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| November 24, 2010
Photo courtesy of www.lululemon.com

News from Surfrider Foundation Australia’s 2010 National Conference.

In October 2009 Surfrider Foundation Australia (SFA) joined Sydney’s Northern Beaches community as they proudly celebrated the official announcement of North Narrabeen beach as a National Surfing Reserve. 

Only one year later Australia’s Northern Beaches branch of SFA were  working long into the late hours of the night to pull off the fantastic SFA 2010 National Conference – We Love Waves.

Photo courtesy of www.lululemon.comThe 3 day gathering of passionate & dedicated oceanics combined a blend of functions, conference attractions and downtime; offering the opportunity to socialise, and experience some of the local attractions of world-renowned surf breaks. Amongst a full  schedule of special events, the main focus of the conference took place on Saturday November 20, with a variety of speakers leading passionate discussions on issues of coastal environment and human involvement. 

The talks series was designed to offer perspective and promote SFA’s motivation; CARE (Conservation, Activism, Research and Education). The roster is sure to raise the bar for future marine-environment gatherings of this kind! 

Attendees were invited to explorative discussions opening with ‘Marine Plastics’, delivered by SFA’s General Manager, Kristy Theissling, followed by a series of inspiring talks with Hon Ian Cohen’s ‘My Life As An Activist’, Terry Fitzgerald’s ‘North Narrabeen Sand – past and present’, Ruben Meerman ABC’s Surfing Scientist, Vaughan Blakey’s ‘Surfing Media and Environmental Issues’ and many others!

We Love Waves logoSurfrider Foundation Australia (SFA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Australia’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through CARE: Conservation, Activism, Research and Education. Through various original campaigns and projects, SFA works diligently with local and national communities to expand their message and dedication to coastal and marine environments. The SFA National Conference is a unique event, created for the general public’s engagement with the Foundation, an exemplary effort unifying the goals of CARE and the dedicated individuals and volunteers behind the heart of the foundation.

For more info on the Conference please visit We Love Waves  


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