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5 tips helping you to fulfil your KPIs in your job

Jürgen Schmechel's picture

How can we become better as an organisation with what we’ve got? Business strategist Jürgen Schmechel says it’s worthwhile to change the perspective and look at the possibilities you already have in your job.

Educating about ageing: the next big frontier?

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Australia’s ageing population brings about challenges and limitations but also potential opportunities. Lecturer in Gerontology Robin Harvey says we need leadership from those with expertise in ageing and aged care on a much broader level.

Is eMentoring your key to success?

Phil Young's picture

Having a mentor can be a useful way of helping you achieve your professional goals. Phil Young explains how the mentoring sector is evolving.

Digital employer @ work

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Today we are launching a new forum on the future of jobs. In our first blog Gabrielle Davies introduces a new type of employer with a new approach to work.

New economic opportunities with the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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A big regional trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), is currently being negotiated in secret under growing criticism. David Coleman sees opportunities for Australian businesses.

Four dysfunctional economic ideas

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Australia is holding on to some economic ideas that have served us well in the past, but won't in the future. Ian McAuley says we need to break from these ideas that are holding us back.

The Australian Healthcare System – what’s wrong with it and how to fix it?

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For the next two months we will discuss Australia’s health. Introducing the topic is Kevin Austen who says to fix our Healthcare System we firstly need to agree on a common vision for it.

Australian health system: What needs to be done

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The Australian health system is often criticised. Chair of the Australian Centre for Health Research Alan Castleman says while the system is working well, there is room for improvement that requires changes in the way we think and act.

A vision for Australia? Sustainable Australia

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What is a ‘sustainable Australia’? William Bourke says we need a holistic policy framework that redefines growth in our finite world.

In 2010, in her first policy promise following the disposal of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the nation should not ''hurtle down the track towards a big population''. Ms Gillard declared she does not believe in a ''big Australia'', signalling a major shift in policy away from our nation's rapid population growth.

More specifically, Ms Gillard said ''I don't support the idea of a big Australia with arbitrary targets of, say, a 40 million-strong Australia or a 36 million-strong Australia. We need to stop, take a breath and develop policies for a sustainable Australia. I support a population that our environment, our water, our soil, our roads and freeways, our busses, our trains and our services can sustain.''

A ‘boring’ Budget?

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

The Budget’s main goal was to position the Government for re-election. Dominic O’Sullivan says the importance of balancing the Budget raises deeply philosophical questions that are insufficiently ‘boring’ to provide political safety.