• CSIRO opens satellite offering for Australian Earth observation

    Open Forum     |      July 9, 2021

    Australian researchers in industries like agriculture and natural disaster management can now apply to direct the Earth observation satellite NovaSAR-1 by accessing Australia’s share of the satellite through CSIRO. This will mark the first time Australia has managed its own source of Earth observation data.

  • Mapping global pesticide pollution

    Open Forum     |      July 6, 2021

    A global map of agricultural land across 168 countries has revealed that 64 percent of land used for agriculture and food crops is at risk of pesticide pollution.

  • The recycling robot

    Open Forum     |      July 2, 2021

    Researchers at the University of Sydney are developing a smart, automated robot to sort recyclable plastic waste. 

  • Back from the dead

    Open Forum     |      July 1, 2021

    Museum genomics reveal a mouse thought to have been extinct for over 160 years has been living under a different name this whole time.

  • Insights from the ‘edge of chaos’

    Open Forum     |      June 30, 2021

    Some neuroscience theories suggest the human brain operates best ‘at the edge of chaos’. Now scientists in Australia and Japan have found that keeping a nanowire network at the edge of becoming chaotic is the best state for it to produce useful signals to solve problems.

  • Enter the dragon

    Open Forum     |      June 28, 2021

    A newly identified species of human called Homo longi or ‘Dragon Man’ may be the closest ancestors to modern humans yet discovered.

  • Sing in your chains like the sea

    Open Forum     |      June 26, 2021

    The use of submerged cages may be the answer the aquaculture industry is looking for, a new Griffith University-led review has found.

  • Helping our island neighbours into space

    Open Forum     |      June 24, 2021

    Involving Pacific Island Nations in Australia and New Zealand’s fast evolving space activities could open income streams and contribute to the fight against climate change.

  • Precision medicine for Australians with cancer

    Open Forum     |      June 24, 2021

    A new resource developed at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and The Kinghorn Cancer Centre for oncologists could help make targeted cancer therapies more accessible for Australian patients.

  • Gender politics – Navigating political leadership in Australia

    Open Forum     |      June 22, 2021

    A new collection of essays examines the difficulties faced by female politicians in this country.

  • A healthy start

    Open Forum     |      June 21, 2021

    Melbourne researchers have created the first global standards to embed health and wellbeing into the education system at the request of WHO and UNESCO. The standards and benchmarking framework support the creation of ‘health promoting schools,’ which foster health and learning in all aspects of school life.

  • Overshare

    Open Forum     |      June 18, 2021

    Aussie researchers who analysed more than 20,000 free apps on the Google Play Store found serious problems with privacy and inconsistent privacy practices in a range of popular health-centred phone apps.