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Have the chat that saves lives

DonateLife Week logo

DonateLife Week 2014 is Australia's national awareness week to promote organ and tissue donation. It is held from 23 February to 2 March. Organisers are asking you to have the chat with your loved ones so that they know your donation decision. You also need to ask and know their donation decision.

Where Positive Psychology is heading - highlights from the Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference

Clive Leach's picture

Positive Psychology receives increasing credibility with mounting evidence that it works. Organisational coach Clive Leach shares his highlights of the Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference.

Get your heart racing

RedFeb Relay 2014 logo

Heart Research Australia has initiated RedFeb as part of Heart Research Month. The organisers are asking you to raise funds and increase awareness of Australia’s biggest killer, heart disease.


How not to make a bed – synthetic drugs in Australia

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Sophisticated synthetic drugs are flooding the Australian market, and for every drug banned there are five others lurking in the wings. Emergency consultant and illicit drug expert Dr. David Caldicott says a temporary ban on these products is just a starting point to buy us some time.

Strengths and sails – learning about and living with your signature strengths

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The more mindful we are of our own character strengths, the more likely we will sustain the energy needed to achieve our goals and aspirations. Organisational coach Clive Leach is helping executives, teachers and students to identify and build these strengths.

Anti-depressant prescribing

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Australian doctors are among the highest prescribers of anti-depressants worldwide. AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton thinks that while it’s a good thing that more people seek help for depression, the health system should better support doctors to spend more time with their patients.

Should we really ban backyard pools?

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Recently there have been calls to ban backyard swimming pools to reduce drowning deaths. Jasmin Forsyth from Swim Australia says this is not only unrealistic, but also irresponsible.

Wellbeing begins with ‘We’

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Many of Australia’s challenges stem from poor relationships and unsupportive environments. Dr Sue Roffey argues that our wellbeing as individuals and a community is limited unless we are positively connected with others.

Wellbeing and Ageing

Gerry O'Sullivan's picture

As we age it helps to take time out once in a while, look back over our life and map out the key events. Gerry O’Sullivan invites us to review our life in order to achieve balance and wellbeing.

It's back to work – but are you really there?

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After the holiday break it can be challenging to settle back into a work routine. Clive Leach stresses the importance of balancing both wellbeing and engagement for sustainable success in work and study.