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Domestic policies

Malcolm Turnbull is the new PM

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull has been sworn in as 29th Prime Minister of Australia. He won in a Liberal Party leadership ballot against former Prime Minister Tony Abbott with 54 against 44 votes on Monday evening. Julie Bishop was confirmed as deputy leader, defeating Kevin Andrews with 70 to his 30 votes.

Liberal versus Labor in the wars of corruption

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The former judge Dyson Heydon insists on his decision not to stand aside from the royal commission into trade unions after he agreed to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser. Jason Cavallaro questions the Labor Party’s motives in continuing to seek his removal.

NDIS delayed is NDIS denied

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Some suggest to stop or slow down the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Craig Wallace says this would spark an unprecedented outrage as people with disability, families and carers have already waited 40 years for help.

Jobs of the future

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How do you go about finding out what the right job is for you as a young student? Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb AC says you need to tackle the future with the skills and attitudes to make your opportunities.

Restoring Australia’s competitiveness

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After 23 years of consecutive growth, Australia is at a crossroads. Kate Carnell, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, identifies five areas where Australia is falling behind and can take action to improve.

5 things to remember when you hear politicians take credit for 'job creation'

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Every time the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases its monthly figures for unemployment rate and employment growth, both sides on politics tend to jump on these numbers immediately. Ben Phillips from the University of Canberra says there's a better way to interpret job data.

Australia’s role in the globalised technocratic 21st century economy

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More than half of the jobs students are currently studying for will be automated in 10 years. David Coleman says we need to give young people a chance to develop skills which are relevant to their future.

A share in public authority for indigenous peoples

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If we are prepared to accept the ethnic discrepancies in our health system, what does this say about our conceptions of justice and the values we hold? Dominic O’Sullivan says we need political arrangements that allow indigenous peoples to be included, not merely consulted, in policy development.

Establishing a consensus of what’s fair and reasonable for all

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Probably no politician would explicitly advocate unfairness – but what exactly is fair, just and equitable? Dr Neil Byron says we need a broad-based discussion of what we want our society, economy and environment to look like in the next 50 years.

The acceptable face of racism: Islam and Reclaim Australia

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Federal Coalition MP George Christensen spoke at a rally of the anti-Islamic movement Reclaim Australia in Mackay, with similar events happening across Australia this weekend. Binoy Kampmark says political figures like Christensen are driven by fanciful fears and ruthless political cynicism.