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Clean energy

Educate for the sake of the future

Ulrike Schuermann's picture

Ulrike Schuermann looks to the future and asks what do Australian children need and what can the public and the government do to help protect them and make their lives more secure?

The science of alternative energy

Ryan Halyburton's picture

Ryan Halyburton looks at why the biggest factors affecting the implementation of alternative energy solutions are cost and social acceptance, not the science behind the technology.

Learning to measure what we treasure

Dermot O'Gorman's picture

It's no secret that humans are living beyond our means - in economic terms we are running down our planet's natural capital. Dermot O'Gorman explains why the green economy is the central theme of this week's Rio+20 summit.

Holistic approaches to sustainable innovation

Sanjay Sharma's picture

The Brundtland Commission was set up in 1983 to unite countries to pursue sustainable development together. Sanjay Sharma says that for real progress to be made corporations need a radical change in business practice.

Younger generations worth protecting

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The young people of today are not willing to just sit back and inherit the planet older generations want to leave them. Ellen Sandell says across the globe youth-led groups are deeply committed to climate justice for everyone.

Democracy, community agriculture and sustainability

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Creating a healthier and happier food system benefits everyone, from the environment to the health of the individual. Nick Rose looks at how participatory democracy can impact our relationship with producing and consuming food.

Building Framework input needed

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency is asking for comments on the draft National Building Energy Standard-Setting, Assessment and Rating Framework. The consultation will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to review specific policy proposals in the Draft Framework and comment on ways to provide direction on future energy efficiency standards.

Community engagement for a sustainable Australia

Chris Riedy's picture

The lack of progress on climate change is certainly not due to a lack of discussion or high-level policy making. But Chris Reidy says there needs to be more community engagement on the subject before there can be community acceptance.

Achieving sustainability - If not through education, where else?

Leanne Denby's picture

There is a lot of talk surrounding sustainability issues, but Leanne Denby says the hard work is in finding an approach that provides benefits for everyone, now and in the future.

What if most greenies are going in the wrong direction?

Michael Mobbs's picture

Householders are increasingly asked to take on the task of sustainable living at home. But Michael Mobbs says the biggest impact individuals can make is to demand changes from the big polluters.