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Investing in Agriculture's future: The role of natural capital in enhancing productivity

Martijn Wilder's picture

Baker & McKenzie partner Martijn Wilder was a guest speaker at the IV Global Access Partners National Economic Review: Australia’s Annual Growth Summit on Friday 20 September 2013. He reviewed the economic importance of healthy agricultural landscapes. 


Facing the realities of future farming

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There are many uncertainties around food production. Ahead of today's Global Access Partners 2013 Annual Growth Summit, Summit Executive Manager Lisa Middlebrook shares her thoughts on what needs to be done to make farming a top priority.

Political turmoil from a financial perspective

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There is an ongoing discussion about the political consequences of having Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. John Craig from Bell Potter explores what it means for the financial markets.

A game of sexual politics

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Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry CEO, Yolanda Vega, examines why sexual politics continue to dominate Australia’s social agenda and mistakenly cast men as our sole power brokers.

Strata and Community Title laws review update

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As the review into NSW strata and community title laws continues, NSW Fair Trading Minister, the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, shares an update on his focus for the future and necessary law reform. 


The frustration with our politicians continues

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Ray Levin, member of the First 5000 networking group for mid sized businesses, looks at how there is a lack of understanding from our politicians in regard to what is best for the economy.

Self-sustaining leviathan

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When Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke off the cuff about American welfare recipients not paying tax, he drew a lot of criticism, even though he was factually correct. Robert Carling looks at the situation in Australia.

Prime Minister, this Asian Century is so last century

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It's not the first time Australians have heard about how important Asia is to our future, but when PM Julia Gillard released a road map China was the main focus. Stephen Kirchner says we still have some unfinished business in the region.

Uranium trade spearheads development of India partnership

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The Queensland Government has decided to recommence uranium mining following Julia Gillard's recent dicussions with India over the sale of uranium to the country. Michael Angwin says that decision supports the national interest.

Survey finds Australia losing the race in Asia

Asian Business (Getty Images)New research from CPA Australia warns that Australia is losing the race to stay competitive in crucial Asian markets. The survey found that Australia's innovation, competitiveness and engagement with Asia are falling behind the regional powerhouses of India and China.