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Coaching conversations – The intention to give attention

Clive Leach's picture

In our busy lives it is rare that we take the time to engage meaningfully with each other at the workplace and at home. Organisational coach Clive Leach says that being present and suspending our own agenda and needs for a few minutes is an act of kindness that has benefits for both giver and receiver.

Mental health in Australia and abroad

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In our western society, happiness and contentment are not a given. Cameron Jennings would like to see a more holistic approach to the root causes of depression and a united effort by health professionals and those involved with mental health in Australia.

Igniting the fuse – A study of anger measurement

Lee Kannis's picture

People express their anger in different ways. Dr Lee Kannis, clinical psychologist at the University of the Sunshine Coast, invites individuals from all walks of life who experience anger to participate in an international study.

Harmony Day - Do you feel like you belong in Australia?

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Today is Harmony Day, and the motto is ‘Everyone Belongs’. Sue Ellson from the Newcomers Network invites us to get off our chair, say hello and smile to someone we don’t know in order to celebrate Harmony Day every day.


It’s not too late to be brave and shave

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The impact of blood cancer is immense for the person diagnosed and their loved ones. Alys Holz from the Leukaemia Foundation invites everyone to get involved even after the World’s Greatest Shave campaign.

Be brave and shave

World's Greatest Shave logo

Everyone is invited to get sponsored to shave their hair between 13-16 March and help people with blood cancer. If you are not quite brave enough, you can always colour your hair.

Food labelling – cutting through the hype

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Consumers relying on food packaging may find it difficult to sort out nutrition facts from marketing hype. Clare Hughes, Nutrition Program Manager of Cancer Council NSW, explains how the Health Star Rating scheme will help shoppers make healthier choices.

James and the Bold and Beautiful Swim Squad turn Red for Feb

Floyd Larsen's picture

It is the last day of RedFeb, the initiative raising awareness about heart disease. Floyd Larsen, CEO of Heart Research Australia, reflects on a month of fun activities for a serious cause.

Hidden causes of low energy and fatigue

Vanessa Hitch's picture

There are many reasons why people develop fatigue and exhaustion. Naturopathic practitioner Vanessa Hitch has tips how to get more energy and greater resilience to the daily stress life throws at us.

Neuroplasticity and me

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Neuroplasticity is the notion that our brains are not set in concrete, but with training are able to form new neural connections throughout life. Allan Catlin discovered neuroplasticity after a stroke and urges us to pay as much attention to brain fitness as we do to physical fitness.