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Climate change dialogues: denialists and the disadvantaged

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Many individuals and communities feel disempowered or ignorant when discussing climate change. Megan Bonetti says we need to foster a non-judgemental culture of education and awareness to make key stakeholders sit up and listen.

What does it mean to be a homeless ‘young person’ in Australia?

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Between the age of 18 and 22, there is a gap in government allowances for young people coming out of state care. Sophie Ryan says as this puts them at risk of homelessness we need a State care system that is more ‘person focused’ rather than pushing through the numbers.

The Future of Coal Seam Gas after the NSW Election

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The New South Wales state election will be held on Saturday 28 March. James Horne discusses the future of coal seam gas, one of the major issues in this campaign.

Meat Free Week is going global

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When it comes to meat, people in Australia and the UK eat well above the world average. With a devastating impact on the planet and the suffering of billions of animals, Elise Burgess encourages us to support the Meat Free Week initiative.

Australia’s highly successful Meat Free Week initiative is making its message of compassion global, launching for the first time in the UK in 2015.

Between 23-29 March, compassionate people from Australia and the UK will pledge to go veg to raise awareness of the amount of meat we consume and the impact it has on the welfare of animals, human health and the environment.

This message has never been so relevant.

The health effects of climate change

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Climate change is affecting people’s health in regions all over the world. Alice McGushin recently ran a workshop in Istanbul with the aim to inspire medical students to take action on climate change on a global level.

Environmentalism and science

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Science needs to be able to speak the language of its intended audience. Max Thomas says the challenge is to get the science of communication and the communication of science right.

What are the effects of coal seam gas on the health of Queenslanders?

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A leading health organisation is backing calls for a royal commission into the impact of coal seam gas mining on the people of Queensland. Dr David Shearman from Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) urges the new Government to protect the current and future health of Queenslanders.

Wellbeing at work

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Health and wellbeing are not the same. Health is determined objectively, by scientific measurements, while wellbeing is purely subjective. Joanne Abbey explores what this means at the workplace.

Do something amazing to help beat blood cancer

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Blood cancer can develop in anyone, at any time. Alys Holz from the Leukaemia Foundation explains how you can change someone's life by giving up your hair for a little while at the World’s Greatest Shave.

Be brave and shave

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Get sponsored to shave your hair between 12-15 March 2015 and support the Leukaemia Foundation in helping people with blood cancer. If you are not quite brave enough, you can always colour your hair instead.