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Clean energy

The secret to becoming healthier, happier and more productive

Ben Bambery's picture

You can improve your memory and mental wellbeing without a pill, simply by spending more time in nature. Ben Bambery from Doctors for the Environment Australia says we need to start caring for the environment if we expect it to care for us.

Trees are life personified

Bill Boyd's picture

For millions of years trees have been acting as earth’s atmosphere filters. Bill Boyd urges us to get out, plant a tree and start the reversal of climate damage.

Old King Coal was once a merry old soul!

Angus M Robinson's picture

Once upon a time, coal delivered a fine service to Australia’s industrialisation. Angus M Robinson tells the story of the rise and inevitable decline of an antiquated energy source.

Climate Change: a systemic view and the one question every leader will have to answer

Ingrid Messner's picture

We are launching our Climate Change featured forum with a call to action from Ingrid Messner. She says we all need to ask ourselves how we are contributing today to solving the global challenge of climate change.

Political climate change

Max Thomas's picture

Will Malcolm Turnbull have the political courage and skill to break our bond with carbon? Max Thomas on climate change, economics and old jokes.

Australia’s role in the globalised technocratic 21st century economy

David Coleman's picture

More than half of the jobs students are currently studying for will be automated in 10 years. David Coleman says we need to give young people a chance to develop skills which are relevant to their future.

The need to design social policy for climate change refugees

Elizabeth Stafford's picture

So far the Australian government doesn’t seem to regard climate change as a primary issue. Elisabeth Stafford says we need a national conversation to pressure the Australian government into action to create social policy on a variety of climate change fronts.

How Greek philosophy can help us

Lindley Edwards's picture

Dialectic viewpoints are useful in complex issues like renewable energy and energy security, but rarely encouraged in the Australian public policy debate. Lindley Edwards supports so-called ‘skyhook’ ideas that bridge current realities and future possibilities.

The Future of Coal Seam Gas after the NSW Election

James Horne's picture

The New South Wales state election will be held on Saturday 28 March. James Horne discusses the future of coal seam gas, one of the major issues in this campaign.

Buy back privatised utilities and infrastructure? What for? Why?

Max Thomas's picture

Should state governments buy back privatised utilities and infrastructure? Max Thomas suggests to rather campaign for investing in state-owned renewable energy and other key infrastructure.