• Australia needs a national environment protection agency

    David Shearman     |      April 1, 2018

    Australia needs an independent national agency charged with safeguarding the environment and delivering effective climate policy, according to a new campaign launched by a coalition of environmental, legal and medical NGOs.

  • Coal – the inconvenient truth

    David Shearman     |      September 26, 2017

    The debate on energy has omitted one vital factor that may have provided a rational outcome – health. Dr David Shearman AM, founder of Doctors for the Environment, considers the health ramifications of continued use of coal-fired power.

  • What are the effects of coal seam gas on the health of Queenslanders?

    David Shearman     |      March 4, 2015

    A leading health organisation is backing calls for a royal commission into the impact of coal seam gas mining on the people of Queensland. Dr David Shearman from Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) urges the new Government to protect the current and future health of Queenslanders.