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Domestic policies

Lady budgets: An explainer

Kate Galloway's picture

Tony Abbott keeps finding himself the subject of attention of the wrong kind. Kate Galloway explains how the Prime Minister caused embarrassment when talking about his biggest achievement as Minister for Women.

Our City Leaders’ 7 biggest challenges when cutting traffic congestion

Rachel Smith's picture

If we really want to ease traffic congestion in our cities, we need to make sure we all have all the information we need to make a change. Rachel Smith has asked our City Leaders about the biggest challenges ahead.

Who would the Reef vote for, if the Reef could vote?

Kate Galloway's picture

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef is an important issue in the upcoming Queensland elections. Kate Galloway suggests elevating the Reef’s status to that of a legal rights holder to ensure its ecological sustainability as government and public authorities are failing to do so.

Political achievements and challenges

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Last year, the Abbott Government struggled with the transition from campaigning on shallow slogans to convincing the electorate of the good of its policy agenda. Dominic O’Sullivan sets the political scene for the 20 months that remain until the 2016 election.

Education is our human right!

Polly Chester's picture

On the same day that a university graduation ceremony took place in Australia, far away in Pakistan a school was stormed and 142 people executed. Polly Chester says education is a human right that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Why all education matters to us

James Guthrie's picture

Federal ministers, policy makers, CEOs and academics recently gathered to discuss the current state and future of Australian education. James Guthrie summarises what happened at this year’s GAP summit.

Everyone can benefit from paid parental leave changes

Samantha Page's picture

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has decided to redirect funds from his controversial paid parental leave scheme into early childhood education. Samantha Page, CEO of Early Childhood Australia, welcomes the policy change.

It’s the people’s turn to judge NDIS trials

Craig Wallace's picture

The 3rd December is International Day of People with Disability. Craig Wallace explains how an ambitious grassroots examination puts the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) back in touch with those paying the premium and ordinary people with disabilities.

What the G20 didn’t mention!

Barney Foran's picture

The G20 in Brisbane ended on Sunday with ‘Global Value Chains’ (GVCs) hailed as the silver bullet. Barney Foran has some words of caution for Team Australia.

New ideas to solve homelessness

Teresa Kiernan's picture

The State Government recently faced opposition in New South Wales to its proposed homelessness reform. Teresa Kiernan says we need innovative thinking to tackle this pressing issue.