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Is your budget setting process doomed?

Fergus Neilson's picture

The global economic environment is harsher than ever leaving even established businesses struggling to remain viable. Fergus Neilson says it is important to reduce the risk of failure by applying long-term vision.

Why I care about innovation

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Investment in innovation has several rewards, including the capacity to help and improve lives. But Paul Cheever reluctantly admits it is the economic benefits that fire his obsession with innovation.

Productivity improvements with restored freedom

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David Murray is today warning that Australia could face debt levels like those in Europe unless productivity is lifted and debt is addressed. Last month he spoke at the GAP Economic Forum about the need for strong leadership.

Australia in the Asian century

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Craig Emerson spoke at the 2012 Global Access Partners Economic Summit on Productivity about the importance of taking advantage of the Asian Century. Below is an edited version of his speech.

Looking beyond the mining boom

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David Masters gave the opening remark from the Chair at the GAP Economic Summit on 14 September. He believes Australia's role in Asia requires an honest and frank debate about our strengths and weaknesses.

A deficit of stability and predictability

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The Federal Government has been forced to re-write the Budget it released just months ago due to a slump in Australian mineral prices. Robert Carling says a stable tax regime is more important than whether the budget is a few billion in surplus or deficit.

Welcome address: planning a productive future

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The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, NSW Fair Trading Minister, opened the 2012 Global Access Partners' National Economic Review 2012: Australia’s Annual Growth Summit at a dinner on Thursday 13 September 2012. He outlines the focus of improving productivity and the role it plays in his vision of making NSW Number 1 again.

Energy and productivity

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Australia's carbon tax has been controversial for many reasons and its impact on productivity has been one of them. Craig Milne says the most productive technologies should be chosen in the move to low CO2 emissions, but most renewables fail that test.

Report warns of digital risks

New digital innovations and applications continue to empower consumers and have a transformative impact on business, according to a new report by Deloitte Access Economics. The 'Digital disruption: short fuse, big bang?' report lists Australia’s most vulnerable industries, with the retail sector coming out on top.

Productivity is in the eye of the beholder

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Industrial relations continues to be a divisive topic in Australia, especially when it comes to productivity. David Byers says for our our oil and gas sector to flourish access to skilled labour is essential.