31, 2018

    Most people in Western countries don’t have an optimal diet however a new review suggests that taking supplements as an “insurance policy” against poor dietary habits is ineffective. Indeed, complications or health problems due to nutrient intakes are virtually always due to taking too many supplements, rather than not eating proper food.

  • Functional food

    Chris Blanchard     |      February 8, 2018

    The saying ‘You are what you eat’ is at the core of the research by the Director of the Functional Grains Centre and Charles Sturt University Professor of Food Science, Chris Blanchard. He writes about innovative research to improve the health properties of the grains we eat.