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Clean energy

Clover Moore on powering the City of Sydney – consult, commit and do

Lord Mayor Clover Moore's picture

Cities use over two thirds of the world’s energy and emit more than 70 percent of emissions. Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore says we need to take action on climate change now.


Australians are no climate dinosaurs

Kristina Stefanova's picture

A majority of Australians now accept that climate change is occurring. Kristina Stefanova from the Climate Institute shares the results of this year’s Climate of the Nation report.

It pays to go green in building

David Moses's picture

There are many ways to build your home with energy efficiency in mind. David Moses from building company Horizon Habitats says that going green in building saves money in the long run.

Sydney’s urban development signals something great

Lord Mayor Clover Moore's picture

Sydney is already famous for innovative architecture. Lord Mayor Clover Moore describes an area that is going through an exciting urban development transformation.

Eliminating waste and creating sustainable urban agglomerations

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Mimicking natural ecosystems can turn unsustainable towns into sustainable bioregions. Mark Liebman suggests a planning system that is beneficial for both the land users and the ecosystem inhabitants.

Schools as part of our urban landscape

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Schools are micro communities and need infrastructure and maintenance to function. Nicole Lewis argues that for the future harmony of our urban communities it is vital that schools consider their environmental footprint within their walls and beyond.

Coal Seam Gas and the future of manufacturing in Australia

Tim Mazzarol's picture

Seen as either environmental hazard or important source of energy, coal seam gas (CSG) development remains a controversial issue. Tim Mazzarol, Winthrop Professor at the University of Western Australia, explores the challenges the government, and Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane in particular, are facing.

Energy Futures Enquiry completed

The Futures Project has launched its report following the Energy Futures Enquiry, run in association with AGL. The motivation of the enquiry was to capture the wisdom of crowds and identify consumer preferences in regard to energy delivery technology in the future.

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day logoEvery year on 22 April, more than one billion people take part in Earth Day. Across the globe individuals, communities, organisations and governments voice their concerns for the planet and take action to protect it. The Earth Day Network collects and displays images of people, animals and places directly affected or threatened by climate change, as well as images of people stepping up to do something about it.

Switching off for Earth Hour

Dermot O'Gorman's picture

As the world prepares to switch off for Earth Hour, WWF Australia CEO, Dermot O’Gorman, explains how this humble initiative has led to world-wide change.