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Babies and children to go back to Nauru

Angela Beresford's picture

Hundreds continue to rally outside a Brisbane hospital against the deportation of an asylum seeker infant known as Asha. She is one of 267 refugees currently in Australia due to be sent back to detention on Naru. Angela Beresford says the Government’s tough stance makes her blood boil.

Closing the gap: Success in higher education but still more work to be done

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The yearly Closing the Gap report tracks how the Australian Government addresses Indigenous disadvantage. Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of CSU, explains how his university aims to incorporate Indigenous culture and knowledge in its learning.

Australia about to make medical cannabis legal

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The federal government has just introduced legislation to parliament to allow the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis. Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab, which conducts therapeutic cannabis research, says this is a huge step forward for Australia.

People need people

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Two entrepreneurs with big hearts explain why they’ve decided to sell all their belongings and travel through Australia in a truck this year.

Will gaming unlock our brains?

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Videogames are much more than just mindless entertainment. Dr. Jenny Brockis explains how they can help boost cognitive function and even assist in the management of medical conditions.

Nurse education, the forgotten discipline

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Nurse education does not have the same level of recognition as other disciplines. Dr Vivienne Decleva wishes the nursing profession would recognise this specialised field more formally.

2015 – Australia’s year of food safety woe spurs Country of Origin Labelling & Food Recall App

Michael Sheridan's picture

2015 has left Australian consumers concerned about food safety, with scares about frozen mixed berries, fish poisoning and undeclared allergens in coconut milk causing headlines. Michael Sheridan has developed an app that provides up-to-date information about food recalls.

Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future

International Year of Pulses 2016 logoIt's the International Year of Pulses, organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The aim is public awareness of the many benefits of pulses for sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation and food security, and their nutritional value.

Chook adventures

Mary Morgan's picture

Working hard will help achieve your goals, but isn’t life also about the journey, not just the achievement? Mary Morgan says it’s time to go and watch the chooks.

A cabin in the woods: Creating insights can help clarify purpose and passion

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In his recently announced innovation statement, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called for an ‘ideas boom’. But what can we do for these elusive “a-ha!” moments to occur? Leah Sparkes explains why it’s important to make time to think and reflect.