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Directing for performance

Australian Governance Summit 2016The Australian Governance Summit happens in Melbourne from 3-4 March 2016. Directors and board members discuss the issues affecting today's organisations and how their governance approach impacts organisational performance.

Why Australia should aim to become a "centre of excellence" for entrepreneurship by 2020

Tony Surtees's picture

We all agree that Australia must transform to deliver growth, jobs and prosperity, and innovation is central to that transformation. Let’s talk about entrepreneurship, the process that catalyses innovation, says Tony Surtees.

The Turnbull Government, the ALP and the political year ahead

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

A sense of calm and policy focus came to distinguish the Turnbull Government’s first few months in office. Dominic O’Sullivan says the ALP would do well to enter the election campaign under the leadership of one who acts with the same clarity of purpose, confidence and certainty.

Why the future of Australia is dependent on start-ups

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Start-ups and micro businesses will increasingly drive employment in Australia, but how can we reduce failure rates? Frank Wyatt explains how the Getting Down to Business initiative in Victoria helps young people with a business idea.


Insights from innovative minds

Above all human 2016 logoAbove all human is a conference for startup founders, makers, designers and innovators in Melbourne on Friday, 29 January 2016.


Year of Disenchantment: Memories of 2015

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2015 was another year which saw its share of calamities, its historical follies heaped up. But it will take some time to know where the consequences will come home to roost, says Binoy Kampmark.

Can Australian industry adapt fast enough?

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Australia has crept up a step in terms of its global competitiveness, according to the World Economic Forum, but remains outside the top 20 and is poorly armed to tackle innovation.

The real challenge of innovation

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True innovation rarely comes from the mind of one person or in one blinding flash. Graham Thorburn says for innovation to work, everyone must be prepared to put their ideas on the table, be prepared to listen and to hear other people’s ideas.

GAP Summit and initiatives in 2016

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GAP has now released the report from its recent 6th Annual Growth Summit on the future of jobs in NSW Parliament House. Catherine Fritz-Kalish, Co-founder and Managing Director of GAP, invites you to learn more about Summit outcomes, new GAP taskforces and the work on developing a Vision for Australia.

The MYEFO - is it an emergency yet?

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The Treasurer Scott Morrison has just released the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO). Simon Cowan from the Centre for Independent Studies says the budget deficit represents the structural gap between the spending expectations of Australians and their unwillingness to pay for this spending.