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Effective childcare programs for children with ASD - yes we can!

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Standard community services often don’t have the resources to support intensive home programs for pre-schoolers with autism. Dr Giacomo Vivanti shares research on how an effective intervention model can be delivered successfully in a childcare setting.

There is increasing evidence that intensive implementation of educational programs can be efficacious in improving outcomes in young children with autism. One of the most promising early intervention programs is the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), a play-based intervention specifically targeting the educational needs of pre-schoolers with autism. Research conducted in the US indicates that the program is efficacious in the context of intensive individual home treatment.

However, as standard community services often lack the resources needed to support intensive, individual home programs, very few families currently have access to this therapy.

Swimming, sport and all that Jaz

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Regardless of the level you reach in any sport, the life lessons and skills developed are invaluable. Jaz Forsyth from Swim Australia looks back on her own career as a competitive swimmer cut short.

Australia’s response to the HIV/AIDS crisis

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The first cases of HIV/AIDS first occurred in the early 1980. Professor David Penington was Chairman of the National AIDS Task Force at the time and recounts how the recognition and response to the disease unfolded in Australia ahead of a global AIDS conference in Melbourne.

From grassroots to gold: The paradox of Australian sport

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Although Australia is a great sporting nation, this hasn’t recently translated into sporting success on an international level. Steve Georgakis says that school sport, the foundation of Australian sport, should be more than about finding our next elite athletes.

Have a night in to get the word out

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Too many women across Australia are still exposed to domestic violence. Libby Davies, CEO of White Ribbon Australia, talks about a campaign aiming to change attitudes and behaviours.

Unplug and play

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It's a big job being a child’s most important teacher. Leonie Percy invites parents to take the time to reflect, be present and find a mindful moment with their child.

The Dry July phenomenon continues to gain momentum

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Dry July is a fundraiser which challenges you to go booze-free for a month to support adults living with cancer. Brett Macdonald, Dry July co-founder, explains how the initiative is going from strength to strength.

Simple ways to improve well-being

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Most of the research into well-being concentrates on if and how it can be increased. Justin Cole is part of a team studying the effectiveness of self-help exercises as methods for improving well-being.

Make your positive mark on this country!

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Migrants always have made a huge contribution to the quality of life we enjoy as Australians. Victoria Kvisle tells the story of how she and her family became involved in a charity funding research into cancer.

Public primary school sport in Australian culture: Addressing inequality!

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Almost two in five primary school aged students do no physical activity outside of school hours. Steve Georgakis explains why school sport needs to be compulsory.