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Ending age of entitlement – resources under threat yet again

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While he was in opposition in 2012, the then-shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey had promised to end ‘the age of entitlement’ in Australia. Laurence Strano says this raises the question of where to start.

How automation will transform the economy

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The trend in the computerisation of jobs is not new. James Guthrie, Head of Academic Relations at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, says new technologies will change the job market of tomorrow.

Australian education: an OECD perspective

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Australia fares well in terms of youth and adult skills compared to other OECD countries. Dr Sergio Arzeni says the tasks ahead are tackling disparities and ensuring that education leads on to good employment opportunities for all.

A personal journey

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In our disruptive digital age we have to foresee change and adapt in order to be successful. Chris Stevens explains how he came to set up TalentFlow, helping individuals and organisations adapting into the future.

Test your strategies with the ASX Sharemarket Game

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In the ASX Sharemarket Game participants are given a virtual amount of money to invest with the challenge to make it grow. Tony Hunter, Head of Education at ASX, says the game is popular amongst teachers as a way of bringing real world events into the classroom.

Regional universities make a difference

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Regional universities play a crucial role in providing local knowledge to rural communities. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of Charles Sturt University, sees a mutual benefit for universities and their communities.

Are we adequately building the resilience of young Australians as they transition from school to work?

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Young Australians experience disadvantage in the labour market for a number of reasons. Alexandra Loftus says we need to connect young people to the working world as early as possible to expose them to the realities of the job market.

Opportunities for SMEs

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Australian and international thought leaders discussed the role SMEs can play in meeting the G20’s target of 2% growth above trend at the invitation of the Honourable Bruce Billson MP, Australian Minister for Small Business, and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

The moment of inequality

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Growing inequality is one of the big issues of our time in Australia and abroad. Don Perlgut explores why this topic captures our attention to such an extent.

The World of Pyne: Protest, Q & A and corporate education

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On Monday a group of students staged a protest on ABC’s Q & A against Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s proposed higher education cuts. Dr Binoy Kampark says Pyne’s stance is merely taking the project of a longstanding industrialisation and marketing of universities further.