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Domestic policies

Welcome to the GAP Summit on Spaces of Australia Innovation

Catherine Fritz-Kalish's picture

Global Access Partners (GAP) is holding its 7th Annual Growth Summit in NSW Parliament House to discuss Spaces of Australian Innovation. Catherine Fritz-Kalish, Co-founder and Managing Director of GAP, delivered the introduction.​

ANU $8 million battery storage and integration program

Professor Ken Baldwin's picture

As the proportion of renewables in the grid grows, battery storage and its integration are becoming increasingly important. Professor Ken Baldwin is the Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute, which will appoint an internationally recognised research leader to improve ways to store renewable energy.​

Posing the unthinkable: Resettling refugees in Australia

Binoy Kampmark's picture

In a recent ABC ‘Lateline’ program, Paris Aristotle of the Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture said he had never anticipated that offshore processing facilities would become long-term warehouses for refugees without genuine resettlement options. Binoy Kampmark says his perspectives have shown a distinct lack of imagination.

Technology and transformation

Digital Disruption for Government 2016The second Annual Digital Disruption for Government 2016 takes place in Sydney 27-28 September with a pre-conference workshop on 26 September.

Globalisation and the curse of guilt by association

Ian McAuley's picture

There’s a growing public rejection of globalisation and economic openness, and we ignore it at our peril, says Ian McAuley.

Dirt, poetry and a system’s response to shape our nation in our image

Kate Sinclair's picture

The footage obtained by investigative current affairs television program Four Corners showing the abuse of children inside Northern Territory youth detention centres left the nation reeling a few weeks ago. Kate Sinclair wonders if by acts of omission we as ordinary citizens may have contributed to what was revealed.

Australia’s innovation future and how to harness it

Charles Nightingale's picture

How can we harness innovation at every level and carve out a competitive position globally? Charles Nightingale from the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce explains how we can learn from Israel’s example and build a strong innovative culture here in Australia.

A whole of government approach to digital transformation

Jon Cumming's picture

How can the opportunities of digital be harnessed effectively to drive innovation and productivity in the coming years?  According to Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer at the ACT Government, the answer is a whole of government approach underpinned by a transformation of culture.

What we really need from innovation in Australia

Ron Johnston's picture

We live in a society dependent on innovation, in which hardly anyone knows anything about innovation. Ron Johnston, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation (ACIIC), says while it can mean many different things to different people, innovation is only ever a means to an end.


Our climate and energy dilemma: The case for emergency action

Ian Dunlop's picture

To avoid catastrophic outcomes for our climate, we must take action now to halt new fossil-fuel investment. Ian Dunlop says for a sustainable future we have no choice but to make the transition to low-carbon technologies work.