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The hidden heroes

Rob Ramjan's picture

There is still a lot of stigma attached to schizophrenia. Rob Ramjan hopes that Schizophrenia Awareness Week will help to clear some of the misunderstandings around this hidden and often feared illness.

Fasting and dealing with imperfection

Aaron Travers's picture

Supported fasting has been proven to have lasting health benefits, but is quite intimidating for many. Aaron Travers says it’s not about being perfect, but rather being present and allowing for moments of weakness.

Why is learning difficult for children with autism?

Giacomo Vivanti's picture

There is still a lot of research to be done around the impact of early learning programs on the development of young children with autism. Dr Giacomo Vivanti shares some first results.

Have fun and raise funds this Mother’s Day

Michelle McLean's picture

This Sunday the Mother’s Day Classic fun run and walk will support research into breast cancer treatment and prevention. Michelle McLean is leading the Boardroom Challenge as top fundraiser nationally and has a very personal reason to do so.

The power of mindfulness to transform your world

Elise Bialylew's picture

Mindful in May is a one month campaign that teaches meditation and at the same time helps bring clean water to those in developing countries. Elise Bialylew explains why everyone should meditate regularly.


Cities feeding themselves

Russ Grayson's picture

Community gardening is becoming part of a new social movement that is developing around our food supply. Russ Grayson from the Australian City Farm & Community Gardens Network says there is still a long way to go for planners to see the value of community gardens to urban food security and community development.

Do bicycle advocates need to act like Hollywood?

Rachel Smith's picture

What does Hollywood have to do with bike riding? Rachel Smith says we all need to get involved in collecting data if we want to see our dream of more people cycling come true.

Conversation at the end of a life well lived

Don Campbell's picture

Watching a loved person die is painful and confronting. Don Campbell urges patients and their families to have their own difficult conversations in advance to help doctors provide compassionate care at the end of a life well lived.

How to be a bettertarian

Rebecca Sullivan's picture

There are so many choices around food available, which makes it complicated for consumers to purchase sustainable products. Rebecca Sullivan explains how as a bettertarian she makes better nutritional choices that integrate the land, the animals and the people.

Integrate self care into health policy

Deon Schoombie's picture

The current health care system is under enormous pressure. Deon Schoombie, Executive Director of the Australian Self Medication Industry, wants a national conversation on how self care can be more fully integrated into our health care policy.