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Domestic policies

Asylum seeker policy released

Asylum seekers (Getty Images)The Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, led by Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, has released its findings on asylum seeker policy. The report recommends offshore processing in both Malaysia and Nauru and the re-opening of the detention centre on PNG’s Manus Island. They are among 22 key recommendations delivered to the Federal Government on the policy options available to prevent asylum seekers risking their lives on dangerous boat journeys to Australia.

How do we encourage children to value science?

Lynne Selwood's picture

In spite of recent progress fewer girls pursue careers in science than their male counterparts, effectively shutting the door on a growing jobs market crying out for engineers and computer scientists. Lynne Selwood says all Australian children need to be encouraged to become scientists.

Homelessness Week looks for reasons

Homeless person (Getty Images)Homelessness Australia is promoting awareness of the reasons behind homelessness during Homeless Persons’ Week, which runs from 6-12 August. Homelessness Australia is a national body working to prevent and respond to homelessness. The aim of the 2012 campaign is to raise public awareness of the reasons why people become displaced and the ways to overcome them.

Accessible taxis missing in action

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Although response times for accessible taxis should be the same as for other taxis it's not something that is enforced. Tricia Malowney says governments around Australia need to ensure more taxis suit the needs of the disabled.

Australia, clever country or nitwit nation?

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A lot has changed in Australian tertiary education in the past decades and not all of it has been good for the country, says Donald Meyers. He looks at the impact of reforms on our academic standards.

Don't go missing, take the time to let someone know

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When someone goes missing in Australia, on average 12 other people are directly affected including family, friends and work colleagues. This Missing Persons Week Rebecca Kotz says the focus is on young people, one of the main groups at risk of going missing.

What are the public benefits from current sports funding?

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It's not always easy to measure a return on investment, and when it comes to public money being spent on sport the resulting benefits can be very hard to quantify. John Wilson looks at what the community gains when governments invest in sport.

Australia plays on the world stage at the Olympics

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Will the London Olympics result in national pride or national shame for sports-loving Australians? Ahead of the Olympics Daryl Adair looks at the level of anxiety already surrounding our medal chances.

Why childcare matters to us all

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With the cost of childcare up 11 per cent in the past year the Government moved to address the issue last month at a roundtable meeting with childcare providers and unions. Jen Dalitz says that childcare is an important issue for all Australians.

Coalition victory not inevitable

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If you are to believe media reports and political polls it's seemingly inevitable that we will have a change of government at the next federal election. But Ian McAuley doesn’t accept  it’s the forgone conclusion many are predicting.