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Out of hospital care

The Dry July phenomenon continues to gain momentum

Brett Macdonald's picture

Dry July is a fundraiser which challenges you to go booze-free for a month to support adults living with cancer. Brett Macdonald, Dry July co-founder, explains how the initiative is going from strength to strength.

Open letter to Parliamentarians: Dying without pain and with dignity

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Voluntary assisted dying is a sensitive topic that affects the whole of society. Hany Montan asks all members of states and federal Parlilaments to reveal how they stand on this issue.

The hidden heroes

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There is still a lot of stigma attached to schizophrenia. Rob Ramjan hopes that Schizophrenia Awareness Week will help to clear some of the misunderstandings around this hidden and often feared illness.

Bringing Christmas wishes to kids in need

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Leading up to the festive season, the Starlight Children’s Foundation is working hard again to make wishes come true for hundreds of children battling a chronic or life-threatening illness. Louise Baxter asks everyone to ‘Join the Mission’ this Christmas.

How can we ensure Australians experience a ‘better’ death?

Zoe Keon-Cohen's picture

People are living longer, and consequently the practice of medicine and the way we live and die has changed. Dr Zoe Keon-Cohen is part of a panel addressing the sensitive topic of end of life planning.

Host a dinner party and help kids with cancer

Home cooks are invited to arrange a dining experience in support of children living with cancer and their families with the Dine at Mine campaign. This is a fundraiser for the children’s cancer charity Camp Quality. Throughout August 2013, hosts invite family and friends to a dining experience and ask them to donate what they would have spent eating out to Camp Quality.

Beware of Dr Google

Megan Munsie's picture

Associate Prof Megan Munsie says it is incredibly important to make sure you get the facts before you pursue any form of treatment and don't rely on the internet for medical advice.

World Sight Day: Eliminating treatable blindness around the world

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It’s easy to dwell on the challenges that we face in eliminating preventable and treatable blindness around the world.


Long-term Disability Care and Support Scheme report released today

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The Australian Government Productivity Commission report on a long-term disability care and support scheme released today. Read the Executive Summary or Full Report.

Virtual Maternity

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Collaborative internet based technologies have a positive role to play in improving the reach and quality of ante-natal and post-natal services that can (largely) be delivered outside of the hospital.