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Public primary school sport in Australian culture: Addressing inequality!

Steve Georgakis's picture

Almost two in five primary school aged students do no physical activity outside of school hours. Steve Georgakis explains why school sport needs to be compulsory.

Open letter to Parliamentarians: Dying without pain and with dignity

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Voluntary assisted dying is a sensitive topic that affects the whole of society. Hany Montan asks all members of states and federal Parlilaments to reveal how they stand on this issue.

Go Red for Women

Heart Foundation

Go Red this June and raise money to help beat the single biggest killer of Australian women. The Heart Foundation is leading the fight against heart disease. Dress red, eat red … Anything goes as long as it’s red.

Create a more mentally healthy workplace

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A lot of business owners and managers still believe that mental health at the workplace is not an important issue. Brian Graetz says the Heads Up campaign by beyondblue wants to change that perception and help workplaces to be as mentally healthy as possible.

Is sport more safe, fair and inclusive than it used to be?

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Sport has a unique place in our culture and brings out the best and worst in people. Peter Downs explains how the national program Play by the Rules helps making sport more safe, fair and inclusive.

Why do I play sports?

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Sport is an essential part of Australian culture. Rachael Holland explains why she loves running around on the grass with her team mates.

Going Red in the fight against our No.1 killer

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Heart disease is the single biggest killer of women in Australia. Mary Barry, National CEO of the Heart Foundation, says that knowing your risk is the first step to stopping heart disease.

Make the grey go!

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Urban design is increasingly incorporating gardens into their planning. Loani Tierney invites us to look around and take the initiative to transform our bit of the world into a green space.

The hidden heroes

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There is still a lot of stigma attached to schizophrenia. Rob Ramjan hopes that Schizophrenia Awareness Week will help to clear some of the misunderstandings around this hidden and often feared illness.

Fasting and dealing with imperfection

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Supported fasting has been proven to have lasting health benefits, but is quite intimidating for many. Aaron Travers says it’s not about being perfect, but rather being present and allowing for moments of weakness.