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Domestic policies

Exploring other solutions to tackle climate change

Laurence Strano's picture

Governments on state and federal level have the opportunity and obligation to act on climate change. Laurence Strano identifies a couple of areas where we could tackle the issue more decisively.

A Vision for Australia – Part 3

Peter Fritz's picture

Global Access Partners (GAP) is developing a ‘big picture’ vision and roadmap for Australia. The Chairman of GAP, Peter Fritz, concludes his series of blogs by sharing the most important part of achieving progress.

Sustainable funding for higher education

Andrew Vann's picture

The Turnbull government has decided to shelve the controversial university deregulation plans for this term. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of Charles Sturt University, says we need to invest in higher education to allow our nation to flourish and prosper.

The future of jobs? Re-framing risk to opportunity

Melis Senova's picture

Following our dreams as a nation is going to take courage, vulnerability, creativity and belief. Founder and director of Huddle, Melis Senova, feels hopeful after attending the GAP jobs summit.

A Vision for Australia – Part 1

Peter Fritz's picture

Global Access Partners (GAP) is developing a ‘big picture’ vision and roadmap for Australia. In this first of three blogs Peter Fritz, Chairman of GAP, stresses the importance of incentives and innovation.

No efficiency in the Australian health system

Neil Batt's picture

A third of treatments listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule is potentially wasteful or outdated. Neil Batt says we need to provide fairness in our health system and empower the consumer.

The new Cabinet - repositioning the Government

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Will Malcolm Turnbull succeed as Prime Minister where Abbott, Rudd and Gillard ultimately failed? Dominic O’Sullivan comments on the new Cabinet, the Canning by-election and the Labor party’s future.

Introducing the GAP Jobs Summit

Catherine Fritz-Kalish's picture

Global Access Partners (GAP) holds its 6th Annual Growth Summit in NSW Parliament House to discuss the future of jobs. Catherine Fritz-Kalish, Co-founder and Managing Director of GAP, delivered the introduction.

How can we sustain productivity growth into the future?

Kathryn Matthews's picture

Digital disruption is changing the face of Australian economy, while bureaucracy and red tape restrict the public and private sector. Ahead of the GAP Jobs Summit, Kathryn Matthews, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, explains what needs to be done to boost productivity into the future.

The fall of Tony Abbott

Binoy Kampmark's picture

Malcolm Turnbull has been elected as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister after a leadership spill against Tony Abbott on Monday afternoon. Binoy Kampmark has the details.