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Domestic policies

The Turnbull Government, the ALP and the political year ahead

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

A sense of calm and policy focus came to distinguish the Turnbull Government’s first few months in office. Dominic O’Sullivan says the ALP would do well to enter the election campaign under the leadership of one who acts with the same clarity of purpose, confidence and certainty.

The MYEFO - is it an emergency yet?

Simon Cowan's picture

The Treasurer Scott Morrison has just released the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO). Simon Cowan from the Centre for Independent Studies says the budget deficit represents the structural gap between the spending expectations of Australians and their unwillingness to pay for this spending.

The three phases of innovation: information, imagination and implementation

Graham Thorburn's picture

Is the agenda released by Malcolm Turnbull and Christopher Pyne this Monday enough to boost innovation in Australia? Graham Thorburn says to become truly innovative we first need to examine who we are with self-knowledge and honesty.

The value of services innovation

Tess Julian's picture

Tess Julian says services innovation is critical to creating the responsive, innovative nation that we want to be. Here she explains what that means.

Cyber Rap: Innovation Celebration Across the Nation

Peter Carter's picture

Since Malcolm Turnbull has become Prime Minister, innovation has become the buzzword in Australia. Peter Carter from Data61 joins the hype in style.

Empowering people of all abilities

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The 3rd of December is the International Day of People with Disability. This year's Patron of the day, John Walsh AM, says the NDIS can support greater independence for people of all abilities while returning an economic benefit to Australia.

How Australia stifles innovation by its desire for consensus

Graham Thorburn's picture

With a culture that values consensus above all else Australia is a cosy place to live, but it can be toxic for creativity, a close cousin of innovation. Join Graham Thorburn on the search for clues to what is needed to make Australia a truly innovative society.

We need a disability abuse Royal Commission

Craig Wallace's picture

A Senate report has recommended a Royal Commission into Violence against People with Disability. Craig Wallace says the abuse being perpetrated on some of the most vulnerable people imaginable, often by those institutions meant to care for them, needs to stop.

Has innovation finally turned a corner in Australia?

David Coleman's picture

The economic zeitgeist in favour of innovation is being supported at the highest levels of government. David Coleman is optimistic that Australia is creating the right conditions for innovation to flourish.

A great time to be involved in science

Ken Silburn's picture

Dr Ken Silburn recently won the Prime Minister’s science prize for excellence in teaching. To kick off our Innovation forum, he explains why we need to promote a STEM curriculum at our schools.