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The Outlook for Australian Trade in the 21st Century

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Transcript of the address delivered by the Hon. Andrew Leigh MP to the Global Access Partners National Economic Review: Australia's Annual Growth Summit on 17 September 2010.

Australia' s Mineral Resources

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Are our policy makers and strategic thinkers paying sufficient attention to the role of Australia's mineral resources in international affairs?


Australia's trade agreements under review

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Australia has entered into a number of bilateral and regional trade agreements and is currently negotiating several more.

Time to turn off the Simpsons

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Why do Australians take the worst and leave the best of what the USA has to offer? 

Open letter to the G20 leaders

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Markets make money whether the economy is going up or down – it is only the rest who stand to lose.

Why Live Sheep Exports when Viable Alternative?

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The World Society for the Protection of Animals argues that chilled meat exports are a more economically sustainable option for Australian industry than cruel live animal shipments.

Australia losing perspective on Asia

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Australia’s experience with Japanese involvement in our resource industry provides a ready-made blueprint for our relations with China.

Diplomacy of Opportunism

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Who said Australia didn’t gain anything from the war in Iraq?


Australia's recession in perspective

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The fact that Australia's recession will be smaller and shorter than the rest of the world is due to our better starting position and our relatively strong trade performance.

It's Not Easy Being Green

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Protectionist policies are being justified with false claims they will protect the environment and jobs.