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Is Australia still the 'fair go' country?

Sue Ellson's picture

We like to think that everyone gets a 'fair go' in Australia. Sue Ellson wonders if that's still true.

Why young people are going to save the world

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What are the hopes and dreams of young Australians today? What makes them happy? What are they worried about? And why are they going to save the world? Louisa Keck from the Reach Foundation has some answers.

Dairy farmers are hurting and so are those who buy milk

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The current dairy industry crisis has exposed a longstanding dilemma: Australians on low incomes often have too little money to buy the higher cost food items the fair food advocates would prefer them to buy. Russ Grayson says instead of academic discourse we need to tackle food security and affordable access to good food for all.

Thread Together: from donor-dependent to self-sustainable

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“Not-for-profit does not mean not-for-revenue. Transitioning from a donor-dependent charity to financial self-sustainability. Understanding that there is more than one test for appropriate use of funds.” Thread Together’s General Manager, Greg Fisher, in thought…

Leslie Fritz: Wine Connoisseur and Regional Industry Leader

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When Leslie Fritz bought property in the Southern Highlands, he used revolutionary wine-making techniques and a passion for excellence to establish the first modern winery in the cool climate. Leslie’s son, Peter Fritz, explains how knowledge, imagination and foresight can transform a whole region.

Silencing democracy – the media and Duncan Storrar

Craig Wallace's picture

A group of disabled peoples organisations, not for profits, community leaders, Human Rights lawyers, unions and commentators on civic participation have issued a Statement of Concern about the media treatment of Duncan Storrar after asking a question as an audience member on the ABC television program Q&A. Craig Wallace, President of People with Disability Australia, explains.

No budget emergency but also no genuine economic plan

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Federal Budgets are important statements of philosophical disposition, in particular for a vulnerable government two months before an election. Political scientist Dominic O’Sullivan says this year’s Budget gives away too many opportunities for opponents to argue that the ‘fairness’ test has been failed.

Migrants an asset for Australia

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More than 240 million people worldwide are international migrants. Alan Stevenson explains why the ones coming to Australia are exactly the type of people we need, particularly in our small country towns.

If I were the Federal Treasurer...

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On the weekend Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie announced that she’d like to see foreign aid slashed in this year’s federal budget as pensioners are doing it tough and need the money we're spending on overseas aid. International development specialist Belinda Lucas begs to differ.

The north, agriculture and the environment

GAP report: The north, agriculture and the environmentThe new GAP report discusses regional economic opportunities and environmental implications of agricultural development in northern Australia. It outlines a set of metrics to guide private sector investment decisions.