• Flicking the switch to electric vehicles

    Cecilia Duong     |      October 29, 2021

    Australia’s lack of policy on Electric Vehicles is slowing us down in the race to meet carbon emission targets

  • Flying cars get ready for take off

    Cecilia Duong     |      September 27, 2021

    Futurists have confidently predicted the invention of flying cars for over 70 years, but this time they may actually become a reality.

  • Have use-by dates reached their sell-by date?

    Cecilia Duong     |      June 8, 2021

    Next time you’re about to throw food in the rubbish, you should double check the date on it first. Food safety experts say some labelling is confusing – and you could be throwing out food that is actually still perfectly safe to eat.

  • Houston, we have a problem

    Cecilia Duong     |      June 3, 2021

    Just like we have on Earth, humans have left an absolute mess in space and nobody wants to clean it up.

  • Shining a light on the dark web

    Cecilia Duong     |      January 23, 2021

    The dark web is perceived as the underbelly of the internet world but it’s not all as negative as it may seem. The dark web isn’t only a hangout for criminals, as some journalists and political activists use it to safeguard their anonymity.

  • Solar powered freezers for Fiji

    Cecilia Duong     |      November 29, 2019

    UNSW students and engineers are using human-centred engineering to help provide electricity to off-grid rural communities in Fiji.