Australians an endangered species?

| September 15, 2014

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has raised the terror alert to “high”, meaning the risk of an attack is likely. Laurence Strano says that important questions need to be answered in order to make Australia once again safe from threat.

Australia’s terrorism alert at national level has now been raised to high. This is the highest level since the ranking system was introduced in 2003.

The move we are told has been aimed at crime, not Islam, yet we do know that the problem is one of Islamic extremists who insist people convert to Islam, leave or die. Hence the direct confrontation and threat to any other religion.

History has known of such previous extremists who were defeated and who also interpreted the Koran to their own evil benefit. Make no mistake, Australia faces these criminal activists. Questions thus arise which need to be explained.

What is the motivation of such activity? Is it really religion or is it about control of mineral resources, or are the two linked? Who is funding such activity? Who is supplying weaponry? How can Australia engage in offshore combating of such evil, or is it rather necessary to get to the base of the problem? How do we engage the Islamic community to assist in weeding out their criminals? How did these criminals train and be educated in Australia in such a vile manner? Why do we let some back after they have gone off to involve in war activities not endorsed by Australia and in direct conflict with Australia’s interests? Why have we now let Australia be no longer a safe haven? Does this mean we need to be extremely vigilant, as we are now told by our intelligence sources that terrorist activity is likely to take place in Australia?

Are we now an endangered species? It almost seems like the answer is yes. So what is the game plan, since the number one priority of the government should be to keep its citizens safe? How and why did we drop the proverbial ball that suddenly this horrific situation emerged and we now face the “likely prospect of a terrorist attack”?

These are serious questions we all have to ask to make this country once again safe from threat.