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Having fun in a messy world

Peter Fritz's picture

In a world that’s constantly connected the focus has shifted from the outcome alone towards helping create the outcome. Peter Fritz has learned that a fun journey is as important as the destination.

Is inequality good or bad for growth?

Sergio Arzeni's picture

Some level of inequality might be necessary in a modern economy, but new research indicates that income inequality has curbed growth significantly. Sergio Arzeni from the OECD in Paris says it’s vital to understand how this impacts our societies and economies.

The social economy – working together towards the common good

Karen Mahlab's picture

There is a noticeable shift from purely profit-driven capitalism towards an integrated social citizen. The founder of Pro Bono Australia, Karen Mahlab, sees it happening in Australia and around the world.

How giving actually works

Ian Lowe's picture

In the economics of human interaction, spending doesn’t deplete, but multiplies. Ian Lowe from Go-Givers Australia illustrates with a case study that in life or business, the more you give, the more you have.

Beyond the financial: Re-thinking the capitals in practice and assurance

James Guthrie's picture

To be socially responsible in business is gaining momentum. James Guthrie reflects on the role accounting has on transforming the world’s thinking about the value of nature and society.

‘The Zero Marginal Cost Society’ – a review

Ian McAuley's picture

Jeremy Rifkin has written a book discussing the trend in many fields toward zero or near-zero costs brought about by the so-called prosumer revolution, where consumers become producers as well. Ian McAuley says it is the book Karl Marx may have written today.

What the G20 didn’t mention!

Barney Foran's picture

The G20 in Brisbane ended on Sunday with ‘Global Value Chains’ (GVCs) hailed as the silver bullet. Barney Foran has some words of caution for Team Australia.

Redefining growth

William Bourke's picture

The Group of 20 (G20) is meeting in Brisbane this week to discuss the global economy. William Bourke says we should focus less on the GDP and instead look at real progress indicators like high employment, a diverse economic base and sustainable resource management.

Creating a good society, a better society or a more civil society?

Eva Cox's picture

Do we have a healthy balance between the state, the market and the community? Sociologist and activist Eva Cox says we need to work on how to restore government and community power to avoid dire consequences for our society.

Government shall weary them

Laurence Strano's picture

It has been recently suggested that the family home should be taken into account in determining age pension entitlements. Laurence Strano says this is the last thing we need as we are already over-governed and over-regulated.