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Putting people at the centre of the workers insurance system for successful return to work

Caroline Howe's picture

Most people who were injured are keen to return to work in a reasonable timeframe, but some have more complex needs and require a different model of care. Dr Caroline Howe says it’s crucial that the workers compensation system actively involves the injured worker and operates from a real place of care.

Camping, disruption and the importance of career longevity

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Being engaged in a career that inspires you and provides mental challenge is as important to health and vitality as exercise and a good diet. Leah Sparkes says the good news is that it’s never too late to start.

What makes a good life?

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What exactly determines wellbeing? Does it change with age? Mihaela Zaharia wants your participation to find out why some people thrive and others don’t.

An international voice: My concerns as a young person in today’s world

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Is today’s youth really mindless, lazy and technology-dependent? Megan Boehm is a young American student, and here she shares some of the big issues her generation really is concerned about.

Australia - a new federation, a new republic, a new hope

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Is it time to abolish the States? The political and constitutional barriers are large. David Thorp offers an alternative vision for Australia that he thinks could inspire the majority of voters.

Kids Giving Back – creating the next generation of generosity

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Kids Giving Back provides volunteering opportunities for young people to give back, grow community and develop a strong sense of self. Co-founder Ruth Tofler-Riesel urges us all to help nurture tomorrow’s change-makers and empower them to make a difference.

What if heart disease were a choice?

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What if there was a medicine that could prevent the process underlying heart disease from ever occurring and reverse it in those who are already suffering from it? Ben Bambery reveals the identity of this miraculous drug.

Youth dual diagnosis clients and the systemic barriers they face

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Studies have shown that more than half of individuals with a mental health condition are also using drugs and alcohol. Anna Brockman says it’s crucial to work holistically with both concerns at an early stage.

Living with purpose, building on health

Men's Health Week 2016During Men’s Health Week from 13 to 19 June, communities are invited to promote the health and wellbeing of men and boys through activities and events across Australia.

People with disabilities and politics

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Voting is a democratic right that should be accessible to anyone. Cheryl McDonnell says people with disabilities need more support to participate fully in political events like the upcoming federal elections.