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Domestic policies

What are the public benefits from current sports funding?

John Wilson's picture

It's not always easy to measure a return on investment, and when it comes to public money being spent on sport the resulting benefits can be very hard to quantify. John Wilson looks at what the community gains when governments invest in sport.

Australia plays on the world stage at the Olympics

Daryl Adair's picture

Will the London Olympics result in national pride or national shame for sports-loving Australians? Ahead of the Olympics Daryl Adair looks at the level of anxiety already surrounding our medal chances.

Why childcare matters to us all

Jen Dalitz's picture

With the cost of childcare up 11 per cent in the past year the Government moved to address the issue last month at a roundtable meeting with childcare providers and unions. Jen Dalitz says that childcare is an important issue for all Australians.

Coalition victory not inevitable

Ian McAuley's picture

If you are to believe media reports and political polls it's seemingly inevitable that we will have a change of government at the next federal election. But Ian McAuley doesn’t accept  it’s the forgone conclusion many are predicting.

Educate for the sake of the future

Ulrike Schuermann's picture

Ulrike Schuermann looks to the future and asks what do Australian children need and what can the public and the government do to help protect them and make their lives more secure?

Can republicans learn from the Queen?

David Morris's picture

Public support for an Australian Republic has been falling over the past few years as interest in the Royal Family rises. David Morris says any potential new head of state could learn a lot from the Queen but should be there to represent Australia first and foremost.

Bad regulation clogging the economic arteries of Australia

Kelly O'Dwyer MP's picture

The complexity of regulation and the costs of complying with it are often cited as impediments to business in Australia. Kelly O'Dwyer believes that, like bad health, bad regulation brings us all down.

Emphasis on biosecurity

The changing global environment means there is a need for a greater emphasis on biosecurity. The Australian Government is developing new legislation to replace the century-old Quarantine Act 1908. The new legislation is designed to manage the risks of animal and plant pests and diseases entering, establishing and spreading in Australia. Have your say on new biosecurity legislation by Friday 10 August 2012.

Does it matter if our parents are gay or straight?

Simon Crouch's picture

On ABC TV’s Q&A this week Senator Penny Wong was asked to justify her same-sex family. Dr Simon Crouch looks into that issue with a world-first study into the overall health and wellbeing of children of same-sex attracted parents.

Building Framework input needed

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency is asking for comments on the draft National Building Energy Standard-Setting, Assessment and Rating Framework. The consultation will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to review specific policy proposals in the Draft Framework and comment on ways to provide direction on future energy efficiency standards.