• How midsize companies use wellbeing to strengthen business

    Andrea Warr     |      September 6, 2017

    There are many opportunities and benefits that midsize organisations enjoy and where large corporations can’t compete. Andrea Warr of WiserLife at the difference focussing on wellbeing can make to a business’ development.

  • Productive Ageing – an individual’s perspective

    Andrea Warr     |      February 6, 2017

    Productive Ageing is measured by participation in the economy and often referenced as a broad statistic. But what does it look like for each individual, and how can we create societal change to make ageing a positive aspiration? Andrea Warr, Co-founder of WiserLife, explains.

  • The contingent workforce of the future… what does it mean for the worker?

    Andrea Warr     |      August 24, 2015

    The workplace as we know it is changing with new technologies and flexible employment models. Andrea Warr says governments, organisations, communities and individuals need to find ways to adapt.

  • Building the wise economy

    Andrea Warr     |      May 13, 2015

    An ageing population is changing the face of the Australian workplace. As part of GAP’s 'A Vision for Australia’ initiative, Andrea Warr says we can create a new phase of working life before retirement.