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Domestic policies

Indigenous ‘lifestyle choices’ and the LNP’s paternalism

Jordan Ayres's picture

Tony Abbott recently described living in remote Indigenous communities as a lifestyle choice. Jordan Ayres says Australian social policy under the Liberal Party continues its paternalistic approach to the difficulties rural communities are facing.

Domestic and family violence in the spotlight, for now

Caitlin Mollenhagen's picture

Despite more media coverage and public attention, domestic violence is still increasing across the nation. Caitlin Mollenhagen lists some of the social and economic costs of domestic violence that show that this issue should stay at the deserved forefront of discussions.

An inclusive society for all

The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP's picture

One of Australia’s greatest resources is the diversity of its population. The Hon Philip Ruddock MP says this demonstrates to the rest of the world that you can have a cohesive and inclusive society for all.

Climate change dialogues: denialists and the disadvantaged

Megan Bonetti's picture

Many individuals and communities feel disempowered or ignorant when discussing climate change. Megan Bonetti says we need to foster a non-judgemental culture of awareness to make key stakeholders sit up and listen.

What does it mean to be a homeless ‘young person’ in Australia?

Sophie Ryan's picture

Between the age of 18 and 22, there is a gap in government allowances for young people coming out of state care. Sophie Ryan says as this puts them at risk of homelessness we need a State care system that is more ‘person focused’ rather than pushing through the numbers.

Domestic violence policy in QLD: Is some policy better than no policy at all?

Tomas Lillyman's picture

Governments have a unique role to play in addressing domestic violence in Australia. Tomas Lillyman shows with Queensland as example how coordinated change takes too long in the respective state governments.

Climate change: a global responsibility, but apparently not Australia’s

Madeleine Ivett's picture

The government recently released its intergenerational report providing a snapshot of what the nation might look like in 40 years. Madeleine Ivett says the fact that climate change only gets a passing mention shows the lack of responsibility for our future.

Driven to budget distraction

Simon Cowan's picture

The Australian government has pulled back on planned funding cuts to the automotive industry. Simon Cowan says this is just another capitulation to vested interests two months before a crucial budget.

Beyond Federation

Klaas Woldring's picture

A group of citizens has been exploring several models without state government under the label “beyond federation”. Klaas Woldring explains who they are and where they want to go.

Environmentalism and science

Max Thomas's picture

Science needs to be able to speak the language of its intended audience. Max Thomas says the challenge is to get the science of communication and the communication of science right.