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An international voice: My concerns as a young person in today’s world

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Is today’s youth really mindless, lazy and technology-dependent? Megan Boehm is a young American student, and here she shares some of the big issues her generation really is concerned about.

Part 3 of 3. Why Tesla and 200,000 Australian auto workers need each other

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There has been no mention of the elephant in the room during the lead up to the election. In his final blog of this series, Stewart Nattrass suggests to vote in the Senate for those that will support investigating how to attract Tesla to Australia.

Theme of upcoming GAP Summit announced

Spaces of Australian Innovation image for site newsHow can Australia build and nurture spaces for innovation and creative engagement so that we can become a truly innovative nation? This will be the key theme of this year’s Global Access Partners Annual Economic Summit in the NSW Legislative Assembly Chamber on 15 and 16 September.

Part 2 of 3. Why Tesla and 200,000 Australian auto workers need each other

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Tesla has pulled off the greatest sales and marketing campaign in the history of the auto industry, without one car on the show room floor. In his second of three blogs Stewart Nattrass looks at the current state of the global market and where we could be in five years.

Part 1 of 3. Why Tesla and 200,000 Australian auto workers need each other

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Australia’s long history of building automobiles is coming to an end. Meanwhile Tesla’s electric cars are going from strength to strength. In this first of three blogs Stewart Nattrass argues that with vacant assembly lines and teams of experienced skilled workers we could enter a mutually beneficial relationship with Tesla.

The new work order is here

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As automation, globalisation and collaboration shape the future of work, young people today have to be prepared to change industries and adapt to less predictable conditions. Jan Owen, CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians, shares the latest research.

Is Australia still the 'fair go' country?

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We like to think that everyone gets a 'fair go' in Australia. Sue Ellson wonders if that's still true.

Why young people are going to save the world

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What are the hopes and dreams of young Australians today? What makes them happy? What are they worried about? And why are they going to save the world? Louisa Keck from the Reach Foundation has some answers.

Dairy farmers are hurting and so are those who buy milk

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The current dairy industry crisis has exposed a longstanding dilemma: Australians on low incomes often have too little money to buy the higher cost food items the fair food advocates would prefer them to buy. Russ Grayson says instead of academic discourse we need to tackle food security and affordable access to good food for all.

Thread Together: from donor-dependent to self-sustainable

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“Not-for-profit does not mean not-for-revenue. Transitioning from a donor-dependent charity to financial self-sustainability. Understanding that there is more than one test for appropriate use of funds.” Thread Together’s General Manager, Greg Fisher, in thought…