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Domestic policies

Raising the pension age will hit most vulnerable

Robin Harvey's picture

The federal government is considering to raise the retirement age incrementally. Robin Harvey, Charles Sturt University lecturer in Gerontology, believes any move to increase the pension age would hit the most vulnerable older Australians hardest.

Boost adoption rate through national target

Jeremy Sammut's picture

Tony Abbott has ordered a committee to report on adoption in Australia in May. Jeremy Sammut urges the government to take action and boost the number of local adoptions from care.

WA Senate re-elections – what does it mean for voters?

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

The Senate re-election in Western Australia has come and gone almost unnoticed by a seemingly disengaged public. Dominic O’Sullivan argues that to enhance the democratic credentials of our system we need to make sure that the act of voting is sufficiently clear for a vote to mean what the voter intends it to mean.

Inquiries and witch hunts

Sheenal Singh's picture

Tony Abbott has announced a Royal Commission into union corruption. Sheenal Singh says it’s not the first time the far-reaching powers of a Royal Commission have touched the union movement.

To fix the Federation we must harness the digital revolution

James Horne's picture

There are longstanding structural conflicts between the federal and state governments. James Horne, visiting Fellow in public policy/water at Australian National University, argues that we need to fundamentally rethink the allocation of roles and responsibilities.

Time to scrap the charity commission

Helen Rittelmeyer's picture

There have been calls to slash the charity regulator, the ACNC. Helen Rittelmeyer, Policy Analyst at CIS, urges the government to stay firm in abolishing the charity commission and reduce red tape in the not for profit sector.

The future of unions in Australia

Ian McAuley's picture

Paul Howes, head of the Australian Workers Union, has called for a ‘grand compact’ to reduce conflict between business, unions and government. Ian McAuley says we still need unions, but they and other social and political institutions in our country need reconfiguring.

How not to make a bed – synthetic drugs in Australia

David Caldicott's picture

Sophisticated synthetic drugs are flooding the Australian market, and for every drug banned there are five others lurking in the wings. Emergency consultant and illicit drug expert Dr. David Caldicott says a temporary ban on these products is just a starting point to buy us some time.

The political outlook for 2014

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

The Government and the Opposition are preparing for the year ahead. Dominic O’Sullivan predicts that the budget is going to be a major talking point in 2014.

Integrity and Transparency of the Ballot crucial in WA Senate Elections

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

The Australian Electoral Commission was forced to apologise after they lost ballot papers in the West Australian Senate recount. Associate professor in political science Dominic O’Sullivan considers the prospects of new elections.