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Mental Health Week

Mental Health WeekMental Health Week runs from 7 to 13 October. The theme for Mental Health Association Australia’s inaugural Creative Heroes Arts Competition the MHAA 2013 Superhero Grants Program is ‘My Inner Superpower”.


Odd Socks Day

Community-based mental health organisation Grow is hosting Odd Socks Day on 4 October. The organisation promotes a light-hearted approach to reminding people that anyone can have an odd day.

Cigarettes anytime, anywhere – taking tobacco temptation away

Kathy Chapman's picture

Tobacco is easily available throughout NSW. Kathy Chapman, Health Strategies Director for Cancer Council NSW, argues that instead of only regulating demand, the NSW government should address the issue of supply of cigarettes.

Help fight Prostate Cancer

Big Aussie BarbieNow in its fifth year, the Big Aussie Barbie is a chance for you to do something positive for men’s health and raise money to help Prostate Cancer.

Grow it Local

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There is a noticeable shift towards sustainable food production as part of a local real food movement. Jess Miller from Grow it Local talks about her campaign that encourages people to connect with their local community and become urban farmers.

Human experimentation and ethics at Essendon Football Club

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The AFL has charged members of the Essendon Football Club in relation to the club's supplements program in 2011 and 2012. Leading up to the AFL hearing on 26 August, Dr James Bradley from the University of Melbourne puts this case into the wider context of medical ethics.

Sunday Streets in Sydney

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In recent years 100 cities around the world have started closing off some of their streets on Sundays and opening them up for people to cycle, skate or walk and connect with their community. Daniel Kogoy, Greens Councillor on Leichhardt Council, asks everyone to think big and help bring the event to Sydney.

What are the health aspects of food security?

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The main reason for food insecurity in Australia is poverty. Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics, Susan McAlpin, urges Australian governments to make sure that healthy food is affordable for all of us.

Host a dinner party and help kids with cancer

Home cooks are invited to arrange a dining experience in support of children living with cancer and their families with the Dine at Mine campaign. This is a fundraiser for the children’s cancer charity Camp Quality. Throughout August 2013, hosts invite family and friends to a dining experience and ask them to donate what they would have spent eating out to Camp Quality.

Jeans for Genes day – Erin’s story

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On Jeans for Genes day everyone is invited to wear jeans to support a good cause – raising funds to fight childhood diseases. Kate Horvath from the Children’s Medical Research Institute tells the story of how the life of a little girl was saved.