• Business changes tune on China

    Andrew Forrest     |      February 19, 2021

    It has taken years of blatant bullying from Beijing for Australian firms to finally realise that nothing short of complete capitulation would get Australia back on China’s good side.

  • Downsizing Australia–China relations

    Andrew Forrest     |      November 13, 2020

    Australia’s failure to emphasise the importance of values in our dealings with China inadvertently signalled to Beijing a willingness to trade them away.

  • Taking off the red-tinted glasses

    Andrew Forrest     |      June 21, 2020

    The advocates of closer economic relations with China have dominated the debate for years, but China’s ever more outrageous behaviour is forcing even its most blinkered apologists to come to grips with reality.

  • China will lose in the blame game

    Andrew Forrest     |      May 3, 2020

    In the space of a few short weeks, popular perceptions of the Chinese state in Australia have shifted in ways that, if replicated elsewhere, are going to be truly damaging to China’s international standing in the years to come.