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How do we protect our future prosperity?

Roger Beale's picture

Australia is facing a host of serious but manageable challenges. Roger Beale says we need to develop the understanding of the community and be persistent, patient and fair.

On Rainbow Street

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Seven years after the Northern Territory Emergency Response – the Intervention, as it came to be known – many communities are still struggling. Xenia Girdler tells the story of the remote East Arnhem community Ngukurr.

Australia’s women: the proposed front line soldiers to support Australia’s future

Despina Cassimatis's picture

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey predicts women’s participation in the workforce to be the front line solution to assist Australia’s future economy. Despina Cassimatis says he fails to suggest what impacts this will have on the female population.

The need to design social policy for climate change refugees

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So far the Australian government doesn’t seem to regard climate change as a primary issue. Elisabeth Stafford says we need a national conversation to pressure the Australian government into action to create social policy on a variety of climate change fronts.

Domestic and family violence in the spotlight, for now

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Despite more media coverage and public attention, domestic violence is still increasing across the nation. Caitlin Mollenhagen lists some of the social and economic costs of domestic violence that show that this issue should stay at the deserved forefront of discussions.

Climate change dialogues: denialists and the disadvantaged

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Many individuals and communities feel disempowered or ignorant when discussing climate change. Megan Bonetti says we need to foster a non-judgemental culture of awareness to make key stakeholders sit up and listen.

Welfare reform disempowers youth

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Reports such as the McClure welfare reform tend to portray young people as welfare dependent. Jessica Brennand says this ignores the roadblocks that parts of Australia's young people are facing and further disempowers them.

Climate change: a global responsibility, but apparently not Australia’s

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The government recently released its intergenerational report providing a snapshot of what the nation might look like in 40 years. Madeleine Ivett says the fact that climate change only gets a passing mention shows the lack of responsibility for our future.

After the leadership spill a difficult task lies ahead for Tony Abbott

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Prime Minister Tony Abbott narrowly avoided a leadership spill on Monday. Associate professor in political science Dominic O’Sullivan analyses the main political problems the Prime Minister is facing now.

A view from the USA

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Could it be that the human default position is ruthless self-interest? Denis Tracey spent five weeks travelling in the USA, and it hasn’t left him optimistic about social responsibility.