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Clean energy

Parents, grandparents and concerned adults: Sign the open letter

Sallie Forrest's picture

Climate change is not only an environmental issue but also a major health emergency, especially for our children. Dr Sallie Forrest from Doctors for the Environment Australia asks you to support their call for the Health Minister to attend the Paris climate talks this December and put the health of our children front and centre.

Seeing the forest for the trees

Brad Gray's picture

Not many people realise that one of most effective weapons against climate change is all around them. Brad Gray from Planet Ark explains how the use of responsibly sourced and certified wood as a building material can have a significant positive environmental influence.

What did the Bonn climate negotiations indicate about Paris?

Erwin Jackson's picture

Just over a month before the COP21, climate negotiations in Bonn were heated. So what does this mean about the level of success we could expect from the conference in Paris, where the successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol is to be produced? Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute, explains.

Are you in?

People's Climate MarchIn the last weekend of November, on the eve of the United Nations climate summit, people will gather in Australian cities and walk alongside millions of people in cities around the world to show that they want an end to fossil fuels and a transition to renewable energy.

Solar is good for humanity

Petra Liverani's picture

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared while in office that coal was “good for humanity” and current Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg recently echoed the sentiment. Petra Liverani explains why renewable energy makes much more economic, environmental and democratic sense.

Australia’s apathy could wipe the Great from our Barrier Reef

Sherryl Caulfield's picture

Scientists claim that if the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland will be built, it will devastate our climate, our Great Barrier Reef and groundwater. Sherryl Caulfield urges us to protest where we can and act now before it’s too late.

Welcome back carbon pricing

Kevin Parton's picture

Back in 2008, Labor and the Coalition agreed that an emissions trading scheme (ETS) was the appropriate policy to reduce green house gases. We are now on a trajectory where both will once again be in agreement. Kevin Parton explains why.

Exploring other solutions to tackle climate change

Laurence Strano's picture

Governments on state and federal level have the opportunity and obligation to act on climate change. Laurence Strano identifies a couple of areas where we could tackle the issue more decisively.

The secret to becoming healthier, happier and more productive

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You can improve your memory and mental wellbeing without a pill, simply by spending more time in nature. Ben Bambery from Doctors for the Environment Australia says we need to start caring for the environment if we expect it to care for us.

Trees are life personified

Bill Boyd's picture

For millions of years trees have been acting as earth’s atmosphere filters. Bill Boyd urges us to get out, plant a tree and start the reversal of climate damage.