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Clean energy

Protecting our future

iDEA16 logoiDEA16: Protecting our Future takes place in Brisbane from 15 to 17 April 2016. This is a conference for medical professionals and students and open to everyone who cares about health and the future.


Lights out!

Earth Hour 2016On Saturday, 19 March 2016 millions of Australians will take part in Earth Hour from 8:30 to 9.30pm to show their support for a low pollution and clean energy future. There's lots of ways to get involved.

The important link between innovation and community values and beliefs

Veena Sahajwalla's picture

Wouldn’t it be great living in a sustainable world that does not depend on exploiting raw minerals and piling up mountains of landfill? Veena Sahajwalla, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology (SMaRT), explains how it can be done.

From a disruptive catchcry to mainstream business

Jessica Purbrick-Herbst's picture

The ecosystem of start-ups and creativity leading to innovation and economic growth relies on a few key ingredients. Jessica Purbrick-Herbst from CRC for Spatial Information says we need a culture that accepts that innovation and disruption are mainstream business and not just buzzwords.

Australian’s political view on climate change still far behind the ball

Greg Mueller's picture

As our Climate Change forum comes to an end we hear from Gregory Mueller, who’s undertaking a Bachelor of Environment degree. Despite moments of despair that nobody cares what is going on, he still sees a glimpse of hope for a better future.

Australia - renewable energy superpower

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We identify as a fossil nation whose revenue still depends significantly on coal and gas. Petra Liverani from Beyond Zero Emissions says the reasons to embrace renewables are compelling.

Parents, grandparents and concerned adults: Sign the open letter

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Climate change is not only an environmental issue but also a major health emergency, especially for our children. Dr Sallie Forrest from Doctors for the Environment Australia asks you to support their call for the Health Minister to attend the Paris climate talks this December and put the health of our children front and centre.

Seeing the forest for the trees

Brad Gray's picture

Not many people realise that one of most effective weapons against climate change is all around them. Brad Gray from Planet Ark explains how the use of responsibly sourced and certified wood as a building material can have a significant positive environmental influence.

What did the Bonn climate negotiations indicate about Paris?

Erwin Jackson's picture

Just over a month before the COP21, climate negotiations in Bonn were heated. So what does this mean about the level of success we could expect from the conference in Paris, where the successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol is to be produced? Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute, explains.

Are you in?

People's Climate MarchIn the last weekend of November, on the eve of the United Nations climate summit, people will gather in Australian cities and walk alongside millions of people in cities around the world to show that they want an end to fossil fuels and a transition to renewable energy.