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Domestic policies

Join the debate on security and privacy

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The proposition is ‘Only the wicked need fear government spying’ on 31 March in Sydney at the first IQ2 debate of 2015.

Australia needs a vision for early learning

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The Productivity Commission has released the final report from its Inquiry into Child Care and Early Childhood Learning. Samantha Page, CEO of Early Childhood Australia, says the report is a good start but lacks a clear enough vision for families.

Children in immigration detention: government sanctioned child abuse?

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Tony Abbott has rejected the Australian Human Rights Commission report on children in immigration detention as ‘blatantly partisan’. Angela Beresford says it’s obvious that the government is out of touch with society and reality.

STEM: Part culture war, part cargo cult

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How can we get the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) right in Australian schools and universities? Nicholas Gruen says it is about more than just funding.

‘Coup-culture’ undermines Australian democracy

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Focusing on the leader, rather than the government, is undermining our democratic standards and fostering a deeper cynicism about politics. Dr Troy Whitford says we need to make sure the voter is central to changes.

After the leadership spill a difficult task lies ahead for Tony Abbott

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott narrowly avoided a leadership spill on Monday. Associate professor in political science Dominic O’Sullivan analyses the main political problems the Prime Minister is facing now.

We don’t need better politicians, we need a better system

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How many of you have an interest in politics and have become disillusioned by the current political narrative? Manuela Epstein is part of the newDemocracy Foundation and says transparency is the key to a successful reform process.

Terrorism, surveillance and intelligence: The next 5 years

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Surveillance has become a dirty word since the Snowden leaks. Intelligence and security expert Dr Patrick Walsh says it’s simplistic to merely talk about a balance between privacy and security and argues that democratic states now need surveillance and intelligence more than ever.

Lady budgets: An explainer

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Tony Abbott keeps finding himself the subject of attention of the wrong kind. Kate Galloway explains how the Prime Minister caused embarrassment when talking about his biggest achievement as Minister for Women.

Our City Leaders’ 7 biggest challenges when cutting traffic congestion

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If we really want to ease traffic congestion in our cities, we need to make sure we all have all the information we need to make a change. Rachel Smith has asked our City Leaders about the biggest challenges ahead.