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Prime Minister, this Asian Century is so last century

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It's not the first time Australians have heard about how important Asia is to our future, but when PM Julia Gillard released a road map China was the main focus. Stephen Kirchner says we still have some unfinished business in the region.

Uranium trade spearheads development of India partnership

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The Queensland Government has decided to recommence uranium mining following Julia Gillard's recent dicussions with India over the sale of uranium to the country. Michael Angwin says that decision supports the national interest.

Survey finds Australia losing the race in Asia

Asian Business (Getty Images)New research from CPA Australia warns that Australia is losing the race to stay competitive in crucial Asian markets. The survey found that Australia's innovation, competitiveness and engagement with Asia are falling behind the regional powerhouses of India and China.

Australia and Asia - reading between the lines

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Last year Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, put forward the suggestion that Asian language classes should be mandatory in all Australian schools. Warren Reed says Australians have to take on new skills if they want to reap the benefits of our economic and geographic proximity to Asia.

Whiff of Success: The Intriguing Tale of Sandalwood

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The history of Australian sandalwood oil, one of the nation’s biggest early exports, is a good example of Australia’s entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Standards underpin trade and investment policy

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On 17 September 2010 it was my pleasure on behalf of Standards Australia to present at the GAP National Economic Review: Australia’s Growth Summit 2010. This is a summary of my remarks.

The Outlook for Australian Trade in the 21st Century

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Transcript of the address delivered by the Hon. Andrew Leigh MP to the Global Access Partners National Economic Review: Australia's Annual Growth Summit on 17 September 2010.

Australia' s Mineral Resources

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Are our policy makers and strategic thinkers paying sufficient attention to the role of Australia's mineral resources in international affairs?


Australia's trade agreements under review

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Australia has entered into a number of bilateral and regional trade agreements and is currently negotiating several more.

Time to turn off the Simpsons

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Why do Australians take the worst and leave the best of what the USA has to offer?