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Hanging on in quiet desperation

Leah Sparkes's picture

In Britain, over 100 MPs are already practicing mindfulness, and the concept is currently being rolled out to the 2,000 staff in parliament. Leah Sparkes is hopeful that Canberra is listening.

NDIS delayed is NDIS denied

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Some suggest to stop or slow down the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Craig Wallace says this would spark an unprecedented outrage as people with disability, families and carers have already waited 40 years for help.

Make every step count

Steptember logoTake 10,000 steps a day for Steptember. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you along the way to help people with cerebral palsy. You can join teams from around the world and get fit for a great cause.

Join the fight

Blue September logoGet blue this month and raise funds for research into cancer affecting men. Blue September supports Australian Prostate Cancer Research (APCR) and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

The ABC of effective stress release

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Feeling stressed? Michael Atma has a simple and effective technique to help you feel calm and clear your mind.

A share in public authority for indigenous peoples

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If we are prepared to accept the ethnic discrepancies in our health system, what does this say about our conceptions of justice and the values we hold? Dominic O’Sullivan says we need political arrangements that allow indigenous peoples to be included, not merely consulted, in policy development.

Establishing a consensus of what’s fair and reasonable for all

Dr Neil Byron's picture

Probably no politician would explicitly advocate unfairness – but what exactly is fair, just and equitable? Dr Neil Byron says we need a broad-based discussion of what we want our society, economy and environment to look like in the next 50 years.

Pathways to persuasion – The neuroscience of influence

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The idea of trying to persuade others can make us uncomfortable. Executive coach Leah Sparkes has looked at the science behind it and says it’s much easier than we think.

Bake the world a better place

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The Big Cake Bake is a simple way for families, friends, workplaces and schools to help Red Cross improve the lives of vulnerable people in Australia and across the region. Bruce Wardley explains how you can make a real difference by baking and raising money.

A meeting of minds

Celebrate Creative Ageing Sydney logoCelebrate Creative Ageing Sydney 2015 will take place at Sydney Opera House and the Art Gallery of NSW from 25 to 27 August 2015. It is a new conference to inspire innovative and imaginative ideas about ageing creatively.