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A shock but not a surprise

Simon Cowan's picture

Car manufacturer Holden is leaving the Australian market. Simon Cowan argues that structural change is a necessity for Australia, but urges the government to provide a safety net for suffering workers.

On the Future of Australia

Peter Fritz's picture

We have to manage our economic interests, recognise opportunities and act on them when they arise. Peter Fritz identifies four initiatives for action now.

The GrainCorp deal: Choosing between open for business or grower control

Tim Mazzarol's picture

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that it will be federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s decision alone if a foreign acquisition of Australia’s largest agribusiness GrainCorp will go ahead. Tim Mazzarol provides background to a contentious issue.

Multiculturalism in Australia the road to success

Pino Migliorino's picture

Significant advancements in the multicultural landscape as well as some of the most divisive debates have been seen in recent years. Pino Migliorino from FECCA (Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia) raises some of the key issues being addressed at their multicultural conference.

Agile Business Management: Adaptability for Sustainable Business Growth

Evan Leybourn's picture

By embracing technological and cultural change as it happens, an agile manager can deliver sustainable business growth. Evan Leybourn explains the potential of agile business management.

Pushing our luck

Ian McAuley's picture

Does Australia need a structural change? Ian McAuley from the Centre of Policy Development argues that economic policies and the ideas behind them that might have been appropriate in the past now constrain our thinking.

Investing in Agriculture's future: The role of natural capital in enhancing productivity

Martijn Wilder's picture

Baker & McKenzie partner Martijn Wilder was a guest speaker at the IV Global Access Partners National Economic Review: Australia’s Annual Growth Summit on Friday 20 September 2013. He reviewed the economic importance of healthy agricultural landscapes. 


Facing the realities of future farming

Lisa Middlebrook's picture

There are many uncertainties around food production. Ahead of today's Global Access Partners 2013 Annual Growth Summit, Summit Executive Manager Lisa Middlebrook shares her thoughts on what needs to be done to make farming a top priority.

Political turmoil from a financial perspective

John Craig's picture

There is an ongoing discussion about the political consequences of having Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. John Craig from Bell Potter explores what it means for the financial markets.

A game of sexual politics

Yolanda Vega's picture

Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry CEO, Yolanda Vega, examines why sexual politics continue to dominate Australia’s social agenda and mistakenly cast men as our sole power brokers.