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Domestic policies

Overcoming a culture of low expectations

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When no-one expects you to succeed it can be hard to prove them wrong. Jessica Brown believes that disadvantaged Australians suffer from a lack of expectations which has an effect on their aspirations.

Be part of the youth homelessness solution

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Youth homelessness does not just mean someone sleeping rough on the streets. Today, on Youth Homelessness Matters Day, Narelle Clay urges Australians to consider how they can help young people in their community.

Digital literacy training before NBN is complete

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English may be the first language of most Australians, but levels of digital literacy vary creating a divide. Sue Ellson says that before the NBN is fully rolled out, digital literacy training needs to be completed by individuals and business owners.

No logic to current drug laws

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This week Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr declared he supports decriminalising low-level drug use to allow police more opportunity to redirect their resources. Chris Berg looks at the political origins of drug laws.

Is more less? Commonwealth financial discussion paper

ThumbnailA discussion paper proposing an overhaul of the Commonwealth financial framework has been launched by the Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Penny Wong. The Commonwealth Financial Accountability Review (CFAR) discussion paper covers a range of proposals to improve performance and delivery of government policies and programs. It is designed to encourage broad debate and discussion, and is the public’s opportunity to address the needs of modern government, improving governance practices, risk management, accountability, and compliance. 

Homelessness requires focus and commitment

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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare figures show that almost 60% of people seeking shelter at specialist support services were turned away last year. Nicole Lawder says finding solutions for Australia's homeless requires government and community focus.

Alternative actions needed to stop live animal exports

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The plight of live animals exported to Indonesia was highlighted last year with a media expose triggered by cruelty in local abattoirs. As the Federal Government discusses new policies, Jodie Jankevics calls for a complete stop to the practice.

Making history with marriage equality campaign

Rodney Croome's picture

One week ago Prime Minister Julia Gillard was declaring herself a conservative on the issue of marriage rights for same-sex couples. But, last weekend her Labor Party made history by adopting a policy in favour of marriage equality. Gay activist Rodney Croome charts the success of the campaign for change.

Australia – you’re living in it, that makes it your responsibility

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By any measure Australia as a nation has made real progress across the board – from economics to social reforms. Fergus Neilson looks at where we are lagging and what we can do to make sure our concerns fall on receptive ears, capable and willing to take action.

What are we fighting for?

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Following the release of a stakeholder report on Tertiary Music Education in Australia earlier this week, Dean of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Prof Kim Walker, reflects on the current state of professional music education in the country.