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20 bars, 20 talks, 1 night

Raising the Bar SydneyOn 20 October, Sydney is Raising the Bar. Have a drink and listen to academics discussing a broad range of topics, as 20 pubs around the city will be transformed into classrooms for one night.

Ice abuse among our society

Jason Cavallaro's picture

The use of methamphetamine, commonly known as ice or crystal meth, is still on the rise in Australia. Jason Cavallaro provides some information on the drug that wreaks havoc on our communities.

The seventy percent

Leah Sparkes's picture

70 % of workers worldwide say they feel disengaged in their jobs. Leah Sparkes shares a useful resource for leaders to help turn this around.

Step up and stand out

Mariette Rups-Donelly's picture

Emotions influence how you use your voice, body language and energy and the ways in which you connect to others. Mariette Rups-Donnelly has some tips how to present yourself in the best possible way.

The new Cabinet - repositioning the Government

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

Will Malcolm Turnbull succeed as Prime Minister where Abbott, Rudd and Gillard ultimately failed? Dominic O’Sullivan comments on the new Cabinet, the Canning by-election and the Labor party’s future.

Do it with heart

Big Heart Appeal logoThe Big Heart Appeal in September is the Heart Foundation’s largest community-led campaign. Each year, over 120,000 volunteers come together to help.

Join the fight

Blue September logoGet blue this month and raise funds for research into cancer affecting men. Blue September supports Australian Prostate Cancer Research (APCR) and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Appeal to help end the heartache of Australia’s No.1 killer

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The Heart Foundation is running its yearly Big Heart Appeal. The National CEO of the Heart Foundation Mary Barry says investing in cardiovascular research is one of the best ways to fight heart disease.

What can we do about the slow nutrition related medical advancement?

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Most health institutions say they are only interested in randomised, placebo controlled and double blind research. Yvonne Coleman says while being idealistic, this is very limiting in the research read and the issues addressed.

Why patient centricity is a myth

Michael Gill's picture

Most health care for people with chronic conditions happens in the community, not with any clinician. Michael Gill, founder of Dragon Claw, says we need to encourage care-coordination and self-care.