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Domestic policies

New government discussion paper outlines options for NSW strata

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It is estimated that more than half of Sydney-siders will live in strata developments by 2030. Launching the NSW strata discussion paper, Anthony Roberts says that statistic makes it essential that the State has an effective strata framework.

Educate against online racism

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When Facebook decided to deactivate a racist page which branded Aborigines as alcoholics the Australian Communications and Media Authority investigated. Jamie-Lee Dwyer looks at the controversial issue of online racism.

Mining regulation in Australia

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The mining industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years with regulations and the environment playing a key role in the way the sector operates. Mitchell Hooke explains the processes companies must go through to get mining approvals and defends the industry’s environmental credentials.

Productivity is in the eye of the beholder

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Industrial relations continues to be a divisive topic in Australia, especially when it comes to productivity. David Byers says for our our oil and gas sector to flourish access to skilled labour is essential.

Be careful what you wish for with NFP reforms

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The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), Australia’s first charity regulator, has announced a number of long-anticipated reforms. The not-for-profit sector should not expect it will be all things to all people, warns David Crosbie.

Essential statistics invest in information that counts

Statistical assests (Getty Images)The Australian Bureau of Statistics is calling for feedback on essential statistical assets for Australia. The consultation is being undertaken to ensure the government invests in the information most needed for critical decision making in the future. Chairperson of the Australian Statistical Advisory Council (ASAC), Geoff Allen, said high quality official statistics tell us how our society is working and progressing.

More engaged than you think? How young people are driving a plan for the future

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To older generations the ideas and actions of young people may seem mysterious and unsettling. But Dr Lance Emerson says coments from Australia's youth shows they just want to feel loved and valued.

What does plain packaging tobacco mean for the future?

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The packaging of tobacco is a major part of its advertising. Stafford Sanders says this month's ruling by the Australian High Court to allow plain packaging will see a change in tobacco sales around the world.

Asylum seeker policy released

Asylum seekers (Getty Images)The Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, led by Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, has released its findings on asylum seeker policy. The report recommends offshore processing in both Malaysia and Nauru and the re-opening of the detention centre on PNG’s Manus Island. They are among 22 key recommendations delivered to the Federal Government on the policy options available to prevent asylum seekers risking their lives on dangerous boat journeys to Australia.

How do we encourage children to value science?

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In spite of recent progress fewer girls pursue careers in science than their male counterparts, effectively shutting the door on a growing jobs market crying out for engineers and computer scientists. Lynne Selwood says all Australian children need to be encouraged to become scientists.