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Clean energy

Switching off for Earth Hour

Dermot O'Gorman's picture

As the world prepares to switch off for Earth Hour, WWF Australia CEO, Dermot O’Gorman, explains how this humble initiative has led to world-wide change.

Uranium trade spearheads development of India partnership

Michael Angwin's picture

The Queensland Government has decided to recommence uranium mining following Julia Gillard's recent dicussions with India over the sale of uranium to the country. Michael Angwin says that decision supports the national interest.

Building a sustainable future

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Nations around the world will look at the role green buildings and communities play during this World Green Building Week. Tom Quinn says Australia is recognised as a global leader in the green building space.

The case for bipartisanship on Kyoto

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The Kyoto Protocol is seen as an important first step towards a truly global emission reduction regime. The first phase of the agreement ends in December after which a new one needs to be negotiated. Will McGoldrick says it is time it received bipartisan support.

Caring for our country

The review of the Caring for our Country initiative launched last week. From 21 June to 15 August 2012, the Australian Government will be consulting on specific areas of the next phase of the program implementation that are still to be developed. Caring for our Country aims to achieve an environment that is healthy, better protected, well-managed, resilient and provides essential ecosystem services in a changing climate.

Educate for the sake of the future

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Ulrike Schuermann looks to the future and asks what do Australian children need and what can the public and the government do to help protect them and make their lives more secure?

The science of alternative energy

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Ryan Halyburton looks at why the biggest factors affecting the implementation of alternative energy solutions are cost and social acceptance, not the science behind the technology.

Learning to measure what we treasure

Dermot O'Gorman's picture

It's no secret that humans are living beyond our means - in economic terms we are running down our planet's natural capital. Dermot O'Gorman explains why the green economy is the central theme of this week's Rio+20 summit.

Holistic approaches to sustainable innovation

Sanjay Sharma's picture

The Brundtland Commission was set up in 1983 to unite countries to pursue sustainable development together. Sanjay Sharma says that for real progress to be made corporations need a radical change in business practice.

Younger generations worth protecting

Ellen Sandell's picture

The young people of today are not willing to just sit back and inherit the planet older generations want to leave them. Ellen Sandell says across the globe youth-led groups are deeply committed to climate justice for everyone.